Exclusive: Brian “Head” Welch Premieres New Music Video, “Paralyzed”

Last month, vocalist-guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, formerly of Korn, premiered his new single, “Paralyzed,” right here on RevolverMag.com. Now he’s unleashing the music video for the same song. Check out the clip below.

About the track, Head says, “‘Paralyzed’ was one of the first songs co-written with Producer Jason Rauch. He came to me with the idea and we both dove into it until it was all there. Jason is really helping me get back to crushing riffs. My first solo CD was an experimental album so the riffs were definitely lacking. Today’s a new day and I’m excited about the future. ‘Paralyzed’ is only a taste of what’s to come.”



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  • Leia Mia Downs

    Can’t see the video.. it’s locked.

  • Yoshi

    I love the tone of the riffs. Good stuff! I look forward to the new album!

  • http://twitter.com/aktoolhead jeff stout jr

    not bad but not sure about the church tour

    • Joel HJ

      jeff….church is where this metal belongs…if nothing else to awaken then dead.   This country needs strong places of faith that actually help this world (food kitchens, womens shelters).    Brian will also bring down the pridefull and theaves that run many of these churchs…  Americans church for the most part are anti-Jesus/pro-growth.    If Jesus entered one of these  there would be some table turning and bull wips showing some anger.. Its time the Jesus freaks show their tats and metal…

  • Pipelinedave

    nice , sounds way better than the new techno korn

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Arnold/100000967435412 William Arnold

    Dude! Brain has a fucking awesome voice. Why the hell has Johnathon Davis been singing lead for all these years for?

    • Big Gay Al

      Brain?Johnathon? fucking moron….you don’t know know how to spell!

  • Zimdollar

    Awesome stuff! Can’t wait for new album :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-McLaughlin/1318216604 Bruce McLaughlin

    Awesome!! Love 2:36

  • Prisclla


  • Rickyrexx

    Ready for some new music! I totally wore out save me from myself!

  • Gathrawn_60

    Def looking forward to the cd…good stuff Brian.

  • Senor0pena

    Still thinkin’ the other guys look kinda spooky, but this is an awesome song. Great job!

  • Carol

    Glad to see you will be back in Washington soon .Your song was very good. I have already fallen in love with it and sung it in the shower.

  • Adamo

    Brian, you are such an inspiration to so many people you’ve touched since your time with KoRn till now. This song just keeps getting me more and more hype every time I listen to it and the video is SICK! Please get a full new album together soon!! Come back to Philly area. Loved seeing you at The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA!!! I need to get a whole entire headlining set fix of your band!! Peace!

  • Cycler92630

    Val its big chris yea buddy

  • David Cory Enderby

    You got a nice group Brian. Keep it straight and narrow!

  • MrAMack


  • Trentsmine

    I totally live Brian “Head” I don’t think Korn’s the same without him.

  • Nisisto

    sp freaking cool!!!

  • Dustin

    I am so glad Jesus saved a part of Korn, and doomed the rest to Dub Step. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/KingdomHeartofPisces Raheem Washington

      Hehehehe Dub Step….sucks for them.

      • Mike Rotch

        Hehehehe seriously Raheem..get a life!

  • Sister Christian;)

    Brian, you are awesome, my brother!!!!! Your talent and call are unmistakable.

  • Bubz

    good stuff Brian, loving the dirty vox

  • Jhonis

    So Nice The song Great and simple and video complet the pact, God Bless you Brian come soon to south america right . Take Care

  • Reapers Haven

    Is that Mike Mushok’s Baritone guitar that the guitarist is using?

    • JR

      Yes it is


    what happen to the other guys??

  • Lovin it


  • Todd

    Holy balls. Where did this come from ?

    I cannot wait for the new album because this is amazing.

  • Ursula

    I love the song! was a really nice surprise!!

  • Drummer

    Even if you set religious beliefs aside Head said he wasn’t happy with the direction Korn was taking with new material. This song shows that Korn’s success had a lot to do with this mans amazing riffs. I love the song and looking forward to the next album.

  • Baconzoo

    Chills… amazing.

  • EofA

    Suprisingly good. I dig it. One thing though… tell your dudes not to wear the “zombie” or crazy contacts. Major cheese factor.

    • Anonymous

      I agree… major turn off

      • Bdat11

        fuck you!

  • Aquarius Set

    It remebered his book…. great christian job he is doing. i hope see head in brazil. 

  • Evania

    I was just thinking about how fear keeps you in one place and Paralyesis oneself and then I hear this song…(freaky)

  • Nick235

    I expected nothing less than that pure awesomeness, coming from the One who’s my idol!

  • Schec8

    This song is f’ing awesome. This is the head I grew to love in korn. I hope he keeps it up even if he is playing christian rock because I would listen to this all day long.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JorgeRivasCamacho Jorge Rivas

    head = metalkorn= ZzzZzZzzZ…

    • God


  • Hawley Kelly

    I freakin’ love this guy, he is so cool and the band is freaky cool.

  • Just Jared

    better than korn’s flubstep….

  • Brian Cole98

    keep kickin’ it for Christ my brother

  • Manchu

    Hey Brian why don’t you get David as drummer?

  • Toni G

    Yeah David Silveria and Brian Welch should form a band! Kick Korn’s ass coz they suck now especially the new drummer who looks too old for Korn!

    • Point Blanc

      I agree!

  • None

    Words cannot express how happy I am that he turned 180 degrees away from who he used to be. If he can be cleansed…so can I.

  • KWW


  • Gotchristianmetal

    Saw him live this past summer and they rock hard!

  • Smcguire692003

    Head was the pulse of korn and when he left they died! Korn has put out nothing but garbage since he left! I’m no longer a korn fan but a clean and sober brian welch fan!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001577547299 Isaiah Barnett

    i havent seen him live but i will

  • Johan P

    I really enjoy Brians work I It reminds me about KoRn back in the days, when thery actually sounded good. Can´t other than then agree with Smcguire692003.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.bryden Shannon Angus Bryden

    Freaking wicked riffs bro and let those screams wake the dead….I say the contacts look wicked on the guitarist….But the music is the most important….and Head delivers a killer song…I have not liked Korn since the early days….they could only wish for the new stuff to sound like this

  • DoctorDraygone

    …. speechless.
    Good song. creepy eyes on the guitarist. “contacts” of course
    i like it.