Exclusive: Alpha & Omega Premiere New Album, No Rest, No Peace

Los Angeles’ Alpha & Omega will release their second full-length, No Rest, No Peace, July 23 via Bridge Nine. On the record, the band draws from a variety of influences including hardcore mainstays such as Cro Mags and Integrity as well as crossover and metal groups like Crowbar and Metallica. The result, according to vocalist Luis Hernandez, is an album that is “…100% us. Every lyric, every riff is real,” he says. “This album truly reflects Alpha & Omega as a whole.”

Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Christoph Paul

    WTF!!!!!!!..This is one of the best shit what I`ve heard !…Trash Metal+ Hardcore—–The Ultimative Power!

  • Jesse

    For sure their best release!

  • Austin

    Retardedly good

  • Garrett

    I really want to like this, but the vocals just don’t sync right with me. There’s parts where they do, like the chorus of “Burning Rope,” but the rest just doesn’t settle right. Might download it anyway.

  • Money Mike

    This band gets it right. Not sure about Garrett’s vocals comment, but its his opinion. Very nice mix of metal/thrash/hardcore. Definitely a cross over style band I have been digging. This reaffirms my thoughts about them. Awesome record, dope ass band,

  • British Columbia

    Women hitters are stoked

  • DFD


  • DFD

    This is the best hardcore/mosh record for 2013 after the new Comin Correct Drugs Destroy Dreams! Will def get it. Peace!

  • ssd

    so good god damn. Any links to lyrics?