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Exclusive: Betraying the Martyrs Premiere New Track, "Man Made Disaster"

Exclusive: Betraying the Martyrs Premiere New Track,

Prog-influenced extreme metallers Betraying the Martyrs are releasing their debut album Breathe in Life on September 20. You can get an early preview right now. though, by listening to the track "Man Made Disaster." Frontman Aaron Matts also gave us the background on the new song.

REVOLVER What’s this song about?
AARON MATTS Lyrically this song is written from the perspective of the earth and life itself, as though it is a person telling a story. Although it is the most negative song on the album, it has an underlying positive message: that is in order to save the earth we live on and the life we live, we must first save ourselves and see that we are only destroying what keeps us all alive.

Which part of it did you come up with first? And what was the inspiration?
Looking at the song as a whole, the instrumental was written without the song theme in mind, but the song has a certain ambiance, and a change of emotions that made it right for this story. I wanted to write a song on this subject since starting the album, but wanted to stray away from the usual hate life attitude that we are bombarded with today in modern metal, the inspiration literally comes from life itself.

Was this an easy song to record?
The whole album was a challenge for us all, but this song was definitely one of the most enjoyable to see come together. It was written very quickly and we didn't do a full preproduction for this song so it's always hard to know how a song will sound when finished. We had a lot of fun on this song, so for that reason it came together quite naturally.

What sort of feedback have you gotten on this song so far?
So far the feedback has been overwhelming, people have been very receptive and open minded about our music and we couldn't be happier. We understand that we have a different approach with our music and some people may not have heard the mix of genres that we are doing. In this scene we all have a music taste more diverse than most so we urge people to keep open and check out all we have to offer. Thank you very much!

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