Evanescence Fronwoman Amy Lee Premieres New Solo Song, “Push the Button”

amy lee

Photo by Josh Hartzler

Evanescence’s Amy Lee has premiered her first original solo song, the electronica-inflected “Push the Button.” The track will appear on ‘Aftermath,’ the soundtrack to the movie ‘War Story,’ which Lee scored with cellist and composer Dave Eggar. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Lee revealed that, for now and the immediate future, Evanescence are inactive:

The situation is we’re not doing it now. I don’t like to make predictions about the future, because I’m honestly open-minded, and I would never want to say I’m done with any of it, because it’s a huge part of me. I’ve loved my time with Evanescence, I wouldn’t want to just throw it away, but, for the foreseeable future, I don’t have any plans to do anything with the band. It’s really important to me to take some time to show some different sides of myself.

I’ve said this all the way through Evanescence, especially on the second and third record: “I have the freedom to express myself completely within the band, so why would I want to do anything else?” And that’s true only to an extent, because as much as I could go through a range of emotions, there’s a certain expectation there. With the fans, with myself, I know what Evanescence is; it’s an entity, it’s bigger than just myself, which is awesome, but I can write a song and go “That is or isn’t an Evanescence song,” and they both happen. So there does need to be other outlets for me to make music.


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  • http://www.skyjetband.com SkyJET

    Sounds great. Nice. Groovy.

  • kakein

    Bullshit!!! Garbage!!!

    • Matthew Novak

      you are a fucking loser

  • 831metalman

    Sounds like disco to me.

  • Art Vandelay


  • evanfan4ever

    lock down is better

    • Matthew Novak

      Can’t Stop What’s Coming is even better than Lockdown

  • raul

    this song is great!

  • Josh

    Amazing album, I love it!

  • kmdyf


    • Matthew Novak

      if you are going to say shit like that you need to logically explain why you think so. Grow the fuck up

      • Tony Ellis

        Dude do you have a problem with people expressing how they feel about the song? Your a ignorant bitch!!!!

      • kmdyf

        Let me see if i can explain myself a little better since you seem to be having a head time with my first opinion. This is nothing special and its really kinda weak compared to other songs she has recorded. She has a great voice and is very talented but this song is in my opinion terrible. Now having said that I am a grown ass man and I’m pretty sure I have done all the growing and maturing I am going to do in my lifetime. It a shame no one ever educated you on how to act and how not to make a complete fool of yourself by calling people idiots and demeaning their characters.I myself could have field day with your avatar alone by I will act like my parents raised me to and leave that one alone. Have a great day

        • Matthew Novak

          Not a good explanation. You fail

  • Tony Ellis

    What is this crap, another sell out!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Matthew Novak

      it is for a sex scene in a movie. grow a brain dumb fuck

      • Tony Ellis

        Sounds like u have a serious problem dumbass, they ask what do you think of the song and it’s shit like you man. So if u have a problem holler bitch!!!

        • Matthew Novak

          You sound so educated.

      • Tony Ellis

        Are you like 12 years old man? You must be a little bitch if your watching The View anyhow!!!!!!

  • Todd

    Wow that was bad. My ears are forever tainted.

    • Matthew Novak

      you are a complete idiot who had no ears to begin with

  • Robert Westwood

    Not my style. But then again, most of the stuff she’s done since she kicked Ben Moody out of Evanescence has been subpar, in my opinion…

    • Matthew Novak

      Ben Moody left on his own and the music has grown considerably better since he left