Exclusive: Fight or Flight, Featuring Members of Disturbed and Evans Blue, Premiere New Album, A Life by Design?

Photo by Donny Phillips

Featuring Disturbed’s Dan Donegan and Mike Wengren, on guitar and drums, respectively, and Evan Blue’s Dan Chandler on vocals, Fight or Flight are set to release their debut album, A Life by Design?, on July 23. In anticipation, the group has teamed with Revolver to stream the record in its entirety right here right now. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

A Life by Design? is available for preorder with instant download of the single “First of the Last” on iTunes.


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  • Disturbed lover

    Wow!!!! LOVE it!! Will be buying entire album on Tues!

  • Shan

    Words cannot descirbe the talent on this album! Love it!

  • Mike

    I’m kinda disappointed, only 2 songs I’ll be buying.

  • Ben

    No song really jumped out at me through the first listen, maybe “Shine”, but I think it will definitely grow on me in time. And The first 3 seconds of You Refuse sounds just like Down With The Sickness

    • Wonski

      No , the first 3 seconds sound much like Art of Dying – Die trying

  • Flavs Felsar

    I think is impossible not to tell “this sounds like that or those”… but c’mon, there’s a lot of music this days, it’s normal. I’m a Disturbed fan and now Device and Fight or Flight too.

    The first impression is very good, great variety of sounds and rhythms… keep rocking guys!

  • Simon

    It’s nice, no doubt, but I feel like the lyrics could use some work in my opinion, and the singing could use a little more variation. They have the talent and the capability, now they just need to build off of it and learn. I can see them going far.

  • Stephen

    The first song is so good and has so much energy, but then the energy just seems lost after that. :(

  • Cindy Anderson-Rackley

    Luv them all of course! I especially like “You Refuse”….keep ’em coming!!

    • meh

      shut the fuck up post whore

      • Cindy Anderson-Rackley

        Fuck you “meh”…you are a piece of shit. What’s wrong? Jealous? Maybe you’re one of the “fails” in music and didn’t make it, is that it? You poor, poor piece of shit. Have a nice fucking day low life!!!! :) :)

  • Cindy Anderson-Rackley

    “Tragedy” is wicked….

  • Cindy Anderson-Rackley


  • Paul Forrest

    i like all of it my stand out is Take a shot

  • Keith m/ Disturbed

    I think it’s pretty damn good!

    • meh

      you would -_-

      • Keith m/ Disturbed

        What’s that supposed to mean, “meh”? t(-_-t)

  • Amber

    So far, “A Void” is my fav! Love the off beat, and it’s very powerful.

  • Martin

    If they are only going to stream this for 24 hours,then we can consider this a form of torture,because you just cant allow this kind of music to only last for 24 hours :

    • meh

      24 hours is 24 hours too long shut up

      • Cindy Anderson-Rackley

        Meh….you seem to have a problem, maybe you should consider some kind of therapy for you insecurities.

  • Karen

    Can’t wait

  • meh

    this shit sucks major ass device even tho david and andre are total dicks owns this crap