Exclusive: Disturbed Stream “3” From ‘The Lost Children’

Disturbed are releasing their first ever B-sides collection, The Lost Children, on November 8. In anticipation, we’re going to be streaming a new song from the album, for 24 hours, each day leading up to its release.

Below, check out the song “3,” which was recorded during the Asylum sessions in 2010 and was originally released as a digital single for a campaign backing the West Memphis Three.

For more on The Lost Children, click here to read an interview with guitarist Dan Donegan, and for info on the band’s indefinite hiatus click here for an interview with frontman David Draiman. To preorder The Lost Children, click here. Also, the current issue of Revolver, available on newsstands everywhere and right here, includes an in-depth career-spanning interview with both Draiman and Donegan. Don’t forget to check back to RevolverMag.com tomorrow for another track. Let us know what you think in the comments.

The 24 hours for this song are up. Check out the next song we’re hosting from The Lost Children, “Midlife Crisis,” here.


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  • Robs440

    love it!!!

  • Guest

    this album is going to Fkin rock!!

  • Kurby

    mmmm this album is gonna rock some socks lawl =P

  • Tommyganas

    this album is goin 2 be good

  • Samanthalords

    In love…. < 3

  • Alirababe

    im only half way thru the song its awesome as usual u guys r gold !

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaldeniii John Hyde Alden III

    not what i’ve come to expect from Disturbed…im not a hater, im a big fan…but this just doesnt do it for me, guess its my loss huh

    • http://www.facebook.com/xXTyMeador73Xx Ty Meador

      i agree 100% their first three albums were poetic and amazing. But now i feel like they are trying to hard to be like A7X or Slip Knot. however, i have to admit that the chorus is Disturbed 100% idk, maybe they are just growing as an artist.

  • DartkFish

    i totally agree this is going 2 be a fking epic CD from Disturbed lets hope they continue on this streak i have no doubt that they r going 2 be the best and continue being the best rock group out there

  • http://www.facebook.com/xXTyMeador73Xx Ty Meador

    I am torn (no pun intended). The first three albums were amazing. they saved me from myself when i realized i wasn’t the only one who felt the way i did. Then with Asylum, i didn’t like it at first. i grew to appreciate it. I just feel like they are trying to hard to be like A7X or Slip Know, or Korn. The chorus sounds just like somthing i would expect from disturbed. but the rest…a little cliche. and i love disturbed. every one on campus knows that about me. I know all their lyrics by heart. idk…but in the words of John Hyde Alden III, guess it my loss huh?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Josh-Mackay/670280329 Josh Mackay

    Hope this one comes out on vinyl so I can add it to my collection of Disturbed vinyl.

  • We are all disturbed

    Saw them
    Live on davids bday on the final music as a weapon tour. Also on the mayhem fest opening day. Good energy man.

  • Gearsofwar

    Bad ass song,just hopefully next time they come thru sa they actually play at there concert!!!!

  • fan

    Another awesome album.

  • Sagra

    my favorite band! another amazing job!

  • Royblinston

    they just keep comin another amazin album.

  • Autumnstar

    Damn im soooooo in2 everything disturbed has 2 offer. Ive never felt music like I do theirs!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lws2mforlife Cody LeBlanc


  • Poopballs

    i like disturbed but it all sounds the same

  • Sblaje

    I love disturbed and all their music!! keep up the great music!!! u guys r awesome

  • Jenny

    Sounds great. Really want to hear the new album. :-)

  • stacey

    <3 LOVE DISTURBED 😀 hehe their new albums gonna be badass!

  • dylan

    Disturbed are the gods of rock! Don’t quit guys! You’re music is amazing! Can’t wait for tlc

  • Bzybee40

    there music sounds the same year after year song after song.

  • seth

    i like it 

  • Lillady98

    Davids voice is haunting as usual. Love this as much as I love all the others. Keep up the power and strength in everything that you all do.

  • Pfcturnerm


  • Redvette77

    This is another one i will  buy soon, Disturbed is one of those rock powers you can just listen to all day long and never get tired of it, keep doing what you do , love this stuff,

    • AmyLu911

      Amen to that I do that