Exclusive: Disturbed Premiere “Old Friend” From ‘The Lost Children’

Disturbed are releasing their first ever B-sides collection, The Lost Children, on November 8. In anticipation, we’re going to be streaming a new song from the album, for 24 hours, each day leading up to its release.

Below, check out “Old Friend,” which was recorded during the sessions for their 2010 album, Asylum.

For more on The Lost Children, click here to read an interview with guitarist Dan Donegan, and for info on the band’s indefinite hiatus click here for an interview with frontman David Draiman. To preorder The Lost Children, click here. Also, the current issue of Revolver, available on newsstands everywhere and right here, includes an in-depth career-spanning interview with both Draiman and Donegan. Check back to RevolverMag.com tomorrow for another track. Let us know what you think in the comments.

The 24 hours for this song are up. Check out the next song we’re hosting from The Lost Children, “Run,” here.


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  • Asg

    Just can’t wait for that album!

  • http://www.facebook.com/TimtheHippie Timothy Leary Byrnes

    I like it~

  • David Kehrer

    Fuck yeah

  • Gatecrasha

    wtf…. no more disturbed…. this sucks…..

    • Ragan85

      what do you mean no mor disturbed they are not going any where

  • James

    Flawless mix !!! Double bass even clear. Love the seamless riff changes. The famous Disturbed dynamics are there. Disturbed still #1 in song-writing. Never cease to amaze us. Individ. performance also top-notch. Like !!! 

  • gargoyle

    it doesn´t has to be an b side

  • James

    Killer bass-playing !!! Up another level. Wow. This guys working his ass off. (they all are). I’d listen to this one many times over. Like again!!!

  • Ðeus

    i love this song from disturbed ;P

  • Bulvye

    Sweet Keep them coming.

  • http://www.facebook.com/disturbed1huerta Erik Huerta

    This song was actually inspired by the TV show, Dexter. I love it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Stout/100003045844214 Jason Stout

    once again they come thru with killer riffs and kick ass musicianship good job guys

  • http://www.facebook.com/disturbed1huerta Erik Huerta

    they;re taking a break……just dont know when they;re coming back. They’ve toured and written records nonstop for over 12 years……these guys deserve a break and David just got married over 2 months ago. Let them enjoy this time off.

  • James

    I agree w/Erik. Let em’ breathe. Would like to see full-show DVD released though, to pop in every now and then till they come back.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1156420247 Nina Khalil

    They never ever let me down musically!  I have loved Disturbed from the start and here is the reason why.

  • Kellyb329

    Love it


    pretty cool,,but I need something more from his music,,his voice is just sounding the same  in every song now the words are alll there and are cool and have aLOT OF MEANING BUT iM NEEDING A DIFFIRENT RANGE OR ARANGEMENT…

  • BCPrice

    Really good. They never let me down!

  • AvatarofOden

    This was an amazing song!  I’m really going to miss them!  Alas, this new stuff will have to tide me over until their return, which will hopefully be soon!

  • Fendrbendr

    Did anyone else get goosebumps when this song started? weird but good!

  • Perception67

    Keep it up

  • Mopee1

    can’t be mad they stay dropping kick ass music…….enjoy the breaks dudes!!!!!!!!

  • Bdny42

    they never let us down!  DISTURBED always comes THRU!!!

  • M Mikong_

    Wow disturbed,ma all tym favourite…n hd neva let me dwn n I believe dat..n itz true…they really rocks…lyk it…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000159982911 Kerry Bates

    the first time i heard disturbed was on crusty demons vids…ive loved their music and meaning to their songs ever since..they are now tattooed in me for life…love you guys.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000127334756 Anthony Hawkins


  • ICWHITES6969


  • T Morris73

    i lv it they r disturbed just like me dam cant wait till this comes out hell yea

  • Candi

    This is the only band out there.  Their songs are so freaken great and Davids voice wow this mans voice is so awesome.  I love these guys and I just became a Disturbed fan. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-John-Unger/1264975737 Justin John Unger

    David’s vocals and Donegan’s riffs are AMAZING! Disturbed was my breakthrough band, and here, 11 years later, they still fuckin’ rock! m/

  • Kristijanbanovic123

    i herd that song week ago ;))

  • Webbgodesss

    Still hot as Hades even now!!

  • Jerald Enaje_034


  • Musicisaweapon60

    stupify was the first song i heard from disturbed in the spring of 2000

  • Musicisaweapon60

    11 years later, and thousands of bands and millions of songs later. disturbed is my angermanagment, the shit that getts me off my ass, and down with the sickness is that kinda song that makes u wanna just beat someone half to death.

  • Gblankenship14

    disturbed better then any other band out their and the best solos disturbed is breakin bad ass