Exclusive: Bury Your Dead Premiere “The Sirens of Titan” Video

Metalcore group Bury Your Dead released their sixth album, Mosh ‘n’ Roll, earlier this year. Previously Revolver debuted the band’s video for “Slaughterhouse Five,” which you can watch here, and now the group is debuting their video for “The Sirens of Titan” below. Check it out and tell us what you think of it in the comments.


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  • Midgetpeople

    HA, Good Shit !!!!!

  • Anakaris18

    Rogain Club for men.

  • Bryant Field

    i wonder if this is the same location that (in theroy) shot their music video for there was magic everywhere and mel gibson


    Sucks so much they can play each others parts LOL

    • murda

      your a pussy.

  • BYD are Jesters

    Funniest part this band just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. You can tell in this video. They’re doing it for fun, and they are veterans in their genre. This CD is still better than the Self-titled and Nothing Personal album. Been a fan since Cover Your Tracks, and still love this band, despite those two albums I didn’t like at all.

    • cale

      that is so true, i’m just glad they went back to their roots and didn’t cary on myke terry’s bullshit.

  • Kennymf1991

    why is the guy from betrayal in this playing guitar?

    • Billemd33

      he is the newest member of bury your dead

      • Xxftwxxcflxx

        no SEAN is NOT the newest member, he was filling in on bass for our tour in Europe because Aaron Patrick could not do the tour… Plus the concept of the video was for everyone to play different instruments…. 

  • MoshNROLL

    Favorite Song off that album, Bury Your Dead isn’t Bury Your Dead without Mat Bruso.

  • Sirens of the Titan

    Simply awesome! Really shows what its all about and having fun. I loved the album and really hope there will be more from Bury Your Dead in the future. Great job!

  • Lightofaction

    This was a well spent $50

  • JakeFreeman256

    Bruso for President. Easily my favorite band.

  • Mason Stewart

    Wait, Bury Your Dead is playing a break-over a higher pitched guitar riff? Followed by an incredibly catchy lower pirched riff, usually in the key of A or B?

    I like the new direction you boys are going in!

    (i fucking love BYD so take this as a joke)

  • terrible