Exclusive: Butcher Babies Premiere New Album, Goliath

Butcher Babies will release their debut album, Goliath, July 9 on Century Media Records. In anticipation, the band is streaming the record in its entirety right here right now. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

The album is available for preorder in a variety of cool bundles at the Century Media online store. Butcher Babies will be on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival all summer, and will be doing daily signings at their tent.


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  • Karns

    I can’t wait to see them at Mayhem!


    WTF!!!!! Where is jesus needs more babies? this is bull!!!!!!! I wanna hear one good reason your best song isnt on the damn album!!!

    • Martyr-X

      maybe cause they don’t wanna be one of those bands that just rerecords old songs for their new albums? idk why people always got to complain over stupid shit. They don’t want to just keep doing the same things over and over. i think this album is a big improvement over their EP.


    Seriously jesus needs more babies and axe wound are way better as songs and more brutal than these new songs, sorry i thought you guys were going to continue up not down into the “we got signed now were clones” category. sad day. I’ll stick with the LP though.

  • The singers suck

    I want the instumental. These singer’s ruin the music.

  • Billelzebub

    This album is sick! Better than the EP!!

  • HaterAIDs

    Guitar tone is flatulent ass.

  • all previous posts are fags

    Every song on this new release show varrience and new talent from these guys. they have emerged from punk metal to contenders with the likes of Halestorm/In This Moment. The Music is heavy like old Voi Vod/Exodus type stuff. I think there is some tallent shining on this album for sure.

  • mcstanky


  • Jason

    I wonder how quickly they would have been signed if they didn’t get their breasts out every chance they get? I want to like metal done by half naked women, but when you get to the music itself, it’s just horrid. At least there’s musical talent behind shock rockers like Manson and Zombie.

    • Lee Rocker

      back off jason unless u know um. their awesome

  • Jason

    music is cool…vocals suck

  • Kent

    not very good =(

  • Chrissy Chaotick

    I saw these guys in August with Otep & One Eyed Doll, such an amaziiing performance (all of them). I had gotten hot & needed a drink during Otep, I’m glad I did because I got to hang out with them the rest of Otep’s set & afterwards. they’re so nice & humble & I couldn’t be any prouder of these guys.

  • Dr. J

    Almost punk rock in approach. Sloppy, loud, fast. Maybe not the best talent on display, but a good bit of fun, should translate well live, but not in an arena/festival setting. Needs to be in a scuzzy, dirty club… Lots of music snobs here…need to lighten up and lower expectations once in a while…

  • Jessica

    Vocals ruin it. Really hard to listen to. Bummed I was looking forward to this….

  • Lee Rocker

    i love carla,heidi,chris,jason n henry this cd is fuckin bad ass.i love these fuckers so much showed me best time of my life in vegas. keep on kickin ass my bb’s m/m/

  • Djoean

    Where Mr. Slowdeath???

    • Lee Rocker

      on ep

  • Danger Mouse


  • Nickie Cyanide

    let the hateful people hate. this album is amazing. i found them randomly on YouTube & got instantly hooked! they may be very new but definitely rises to be my new favorite metal band. the album is perfect, Heidi’s screams are a masterpiece & Carla’s voice is just as well. the Butcher Babies are definitely leaving their mark!

  • Jeremy

    You guys fucking rock! I saw you with Manson, and you blew him out of the fucking water. Keep rocking.

  • Ethan

    For a debut album I say that this is a good start. The band and their sound will grow as they produce more albums. Most bands do. So have patience skeptics and remember this is album number one

  • John

    Its ok. I agree with a lot of the comments about the vocals. Not very good. It does kinda ruin the CD IMO. Pass.

    • Lee Rocker

      this cd masterpiece you dont know awesome muisic

  • chris

    Sounds great. Their progression has been fun to watch.

  • TrstN01

    Still think they’re a second-rate Kittie/Otep. Not too impressive live either, but studio is somewhat enjoyable. At least they aren’t half naked when I listen to an album. Such a gimmick.

    • Lee Rocker

      this is an awesome cd u dont know nun about it.their great peeps and aint no fkn gimmick go listen to justin beiber lmao

  • Victor Manuel White-Gluz

    Fuckin’ love it!!!

  • Lindsey Strange

    Love this band. and the album is awesome. Glad they are finally able to put out a full link album. Fuck off to anyone who think they suck!

  • Davo Paul


  • Therese Guglielmo

    THEY ARE AMAZING! Def love their song n video I smell masacre! my fav n the rest are just great!