Chevelle Explain ‘Hats Off to the Bull’ Cover Art

Hard rockers Chevelle are releasing their sixth full-length, Hats Off to the Bull, on December 6. You can get your first look at the cover of the record, which alludes to bullfighting, below. Singer Pete Loeffler had stumbled upon bullfighting pictures online and began reading about the sport, appalled at its brutality. “It’s such a heartless sport and it’s so torturous for these animals,” he said in a statement about the album cover. “We got the idea of rooting for the bull instead. We root for the underdog.”

As for their music on the album, Loeffler says: “I’m writing about a lot of issues and emotions. When I was a kid, I used to throw on Led Zeppelin records, turn off the lights, and watch the stereo lights blink in total darkness. I’d crank it up, feel the rawness, and think about what was going on in my life at the time. I hope people can get lost in our music like that.”


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  • Dan

    I like this but the roll over text on the album cover itself needs to say “chevelle” instead of “cehvelle”.

  • Jon Smith

    thats funny, what he explained about led zep was actually what i do with chevelle. First time i ever heard chevelle, i was laying in my room listening to the radio, and send the pain below was on. As soon as i heard the first riff, i was hooked. then a tornado warning came over the radio, so then they replayed it. I think about it from time to time… Chevelle inspired me to pick up the guitar 9 years ago. They still inspire me today. Thank you, gentlemen.

  • michael marrero

    Chevelles newest album has not only blown me away but its made me appreciate life more im a united states marine an this is some motivating shit understand? oorah gentlemen keep this shit up im going to try real hard to see them live this year i suggest you do the same