Exclusive: Finch Premiere Video for “Letters to You (Live)” off What It Is to Burn X DVD

Post-hardcore act Finch will release their new live album and DVD, What It Is to Burn X, on February 25 via Tragic Hero Records. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere the live video from that DVD, “Letters To You.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

What It Is to Burn X is available for pre-order here. For more on Finch, check out their Twitter.


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  • max

    this song is only from 50 years ago.

    • The guy posting above me sucks

      That means you are a old fuck who still doesn’t appreciate music.

    • Ryan

      and what an amazing 50 years of musical goodness it has been

      • Vince


    • iHowl

      And they played sold out shows so people can enjoy these ancient tunes.

  • who me?

    if they make an actual comeback, i hope they replace the drummer.

    • Dave

      Any particular reason why?

    • benjathehutt

      what? why? Papas did great. Their other drummers were, in my opinion, better but I still think Papas was solid.

    • Duh

      Wow yea…Pappas is awesome. I wouldn’t have liked this reunion as much live without bringing him back. He is a part of the original and best lineup!

    • SayHelloToSunShineRocks


    • Pap

      Don’t worry. Sunshine sounds fine coming off my hands. 😉

  • Aa

    I still listen to this song on a regular basis.

  • Vince

    YES!!!!!! This is awesome.
    Super happy. IF this was filmed at the glasshouse…I was there 😀

  • Nick

    I saw this tour in Toronto !!! Are you kidding me ??? replace the drummer? this is their original drummer, and he’s AMAZING !!!!

    • SayHelloToSunShineRocks

      The reason they only played that album is because the drummer can’t handle playing their later stuff.

      • Vince

        He’s also a totally different kind of drummer. Both are great. Pappas just seems to have more hip hop/Deftones vibe. That doesn’t make him a bad drummer.

  • Matt

    Flew from Iowa to London to see this show live. Can not wait for this DVD to come out.

  • Hellsing Blackbird

    can’t wait for the entire dvd soon ♥ love it

  • showsigoto

    This is awesome! Stoked.

  • SayHelloToSunShineRocks

    What happened to the Finch that refused to play this song because of how cheesy and poppy it is?

    • iHowl

      I think they grew up and realized that a good song is just a good song. They learned to appreciate where they came from. It was their attitude when they released Say Hello to Sunshine that brought them down.

      • DT

        I liked Say Hello to Sunshine.

        • iHowl

          I do too. It just sucked on their 2nd full-length that they decided to say they will not be playing a lot of songs from WIITB. The fans didn’t like that very much.

      • turtleman

        i don’t think i’ve ever been more disappointed than the day i bought say hello to sunshine

        • iHowl

          I think everyone that bought it was. I think it’s cool today but I know when I got it I was thinking “WTF is that crap?”

    • Joshua Crutchfield

      The shows for this tour were Finch playing the album What it is to Burn. Can’t play the whole album without Letters to You.