Exclusive: Death Valley Driver Premiere New Music Video, “Smoke Whip”

death valley driver

Death Valley Driver have teamed with Revolver to premiere their new music video, “Smoke Whip”; the track is off the band’s latest album, Graveyard Dead, which is out now via Diminished Fifth Records. The video was shot over two days in November by Colin MacDonald (Foster Avenue Productions) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Loosely conceptualized off the Jim Jones Cult, the video portrays the band’s vocalist Dan Hodgson as the cult leader.

“Colin really is the MVP of this whole video. His direction and vision really captured the dark lyrics of the song,” comments vocalist Dan Hodgson. “The final product is something we are really proud of. We can’t wait for people to see the twisted visions he came up with. He had me play the cult leader, which could have ended in disaster. But thanks to his comforting demeanor, it was something I had a lot of fun with.”

For more on Death Valley Driver, visit their Facebook page.


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  • guitarnut

    I listened to this and that guitarist might be the worst lead guitarist I have ever heard! Whatever happened to metal guitarist’s that can actually play? I have friends that can tear this guy a part and play in way better bands! I’m sick of seeing all these wanna be metal bands with these wanna be guitarists playing for them and people thinking that they are good, seriously this guy has no soul! no feel at all he was out of key just awful playing! try listening to some blues buddy the best metal players all have the blues and anybody who is a serious guitarist would actually practice cause it seems like you DO NOT! They don’t make guitar players like they used to that’s for sure! anyway this is just my opinion. If these guys actually make it somewhere It would be a slap to the face to all the great bands and guitarist out there who deserve to be heard more then these guys especially the guitarist! sorry for being rude I’m just passionate metal fan and guitar nut!

    • guitarnuts mothers boyfriend

      Link us to some videos of you playing guitar, I’d love to see what you can do. You must be really good to act as pretentious and rude as you are. Please don’t confuse being passionate with being a butt-hurt piece of shit. Have you ever heard of a guitar player named Kerry King? Music isn’t about how you want it to be, it’s about how the musician wants it to be. I’m fairly certain Nick can play blues solos.

      • guitarnut

        HA! yeah he sure showed how great his feel is in that solo bending out of key and doing his horrible runs with that wah pedal! I said I don’t play but a few of my buds do and they are far beyond anything this guy could do! it sounds like you know Nick? If so I’d like you to get him to post a vid playing some blues cause I don’t think he can! you obviously don;t have a good ear for guitar if you think he is a good lead player! And Kerry King!? Naw I’d rather listen to Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan, Greg Howe even Dime had the blues man anyway dude you’re allowed to be into whatever you want and so am I but for me the weakest point of this band is the lead guitarist in my opinion they would be smart to replace him with a more well rounded player who has more of a melodic sense to his solos and somebody that is much smoother as well, and whoever was producing this song couldn’t have much of an ear either if he was good he would have pointed out how bad that solo was to begin with, if he ever tried to lay down a solo like that with a big time producer he would prob be chased

  • Karl

    Hey guitarnut, have a snickers. You know you are not yourself when you have your head up your ass.

  • MindFury

    Enh, just not my thing….

  • Dj

    I kinda agree with Guitarnut. But the way I see it as, there is WAY too many bands out there. Not only in the metal/hard rock scene. But everywhere. Everybody thinks they are talented. From everybody on American Idol, to the high schoolers remixing shit on their phones, with everything in between in every genre. I wish it was like the 70s/80s/90s where you had your key bands and some cool underground shit that was worth listening to. There is way to many bands out there that are so generic, lame, and sound the same. I love Revolver. But cMon.

  • Firefox

    I have to agree the lead is poison the vid is cool the song isn’t bad I liked the harmony rhythm parts but soon as I hear the solo it’s amateur night at the Apollo just ruins the song

    • Daveyboy

      I don’t usually comment on forms especially music everyone’s a critic I haven’t listened to anything by these guys for a long time but as for the lead guitar player don’t judge by one song I agree that the lead is weak in this song but if you took the time to check out some tunes off the first album I remember the solos were excellent so maybe do some further investigation before you knock a guy

      • guitarnut

        I have checked out first album and that’s a different guitarist on that album

  • guitarnut

    for me I.think they need to replace the lead guitarist if they really wanna be taken cause serious they need a pro guitarist and he needs lessons big time!

  • guitarnut

    just because a guitarist moves his fingers fast doesn’t mean hes good

  • dvdfan

    You have an awful large opinion for someone who doesn’t even play. Why don’t you come back when you have some credibility or a song of your own that’s featured on Revolver magazine…. I love this band and think he is playing with heart. I dare you to go watch this band live and not love them.
    It’s always easy to hide behind a keyboard and bitch, these guys are obvoosily doing something right if so many people enjoy them as much as I do. Get a life buddy..these guys rock and your just a jelaous asshole.
    End rant
    DVD 4 Life

    • guitarnut

      maybe this is the type of feedback they need so they can improve rather then their friends telling them how good they are

  • guitarnut

    the guitarist is prob even worse live

  • guitarnut

    maybe this is the type of feedback they need to hear so they can improve rather then their friends telling them how good they are

  • r.i.p egon

    I have to agree with guitar nut I teach guitar and have a 12 year old student who cam outplay this guy! when I was in my 20s in the 80s you had to be real good to first get in a band and to get any type of reputation as a guitarist now it doesn’t matter you.can have a guy like this who is an poor player but hes getting praised as a good one I think people forgot what good playing sounds like because they are having players like this stuffed down their throats

  • me

    come on the guitarist isn’t that bad . the lead guitar player for their first album is much better .I will say that but its the singer that is poor . poor at everything . I read they opened for metallica . won some kind of contest . they must of been the only band in the contest

  • me

    the first album is a whole different band . the only member left Is the singer . that just tells you who he thinks he is (the boss)

    • Karl

      Actually it’s the same members on both albums except for the lead guitarist, whom I actually like and think does an excellent job. I could understand someone not liking the song or the band, as we all have different tastes, but alot of these comments come off just too trollish to be taken with any seriousness. They are obviously doing something right to get some recognition. I like them.

      • guitarnut

        I just think the lead guitarist should be replaced it would put them on a whole new level if they got a guy who is pro cause this guy is not

      • Zeek

        Actually your wrong it’s not the same guitarists on both albums maybe recorded but the first album was written by two different guitar players one got the boot before the album was recorded the other got the boot after that Roy guy just recorded the first album he didn’t write any material they were playing these songs before he joined and this song wasn’t even written by the guitar players playing it in the video it’s an old song written by the first guitarists they just changed the name to cut credit and that’s not even the bass player that’s on the recording confused yet??? I followed these guys but now it’s just a big joke they lost their nuts along the way and most of the members now I heard they’re getting some pop indie producer to write the songs wow can you say “sell out” what a disgrace to the maritime metal community lots are talking about it. it just stinks revolver must be hard up for features if I was the guy with the power, soon as I heard that lead solo I would decline the feature and tell them to give your heads a shake so all it takes a few grand to shoot a video and half ass talent to get a feature on revolver these days???? Wow

  • Metalbrain

    Well I don’t know much about this band. I dig revoler . I like checking out new bands and this is the place to do it . I scrolled down and read the comments first ,seems there is some different opinions I had to check it out and I did just that .Play ,cool intro nice guitars and the vocalist is a power house ok here comes a climax nice wait oh no ewwww nasty solo . Well here is my opinion and response to some of the comments .Decent tune but the lead is not great and it’s not really a matter of taste I think. It’s really more about bad note choices or uneducated note choices and it’s hard to believe that no person said hey you might be a little sharp or flat.Replacing? don’t do that if the singer is the only original member they have went through as many line up changes as Guns and Roses .Take comments seriously? Well I think that’s like saying check out this tune man but don’t take the solo too seriously .I am a metal fan I listen to slayer while I eat breakfast! I take metal serious it’s not music it’s a lifestyle so if I hear something rancid I call a spade a spade .Hey if Anything I will check out more tunes by these guys .Im curious to see if it’s just a bad lead or a weak player .Good video nice rythem nasty lead .Honesty can go a long way .

    • roger taylor

      when I hear the band its a pro band with a very bad lead guitarist which in the end hurts the entire band I think they need a better player myself

  • metal man

    this is not metal and am I seeing double . is the so called singer (which he is not a singer ) playing two parts in the video but a little chunkier in one part ?? . I would agree the solo lacks and sounds out of key sometimes

  • Thrasher

    Metal man your seeing double? I’m seeing that’s not the bass player on the album that is weird the bassist in the video isn’t the bassist on the album ???? Guess I should check my Facebook a little more often . Every time I check these guys out it’s seems they have a new member . I enjoy these guys live . Great to slam some beers back to but I do agree that lead is not good.Its impossible not to notice it stands out like a sore thumb . The first album was awesome the second was kinda disappointing but I did like a few songs this being one of them just found the sound quality was poor but they do bring it live .I think they are just one of those bands that focus on the live show maybe .

    • https://www.facebook.com/DeathValleyDriverPEI Ray Blaquiere

      Appreciate the kind words on our live show. The second album we went for a slightly sludgier approach, and had the album mastered by Billy Anderson (High On Fire, Melvins, Sleep), so he brings a certain sludge to his albums, which we liked.

      • Thrasher

        Well with all do respect dude I go to the live shows to catch mostly the old material ,I hope you guys go back to that sound and what I mean when I say poor sound quaility is the volume on the record is really low I had to crank it to hear it and the levels are off like I can’t hear any bass unless I adjust the eq on my stereo and I was disappointed with the songs I liked maybe two or three the rest just seems to make no sense especially the lead nothing fits the songs mostly mindless noodling like dude if it wasn’t for the singer I’d think it was two different bands from the first album . I really don’t think the album sounds sludgy I think is bright sounding especially with no bass in the levels but that’s just my opinion and really everyone has one so who really cares haha I love beer I love metal keep rockn dude

  • https://www.facebook.com/DeathValleyDriverPEI Ray Blaquiere

    Big thanks to Revolver for debuting the video, and thanks to everybody that checked it out.