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Exclusive: American Fangs Premiere Self-Titled Debut Album

Exclusive: American Fangs Premiere Self-Titled Debut Album

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of American Fangs' self-titled debut album, which will be released May 14. It's the first release under rock promoter/manager Bill McGathy’s new label, In De Goot Recordings, distributed by Sony/RED. “[McGathy] saw us just as we started, and stuck by us from the get-go,” says American Fangs singer Gabriel Cavazos. “Finally, one day he just said, ‘Go record something. I wanna release this.'

“In music, everybody wants to be part of something big,” Cavazos adds. “But sometimes we zig when others zag. We stick out like a sore thumb. And that’s OK. We create our own vibe.”

That vibe — loud guitars, big hooks, punk rock attitude — has already won American Fangs a fervent fanbase and a number of big-name tours, ranging from Saul Williams to the Deftones to Chevelle. And it’s a vibe that’s more than apparent on the band’s debut album, which you can hear below.

“It’s not necessarily what people think of when they look for great music,” Cavazos adds. “But there’s a lot of talent here.”

American Fangs is Cavazos (vocals), Micah Miller (drums), Kyle Shimek (bass, vocals), Nik Slimp (guitar) and Beau Gobert (guitar). For more about the band, visit their official website and Facebook page.

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