Exclusive: Attila Premiere New Music Video, “About That Life”

Attila have premiered their new music video, “About That Life,” which was directed by Atlanta rap and hip-hop production company Motion Family (T.I., Young Jeezy, B.o.B.). The song is the title track from Attila’s just released new album, which is available on the iTunes Store HERE.

For more on Attila, check them out on Twitter and Facebook.


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  • Mozart

    I thought this was supposed to be classical music! YOU LIED IN YOUR TEASER I’M OUT!

  • Shayne


  • mike

    fuck yeah

  • Josh

    why is fronz and the lead guitar the only members in the video?

    • Christina

      Pretty sure all the band members were there.

    • Pope Aaron

      if you mean the focus of the video, its because they’re more original members. if that makes sense

      • attilafannomore

        why not sean ??? him and fronz started the band !!?? dumbshit !!!

  • ian

    Who liked Pantera DVDs? I love it … partying till death.

  • Jack

    I don’t see any video on here, or a link to play it. What the hell #suckmyfuck

  • Bugs

    Me to jack

  • Eric

    Can’t see shit!

  • Thecuntdestroyer

    I wonder if they actually hook up with girls like that haha. sick fuckin video tho. badass as always

  • Austin

    Yeah what the fuck I don’t see a video

    • rosemary

      exactly me either Wtf

  • Whack-A-Lib

    This is some bullshit right here… No video WTF!?!?

  • brutal_sushi

    Such fucking sheep you children are… this is pure fucking garbage…

    • ^this guy’s a moron

      ORRRRR a dope metal band having a fun ass time being extremely different in their own, vulgar, way.

      • Greg Bradshaw

        You’re blind

        • Not Deaf lol

          You’re deaf

  • Zach Carranza

    Bad ass video

    • Guest

      there amazing haha they dont wanna be taken seriously but its good to know you wasted 5 minutes of your time to hate on something

      • James

        I think he meant Badass as in “that’s a badass motherfucker”. And btw it’s “they’re” not “there”

  • Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

    this band is a joke

    • Kevin Conley


      • Greg Bradshaw

        oh the irony

  • Gipsy Danger

    It’s funny how people who don’t like Attila come here just to talk trash about them. It’s really pathetic.

    • brutal_sushi

      Are you new to the internet?

  • DanielKTA

    I hate that he keeps constantly using his hands, haha. Weird pet peeve.

    • Carleyinreverse

      hes probably italian. we do that shit.

      • Greg Bradshaw

        You’re a dumb twat lol

  • CauseIDGAF

    tighter than a virgin
    making money like a surgeon
    and we stack to the roof because my pocket started hurttin M/

  • CauseIDGAF

    tighter than a virgin
    making money like a surgeon
    and we stack to the roof because my pocket started hurttin M/

  • heh

    wow, this is equally as bad as falling in reverse. one of the worst albums this year, maybe all time.

  • Dick party

    This video makes me want to turn it off

  • Bitching

    Haha that what atilla loves, people talking shit! Also you wouldn’t say the album suck if you didn’t get it. Haha sick album

  • Sam

    This band actually is a joke. That is what they aspire to be. Fronz is actually very intelligent, his lyrics aren’t serious, and neither is this band. That’s why they are fucking sick.

  • Michael McMahon

    “She counts my money while I’m on my Playstation” haha, these guy’s are a joke, but I like them

    • http://Shiftgaming.net/ Matt

      They are not serious, its ment as a joke and for fun, they don’t take themselfes serously.

  • THSwanJon

    Funny thing is..They’re throwing all that money around saying they are rich and famous.. but they probably have no money whatsoever and are just begging for people to buy the album to throw around 15 dollars :)

  • Sam

    I feel like this is how I’ve always veiwed attlia and now its so prominent its hilarious. I hope they all die.

  • skegz

    Douche Core it now a genre SMFH

    • skegz

      IS bah!smfh

  • lame

    the term “poser” was created to describe guys like this. a pre-teen girl could kick the singers ass.

  • Molonko

    Who makes the vocal at 1.29??? Very cool vocal! I love this band. Its so refreshing with a band, that just focus on groove and havin fun. No stupid religious statements or political bullshit. Aaahhhh

  • k00t

    these comments are killin me lolz if you dont like them why did you watch it? these dudes are sick whether if its a joke or not listen to the music! if you dont like it you shouldnt be here in the first place.

  • Frank Herner

    man, people talking shit just will motivate other people to check ’em out! i fucking love attila!

  • Fakthehaters

    attila is best at what they do and what they do is not give a fuck and make heavy music. all who take em seriously or to heart are a joke themselves. ATTILA ALL DAY