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Exclusive: Death Valley Driver Premiere New Music Video, "Smoke Whip"

Exclusive: Death Valley Driver Premiere New Music Video,

Death Valley Driver have teamed with Revolver to premiere their new music video, "Smoke Whip"; the track is off the band's latest album, Graveyard Dead, which is out now via Diminished Fifth Records. The video was shot over two days in November by Colin MacDonald (Foster Avenue Productions) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Loosely conceptualized off the Jim Jones Cult, the video portrays the band's vocalist Dan Hodgson as the cult leader.

"Colin really is the MVP of this whole video. His direction and vision really captured the dark lyrics of the song," comments vocalist Dan Hodgson. "The final product is something we are really proud of. We can't wait for people to see the twisted visions he came up with. He had me play the cult leader, which could have ended in disaster. But thanks to his comforting demeanor, it was something I had a lot of fun with."

For more on Death Valley Driver, visit their Facebook page.

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