Exclusive: Chon Premiere New EP, Woohoo!


San Diego, California, prog-metal band Chon will release their new EP, Woohoo!, on March 4. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere the entire stream of the EP before its release. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Chon are on tour with Animals as Leaders, After The Burial, and Nevene-K. For more on Chon, visit their Twitter and Facebook. The Woohoo! EP will be available through all major digital retailers and physical copies are exclusively for sale through the band’s webstore.


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  • Talle Mc Glinchey


  • Kevin

    can’t listen to sketch, dust or suda, somehow they’re not loading :(

    • Seanicipal Waste

      This is also happening for me :( other than that it sounds superb! The vocals on Ecco are really interesting too, I dig it!

    • Mark Chandler Fifield

      You guys just need to fuck around with it when it stops. Press ”f5”. If that doesn’t help then, click where it says ”view track”; it will take you directly to the sound cloud page where it should pick the album up right where you guys left off!

  • Christian McDougall

    I bought the album on the first day of their tour, it’s leaps and bounds above anything else out there right now. Can’t wait for a full LP!

  • evan

    it’s Navene-K, not Nevene-K

  • skratchy

    Ecco? Like the dolphin? Awesome

    • French

      or Earth Coincidence Control Office?

      • justin

        With a first song referencing pokemon/Generic JRPGs. I’d assume that it’s the dolphin

  • Richard Reddrop


  • BlakeMDavis


    • Mark Chandler Fifield

      i know! I was skeptical at first too, but it opens up a whole new realm of ideas and it doesn’t sound like hes whining it actually sounds like a dude singing well.

  • Levi

    I Had a feeling Drew would lay down vocals sometime. Glad he did.

  • Will Forbes

    please fix navene’s name. thx.

  • Liam

    They need to make Ecco a music video. it would bring many more fans I think.

    • Superior Man Bayo

      damn i was thinking this just yesterday. a funny video would be so good