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Exclusive: Design the Skyline Premiere "Break Free From Your Life" Video

Exclusive: Design the Skyline Premiere

Metal-electronica crossover group Design the Skyline released their debut, Nevaeh (Victory), earlier this month. Now they're debuting the video for the song "Break Free From Your Life." Frontman Eric Azure fills us in on the video below. Let us know what you think of it.

REVOLVER What was the recording process of the song like?
ERIC AZURE This was a collaborative effort. We definitely wanted to expand our songs and go  into more of a poppy sound. This was about not putting any limits on yourself or anything around you, not letting negative things bring you down.

How did the concept of the music video come to be?
Believe it or not, we were inspired by Linkin Park and Justin Timberlake videos, specifically. This video turned out exactly how we wanted it to. It matches the music really well which is what we were going for. The crazy colors and shapes converts all of our energies to a visual picture. For this video, we wanted to go all out - we wanted more effects to make it as abstract and intangible as possible.

What appealed to you about the director of the music video?

Scott Hansen was really great; he did other Victory bands which is what drew us to him in the first place. He had some really cool ideas. We wanted to do something futuristic and modern. I think that really comes through with this video.

What do you want people who watch this video to walk away knowing about Design the Skyline?

We want people to know that we're really open-minded artists that don't have any limits, musically or otherwise. The message of this song is a good one. We want it to inspire people in the end.

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