Exclusive: Blessthefall Premiere New Song, “You Wear a Crown, but You’re No King”

Photo by Douglas Sonders

Today, Blessthefall have teamed up with Revolver for the exclusive premiere of the lyric video for their new song “You Wear a Crown, but You’re No King.” Featured on their forthcoming album, Hollow Bodies, which set for release on August 20 via Fearless Records, the track is available now on iTunes. The band is currently playing the main stage on the Vans Warped Tour.


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  • Katrina

    Love this song so much! cant wait to see them perform it at Warped Tour!

    • JQ

      already did it was awesome you’ll love it!

  • SierraJoyyyy

    I LOVE this! Every time I see them, they get better and better! I cannot wait to see them play this at Warped!! Ahhh!!

  • Eshita

    Heard this for the first time at Warped this year! This lyrics are fantastic, they have done it again!

  • Sophia Juliette

    Really can’t wait to see them play this song at Warped!

  • Will

    This song is really heavy and packs some good vibes and a very nice breakdown blessthefall has really come far! Cant wait to see them at warped tour!

  • Conner

    Love this song! Can’t wait to see it performed live!

  • rosario

    I really love this song! I’ve been following these guys for a long while now and album after album they impress me more and more. Cannot wait for their new album because if the rest of the album is as good as this song i can just imagine how great the album will be, i am stoked!

  • Steve

    Love BlesstheFall! This is yet another step up!

  • Elijah Saez

    This album better bring them the popularity that they deserve :) It’s gonna be sad not being able to see them after every show but they definitely need more recognition. This song proves that these guys are one of the greatest bands of the scene and I’ve known this since the demo version of To Hell & Back before the signing to Fearless Records. Keep pushing blessthefall<3

  • Eden S Conway ⚓

    LOVE the new song. They have definitely brought their A-game to the table, can’t wait to hear them at Warped Tour! Good job, boys! Keep making us proud!

  • Aleksis Munoz

    This song is soo good! Everyone should go to ITunes and buy it right now! :)

  • Shua

    Is this a poke at Crown The Empire?

  • becca

    This song is amazing!! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the album has in store for us! Also, I can’t wait to see them at warped in two weeks! Good job boys! This will definitely be a BTF summer! :)

  • Devin

    Omg this song is so sick I just can’t wait for the whole album to come out! Can it be August already please!

  • Fallyn Buffington

    Blessthefall never disappoints their fans! This song just shows they’ve brought their game up to a WHOLE new level and I love it! Man, This gets me even more pumped for Warped Tour and the new album! :)

  • croky

    Cool sound but it’s the same formula taken ad nauseam. How many times have I listened to something similar ? It beats me …

  • Brittany

    something totally different and new sounding from BTF. Can’t wait to hear it at warped. This new album is going to be something totally different from previous albums and cannot wait!

  • Nichole Boyd

    Awesome song! I cant wait to see them preform it at Warped Tour!

  • Ben Linnabary

    Holy cow this song is amazing. One of my favorites this summer! I HAVE to see them on warped tour! I bet they leave the stage in pieces daily.

  • Bella C

    BTF never fails to impress me.. God I love them! ^-^

  • Shelby Fisher

    this song is boss and shows why i love blessthefall

  • Guest

    amazing song cant wait till the new album!

  • Stef

    Awesome song. So pumped to see them at Warped and to listen to the new album! (:

  • DevilsCreature

    Love this song so much! Can’t wait for the rest of the album!!!

  • Debbie

    Loving blessthefall’s new sound. One of the best songs that has been released all summer. So stoked for Warped Tour and Hollow Bodies!

  • keely congleton

    I love this new song! I cant wait for the new album and to see them at warped this year!!

  • TheGingerPony

    You can tell Beau put his heart in this, when they play this at Warped it’s gonna get crazy!

  • Katie Marie

    Love the intro to this song. Can’t wait to see them in Chicago!!

  • Kobi Deculit

    Song was amazingggg. So stoked on the album!

  • Isaura Hernandez

    I absolutely love this new song! Sounds different and I can’t wait for their new album

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Love this song!!!!! Been a fan of blessthefall since 2008 and each time they keep getting better and better!!! Can’t wait to hear the album (:

  • Teka Teka TEx

    love it BTForever <3

  • Kegan Saylors

    This song hit me really hard, I absolutely love it, and it just makes me more excited to hear what is coming for them! <3 This band means so much to me, it is a bit ridiculous!!

  • Stephan

    What is the meaning of this song???