Exclusive: Attila Premiere New Song, “About that Life”

Atlanta party metallers Attila will release their new album, About that Life, on June 25. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver and Spotify to premiere the title track from the record right here right now. Check it out below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

About that Life is available for pre-order via Merchnow. For more on Attila, check them out on Twitter and Facebook.


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  • PsychoPanda93

    Fucking sick.

  • Hollywood434

    I really hope that there is not a little rap diddy at the beginning of every song on this album. Other than that… it’s great! Chris Link staying true to his solos which is nice and of course Joey Sturgis did a great job as well. Fronz… I love yah, but you probably should have left the elementary rap intros out.

    • Andrew Bartlett


  • Dwayne

    How do I listen to it without Spotify Premium?!

    • Hollywood434

      At this point you can’t. Give it a few days and someone will leak it on YouTube.

      • Dwayne

        Word. Much appreciated. Only a matter of time! Someone leak it and help a brotha out!

    • tim

      you don’t need it. it’s free to listen just not on a mobile phone

  • Joe Salamone

    He didn’t say nigger in the beginning, did he? I don’t know if that’s cool… you could write these songs without that shit!

  • MattyWikkid860

    Definitely typical Attila sound, and im loving every second of it. Killer solo Chris!

  • Villains

    I honestly just made a fake twitter to link to a Spotify account and I have premium for 48 hours. So you can either make a new Facebook with a bullshit email address, or just be an asshole and wait for it to leak or whatever. But trust me, the 3 minute song is definitely worth spending a minute to make a fake Facebook, hahah. Are you #AboutThatLife or what, man?

  • Dom

    this shit is sick!!! so fun to jam out to!

  • JustHangin

    Not available in Ireland right now? Come on guys

  • Nicolas Muñoz Muñoz


  • Chris Simopoulos

    They premiered this about a month ago. Pretty good for Attila’s standards

  • Amy

    Pretty good…Attila is basically the Wacka Flocka of hardcore so it’s supposed to be funny and outlandish. I really can’t find a band that is like them, so their authenticity is carrying over through each album more and more. Fronz’s solos are great- can’t find a vocalist that sounds like him either. Good stuff, a bit offensive, but that’s who they are and they don’t care!

  • PunchKnock

    This is music for little kids and angsty teens…. and they missed what they were going for by a mile.. this isn’t cool/fun party music.. what bullshit..