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Escape the Fate Premiere New Music Video, "One for the Money," Plus an Interview with the Band's Monte Money and Robert Ortiz

Escape the Fate Premiere New Music Video,

Escape the Fate have teamed with Revolver to premiere their new music video, "One for the Money." The track is the second single from the band's new album, Ungrateful, which is out now. Escape the Fate will be heading out on tour with Five Finger Death Punch beginning September 17. We talked to lead guitarist Monte Money and drummer Robert Ortiz about all these goings-on and more--read our interview under the video player. Let us know what you think in the comments.

REVOLVER So what's "One for the Money" about?
MONTE MONEY It’s about actually not giving a fuck. Forget everything. Let’s go out there and rock out. Get pumped up. Get crazy. I’m excited we’re releasing "One For the Money" because it’s money and we’re from Las Vegas so you know that makes sense.

Why did you choose to do a performance video and where were these scenes shot?
ROBERT ORTIZ The main ones were at Dirt Fest in Michigan and also Download in England. We had so many different ideas for the video, but what it comes down to is that this song is really just a pump-up song. That’s what we wanted--something that just gets people going and stoked so what better than our show? Because that’s where we thrive.

What do you remember about tracking the song?
Ortiz I hated it. [Laughs] We wondered if it was too cheesy because every song we’ve ever done is super involved and has some sort of profound meaning. So this was a little scary in the way that it was different. But it was clear that no matter what, it was really catchy. It bumps. When it would come through the speakers, this song was blowing all the other ones away, so it’s like, “Damn it!” But at the end of the day, we were really excited about it.
Money I love how some songs are lyrically deep but that’s one of the songs that you don’t give a fuck. Me in my corner--I'm jumping up and down in the studio and they’re just staring at us. But later on they loved the song.

You're getting ready to tour with Five Finger Death Punch. Have you met them before?
Ortiz Actually me and Michael [Money, rhythm guitar], we both love Five Finger Death Punch, and Monte likes them a lot, too. I’m really into straight-up metal and I feel like this band goes along with them and I was really excited when they offered us to tour. I said, “Fuck yeah. Let’s take it.” I think a lot of their fans have never been open to anything like our band but I think they will accept it and like it. We met once in Germany at this festival called Rock Am Park and they watched our set. We saw them and I’m like, “Oh, fuck, dude. We better kill it or these guys are gonna kick us off the tour.” Luckily that show was amazing, one of the best we’ve ever played to a humongous ass crowd. So when they saw us they said, "Damn, dude, it’s gonna be a great tour." And they came up to us, which is cool because I was too scared to go up to them.

What has been your craziest experience on tour?
Ortiz You’re gonna need a whole documentary for this shit. [Laughs] I grew up in El Paso, Texas. There’s nothing there. My parents and my grandparents all speak Spanglish. You don’t think that you’ll actually do anything out of the norm of going and working construction and coming home. I had moments like when I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, where I'm just like, Holy fuck! Me, this little Mexican kid, fucking made it. I'm fucking here. Of course the shows--it’s mind-blowing. I couldn’t believe that many people gave a shit about what my band is doing. And you know, of course there’s those really wretched parts about being in a band and there were times long ago when we’d be pulled over and people would be drugged out and I was scared my bandmate might die. All those kind of things go along with it as well, which make the lows really low but the highs are real highs. When you have those moments of serenity, you’re like, Wow I can’t believe I'm fucking doing this. All the bullshit I just went through? Totally worth it. I like to soak it in or my parents would kill me because, like I said, El Paso, Texas, and they never get to see the shit I see. The touring life is an emotional roller-coaster ride.

How have your fan interactions been?
Ortiz They have changed a lot. When I was a younger man, [laughs] as a fresh 17 year old—there were some bad interactions that were happening. But I’ve grown up. More recently, because of our video "Ungrateful," a lot of kids come to me after the shows and they talk to me about their experience of being bullied, cutting themselves or their thoughts with anxiety and depression. That’s something I’ve gone though myself. It’s really weird to see how you can connect to people and it’s really great to have those conversations. I know I’m not really saving these people’s lives but having a show--just giving someone who is in a dark place something to look forward to on a Saturday night, it gives them that happiness they might not have in their lives. That’s really all I’m here for, right? There’s people all over the world that tell me their issues, show me their wrists, and draw me pictures. That stuff overwhelms me and, like, when I said you go through that roller-coaster ride, those moments hit you. It’s a crazy life.

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