Exclusive: Butcher Babies Premiere New Video, “Magnolia Blvd”

Butcher Babies have teamed with Revolver to premiere their new music video, “Magnolia Blvd.” The song is taken from the band’s debut full-length, Goliath, which is out now via Century Media and available for order right here.

Butcher Babies will be on the road with Danzig starting October 8. For tour dates and more, visit their Facebook page.


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  • Scott Nowak

    butcher babies own!!

  • goregod

    lmao!!!! the blonde looks like a wanna be angela gosssow!!! ill stick with arch enemy

  • dstraxion

    Heidi is WAY fuckin hotter than Angela lol

  • Del Parrish

    Their music is way better when they just wear electrical tape over their nips.

  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    Wait, so the dude that answered the phone call from his mom got really high on coke/meth/pcp/bath salts/ and or some other various white powder drug, started hallucinating and then kicked his own ass for being a drug addict fuck while semi attractive woman scream shitty cliches while period bitching about how shitty the valley is? 2/10

  • Jay Spencer

    At least the band is starting to sound better. But maybe a better producer will help their music

  • somerandomjagoff

    I know that most music out today isn’t so great, but enough of the negativity people. Every fricken video I watch there is a string of people bashing the band. I know the internet provides the illusion that your opinion as an established music critic actually matters, but in reality, this band is touring and making money and providing music for people that like it. While you sit on your computer and glare upon everything but yourself. For the record, I’m not a fan of this band. Don’t care for them much at all, just checked out the video cause I’m going to see the Danzig tour and they are one it. But at no point do I feel the urge to bash them, or take the time to leave a negative comment. Don’t like it? Don’t watch/listen to it. It is really that simple. Wanna bash something? Go attack Beyonce or Taylor Swifts new single. Metal gets enough hate, without fellow metal fans adding to the negativity.

  • David Dodd

    Wow!! Awesome video! Keep rockin’ BB’s, love your music, don’t listen to hatters. You tore up the Jagger-stage @ Mayhem, looking fwrd to seeing you @ Rob Zombie’s GAN 10/26!

  • sodo1979

    I feel like I am being played when I watch this. It feels counterfeit.
    That being said I would totally bang those two girls.

  • hardrockinmofo

    THE best band at Mayhem Fest this year. And that includes the main stage acts.