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Exclusive: Emphatic Premiere New Album, Another Life, First to Feature New Vocalist Toryn Green, Formerly of Fuel

Exclusive: Emphatic Premiere New Album, <em>Another Life</em>, First to Feature New Vocalist Toryn Green, Formerly of Fuel

Omaha-based hard rockers Emphatic will release their sophomore album, Another Life, October 22 via Epochal Artists Records/Capitol Music Group. The record is their first to feature new frontman Toryn Green, previously the singer of multi-platinum rock band Fuel and the touring vocalist for Finnish cello-rock band Apocalyptica.

In anticipation, the band has teamed with Revolver to stream the album in its entirety right here right now. Check it out below, read guitarist Justin McCain's commentary below the stream, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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"Letting go of the negative and embracing the positive--that's the message behind the opening track 'Life After Anger.'  I wrote the lyrics while staring in the mirror at a reflection of a person I didn't want to be anymore. The song is about healing...somewhat of a self intervention, as if I were talking to the side of me I didn't like and telling that person goodbye. I had been through so much the past year of my life, from my band seeing lots of success to it all falling apart when my former singer broke his larynx in a fight. After that, I took a wrong turn down a road that was leading me to a dark place but I quickly realized happieness is a choice and life is what you make of it.  I rebuilt and found my way to a better day... to a Life After Anger."

"When the stitches don't hold and you start to bleed 'Remember Me'... This song is about a specific person who was in my life. It's a song that many people can connect with because they may know someone just the same. When you try so hard to help a person but they never wake up, they not only keep making  their own life more difficult but also everyone's lives around them because they constantly make bad decissions. Everyone has a breaking point and this song tells the story of mine."

"I have two beautiful and amazing kids so this song is most special to me. Even though I'm very blessed to do what I love for a living its tough to be away from my family. So many people in this world go through missing a loved one and are far to familar with the feeling of absence. This is a positive take on that, though... No matter where I am, no matter what I do, you will always be with me, and I will always be with you. To have a bond that is so strong, so out of this world that it sounds like every angel singing above... That's powerful, that's what my family and I have... that's Louder Than Love."

"A perfect title for the record because this band was reborn, we have another chance, Another Life. Digging deeper in to the lyrics of the song, though, it wasn't actually written specific to that situation. This song is about a past relationship but the twist is it was written from the other person's perspective. I think lots of people will be able to relate to this one!"

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