Exclusive: Aesthetic Perfection Premiere New Album, ‘Til Death

aesthetic perfectionAesthetic Perfection will release their new album, ‘Til Death, on February 11 via Metropolis Records. In anticipation, the group has teamed with Revolver to premiere the record in its entirety right here right now.

“Writing and completing this album was one of the most difficult and rewarding things I’ve ever done,” main man Daniel Graves comments. “I set out to demolish every expectation people have about Aesthetic Perfection, and I think I succeeded. People may say the anger is gone, but it’s not, it’s just bubbling underneath the surface.”

Check out ‘Til Death below and let us know what you think in the comments. To preorder a hard copy of the album, click here, and to preorder a digital version, click here.

For more on Aesthetic Perfection, visit Aesthetic-perfection.net, Facebook.com/aestheticperfection, and  Twitter.com/daniel_graves.


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  • Dave Cramer

    I can’t pick a favorite just yet. Will have to wait until my CD arrives and I can give them all a good 2 or 3 dozen listens like I have already for Antibody, Dark Half and Big Bad Wolf.

  • Lilleman

    Honestly this isn’t the sound I signed up for. Moving along…

    • Trey

      What does that even mean? “Sign up”? Bands don’t owe you a sound or have to meet your expectations. You’re a fool if you think otherwise. I’m sure the band won’t miss you as a fan.

      • Cory

        What they mean is, those of us who got into Close to Human and A Violent Emotion are totally screwed now. That is all, they’re just a different band now. You’re right, though. Aesthetic Perfection had no obligations to do anything, and they won’t miss a few people not buying their album.

        • Trey

          For one, “Close to Human” doesn’t sound like “A Violent Emotion”. Fans of CTH complained that AVE was too “pop”.

          Second, how are the fans screwed? Those two albums still exist. It’s not like you can’t still enjoy them. If AP decided to just write AVE over and over again the fans would complain that the band stagnated. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

        • Sarah Vodovos

          No, you WOULD however be screwed if they made EXACTLY the same thing OVER AND OVER.

    • David Norris

      Well then go and find the music that fits your band of what you like. Declaring you are done with a band won’t make them change their sound any more than saying you love it will make them make the same sound again. They certainly appreciate when people say “I like this song or this album” but those with integrity will not rehash the same sound over and over. The other albums should still stand as something you like and if you don’t like the change, I am sure you can find people trying to do that sound. May you enjoy the music you find.

  • Julia

    I love Showtime and Lights Out! I can’t stop listening to this album. Great job, Aesthetic Perfection!

  • Rayvendreamer

    I like it, if other people don’t that is their own taste. Wasting effort to type out how much you hate it for not being like X album just seems like a waste of time and kinda petty. Guess what.. saying that won’t make him change his sound because his music is his. You want X album? Learn to make music yourself and make some music like that.. or if you can’t be bothered, look for other things more in your interest range.

  • EBMFR34K

    Love the new album my favourite tracks are The New Black and Oh, Gloria

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/N3CR0M4NC3R N3CR0M4NC3R

    One word sums it up for me.. SHITE, seems most EBM/Aggrotech bands are collapsing in and going all happy clappy mainstream to appease the new scene kiddies, Dear lord it’s horrid

    • Jvel

      Because the genre is pretty much dried up. How many songs, albums, and bands do we need screaming with distortion about how angry and edgy they are or about military life that most never experienced? It started to all become repetitive nonsense with no innovation in the scene. While the album may not be everyone’s taste, at least he had the balls to be himself and create the music that he wants instead of catering to an incredibly shallow scene.

      More of the acts are starting to wise up to this. VNV did it years ago, Grendel, Combi, and AP have all followed suit. Instead of being remembered as just another act, they’ll be remembered for their unique sounds, whether “fans” love it or hate it.

    • Aesthetic Perfection

      Right. Because there’s a HUGE difference between appealing to industrial scene kiddies and appealing to “emo” scene kiddies. If you work only to please a group of people then you’ve already lost. That’s the very definition of selling out. If you make what you want without compromise, even if people hate it, you at least have your integrity.

  • Trapped in Despair

    I think it’s excellent and I will certainly pick up a copy when I can. Elitist can go and stomp around being angry and closed minded, I’ll be over here enjoying good music and supporting fellow artists.

  • LadyScorpion

    I love it!!! I’m not sure why so many people are bitching. I love the old stuff and the new stuff.

  • Julia

    Thank you Revolver for letting us hear this awesome music! New and Old fans – listen to the album 5 times in a row and you will be hooked. Hooked, I tell you!!!

  • Sue

    Getting to hear this before it’s released was such a great idea. Now I know I want it. Because it’s The New Black!! Showtime and Lovesick are to die for!

  • David Norris

    I agree with Julia, pre-ordered it tonight thanks to the preview. Thanks Revolver!

  • ZBW

    I don’t like it, I don’t love it, but I want it! The new Black!

    I don’t get how people expect musicians to stay the same. Actually people just like to complain, if the music is different it sux, if it’s not, it sux. WTF? I think the album is awesome. Keep making the music you want Aesthetic Perfection!

  • http://about.me/Doktor_Wilhelm Doktor Wilhelm

    Rather enjoyable! 😀

  • Morgan Marie

    I don’t get people that complain about the shift in sound… Like if you want more of the same go back through the discography of every other aggrotech/ebm outfit ever. There’s a lot out there and the music scene is naturally going to change and grow with musicians’ creativity. They get bored making the same stuff all the time and they shouldn’t always need to be angry. I also think people shouldn’t be ashamed to like a range of music. It’s okay to be happy and like happy music sometimes!

    • Michael Tate

      blasphemy! The second you listen to anything that could ever be lumped in with industrial you are NEVER allowed to be happy or smile again!

  • Josie Herrera

    I have heard Big Black Wolf, Antibody, and The Dark Half as they were released with videos last year. But most of the other songs on this album are just has good. Must have been a tough choice for Aesthetic Perfection to decide which of these “perfect” songs to release first.

  • thelairofpisces

    I don’t see why people are saying this is crap. Different, yes. But, the thing about being a musician is if you wanna change your sound, there is absolutely nothing stopping you. I like this direction and can’t wait to hear these songs live.

  • Michael Tate

    I love the direction AP is going here. The edges are a little rounder, but still oozing with the passion that made the first three albums stand out to me. And it never fails to amaze me how many different sounds they can fit into an album and keep the whole things feeling like one coherent piece of work. It always seems to me like some bands either do a great job with varied individual songs but the whole ends up feeling segmented (Nightwish), while other bands have a coherent album but they essentially recorded the same song 10 different times with different lyrics (Godsmack, Disturbed).

    I’m looking forward to buying this one and putting it to the top of my playlists.

    And if you’re not a fan of the new direction, I guess I just feel bad for you having such a narrow taste in music that a tweak here and there and all of a sudden something becomes not worth listening to? Come on, it’s good music with a hell of a beat, and as I always say, good music is good music regardless of genre.

  • Jay

    Only enjoyed “The new black” and “Lovesick”. They bring me back to A Violent Emotion and Necessary response. All the other songs remind me of IAMX and so… But every artist is free to change.

    • randy_wrecked

      Now that you mention it, I can definitely hear the IAMX influence in the album, too. Interesting comparison but I think I like it a lot more than you do.

  • Jon

    every album is so diverse and this is exactly why i love this band

  • inhuman

    not really best sounds from AP in my opinion, but im in love with Oh Gloria :)

  • Carrie

    Do you want music you can dance to? Do you want music you can sing to? Do you want music you can scream to? ‘Til Death has it all. Once again, Aesthetic Perfection makes great music

  • Vicky Walker

    Love it, different sound as always, just what I love about AP. Keep up the good work!

  • Mike L

    Can’t believe we finally get to hear the new Aesthetic Perfection cd! It is more than I hoped. Thank you for the beautiful noise! I especially love Lights Out, Showtime, and Death Rattle!

  • feurer

    The first time i heard Antibody, i thought wtf? o_O But a bit later i was glad that he chose lightier direction of art. Cause i like his voice, and i like synth-pop. Awesome album!

  • GlitterlustDC

    Aesthetic Perfection just keeps getting better and better. Love this album. Great work.

  • Star Power

    Im in love with Death Rattle

  • deadEd

    what other bands are like this? I like AVE and I like this album!!! Please suggest some other bands like AVE and other bands like this album. thanks

    • Sarah Vodovos

      Faderhead and combichrist are two really good ones

  • ChantiDee

    I was getting worried with where this album was going after first hearing Antibody, but my opinion has changed completely…WOW! Aesthetic Perfection have done it again – they’ve made a killer album. And they just keep getting better and better :) will be listening to this on repeat for a long time!

  • Sarah Vodovos

    “Death rattle” and “Lovesick” give me shivers 😀

    Aesthetic Perfection…. never a disappointing song XD

  • jayelkay

    Excellent! I’ve been listening to this stream almost every day!

  • Debra

    Just found this. I am a new fan and can’t wait to own my own copy. So far Showtime and Death Rattle are my favorites, but I have been streaming the album for days!

  • PH

    I’m missing the harsh sound of AVE but on the other hand is this one hell of a polished production! I find a few tracks being a bit too “pop”, but there isn’t one single bad track on the album.

  • Jesse

    Now that I have been listening to it for a week, I am even more impressed with ‘Til Death! It’s the type of album that you can listen to at work, in your car, or at the club! Everyone needs to experience this groovy merry-go-round ride!

  • Violet

    I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. Intro song had me hooked, but after that I’m unsure. Hoping it’s one of those albums that just grows on your over multiple listens.

    • Jonathon

      Give it some time to grow on you. I initially felt as you do about it now. After multiple listens, this may well be my favorite AP album.

  • Violet

    Favorite tracks are definitely:
    – Happily Ever After
    – Lovesick

  • Lee

    Listening to this non-stop until I get my copy of ‘Til Death tomorrow! Thank you Aesthetic Perfection – your music is perfect.

  • Julia

    I already got the album in the mail this weekend and it’s awesome!

  • Joe

    First round of listening and I am very impressed! Can’t wait to get the cd!

  • Marc H

    I am enjoying ‘Til Death so much. It is my favorite AP album to date.

  • Becky

    I have been waiting for this album for a long time. LOVE IT!

  • Nadine Kelevra

    I hope i can describe it in english,cause i`m from Germany^^. But it is the best Album i´ve ever listened to and i´m so overwhelmed about the different “sites” AP is showing us on this Album.
    Daniel Graves is showing us his emotional site and his dark site as well.
    I can´t get enough of that. I love it.

    Yes, it is different,BUT shouldn`t show every artist his diversity?

  • Jonathon

    I saw Aesthetic Perfection for the first time during their ‘Til Death tour (Skully’s Music Diner in Columbus, Ohio). I bought this album at the show and it has never strayed far from my disc player. I like it more and more with each listen. Thanks, Daniel, for a killer show and a great album to remember it by!