Exclusive: Flyleaf Premiere New EP, Who We Are

Flyleaf have teamed up with Revolver to stream their new five-track EP, Who We Are, in its entirety right here right now. The EP, which will be released on July 9, features four live songs from their latest full-length, New Horizons, including “Call You Out,” “Fire Fire,” “Broken Wings,” and “Sorrow,” along with the new track “Something Better,” which features Sonny Sandoval from P.O.D. and is the band’s first original song with new frontwoman Kristen May. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Flyleaf hits the road with P.O.D. for a co-headlining nationwide tour beginning July 13 through August 10. Stay up to date with everything Flyleaf on their Official Website, as well as their Facebook and Twitter pages.


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  • Jimmy

    this singer is that bad i hope to hear a full length album.

  • Jimmy

    DANG I meant to say isn’t that bad.

  • Day_is_Over

    There’s more passion on the songs she worked on. Something Better is fantastic and you can really feel Kristen coming into her own on this material.

    With that said I still feel like she’s not GETTING what Lacy was doing with the original material. Feels like karaoke not an artist singing from her heart.

    The more new work they produce the better.

  • Melissa Worth Whiteside

    I like her voice but I really do not like the new song…not even a little. It is way too pop.

  • Teka Teka TEx

    Flyleaf <3 <3 <3

  • Ethan

    Beautiful! ♥ I love Kristen’s voice! 😀

  • TrstN01

    This sounds like Paramore :/ I like Paramore but that’s not what I listen to Flyleaf for

    • Eduarda Serpa P.

      Its like the same that happened with Paramore this year, they changed A LOT. But it’s not bad, it’s just different… Gosh, I have to get with it again, and I just did this with Paramore, and now with Flyleaf :/

  • Julia Gatace

    I think Kristen has a beautiful voice. It’s always hard to replace a lead singer of a band. Everyone gets their expectations on how she should sound like, that I think her voice an talent is overlooked. I think for Flyleaf, as a band, might have gone with someone with a bit more edgier, but I still think Kristen is still a good fit. And yeah, the way she sings the older songs might not have the same passion as Lacy, but she didn’t write them. She can’t possibly sing something as emotional with the same way Lacy did. All being said, I do miss Lacy and do think she is better. I hope in the future, Kristen will write more songs with Flyleaf, and creat the same passion and connection with her fans as Lacy did before she passed hitherto torch.

    • Julia Gatacre

      Her touch*

      • Damyouautocorrect


    • Daniel Josiah Gongwer

      I agree!

  • Em

    please im on my hands and knees begging you to go back to your old stuff. PLEASE

  • chris

    not my type of music anymore when im listening to broken wings , sry , sigh :/

  • OsoKakarotto

    Nice!! Kristen needs to sing new songs, ’cause is obviously going to be compared whenever she sings any of Lacey’s. Let’s see how it goes and we continue missing Lacey or love this new Flyleaf. Blessings everyone!

  • hossam

    where r u lacey ♥

  • Daniel Josiah Gongwer

    I think we all need to realize that flyleaf has changed. Lacy’s voice is stronger and rougher and Kristen’s voice is lacking a little punch to it. I personally like Lacy’s better but Kristen is still has a great voice! The new song was good! I liked how pod is intertwined with Kristen, however it did sound a little like pop music. If that is all that will be on the next album (not this EP) I might be a little disapointed. But if they mostly follow the flyleaf sound, then I think it will be Great! It’s hard to replace Lacy but Kristen was the women for the job!!!! Nothing but love for the entire flyleaf crew!!!!!

  • Tony Craig

    One thing you ALL have to remember, just as I did for Barry Stocks (3DG) and later Matt Walst (who is replacing Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace), is that Kristen was chosen by the band member because they felt she was the BEST pick for the band and would best represent them. It’s not like she was randomly chosen from a hat to be the singer. If they thought she wasn’t good enough to fill the role, she wouldn’t be there right now. Yes. I know it sucks losing Lacey, but this is how it is. And frankly, if you don’t like it… time to find a new favorite band…

  • Reviewing…

    I’m not impressed. The new song is a flat out disappointment. Kristen has a nice voice, but it just doesn’t fit the old stuff, in my opinion. I’m still hoping the new stuff they write will be better. I wanna hear what the guys and Kristen can write together.

  • moondiamond

    sounds like paramore to me -.-

    • jimbo

      More like Fireflight

      • shaq

        omg exactly what I was thinking

  • Kirk Phillips

    I like this! They’re a different band for sure, but I love the new, alternative sound they’re creating. Granted, for the old stuff, yeah I’m used to their old singer, but who cares? People act as if this is so personal.

  • Victorya

    I cant… theres like no emotional backing to my fav. songs. I cant wait til they write some specifically for KM’s voice…

  • Nicole Vacca

    I love Kristen’s voice…but I want to hear more new material. Any time she sings the old songs, it’s difficult not to compare her with Lacey.

  • Michael Ace Santana

    Kristen voice is good. I won’t compare her to Lacey. Sonny sounds different here. The song isn’t bad, but I don’t like how pop and mainstream it sounds. What I feared the most is happening. Flyleaf are losing their touch. They sound like more of the same. That’s just my opinion.

  • Don’t give up

    I actually like the new fly leaf sound, no one can sound like Lacey she had her own tone & vibrato. Kristen will get better, like a fine aged wine.

  • Michael

    Something Better is definitely different from what I think Flyleaf fans are used to hearing, but it only gets me excited for the what’s to come. Just how their song New Horizons was so different when it was first released, I feel that this song provides the same feeling of change that NH did. Kristen’s voice is pretty stellar and I’m really excited about Flyleaf’s future!

  • Richie

    I want to like this, i really do! But its just hard to listen to Kristen sing the old songs…because her vocals lack the amount of emotion that was meant to go into the songs, it just doesn’t sound right with her singing the old stuff! I DO like the new song though and i look forward to hearing more NEW stuff with Kristen singing, because she does have a great voice and does a great job on the material that was written for her! I will definitely purchase the EP for the new song anyway!

  • Natrix

    I will always like Flyleaf. They are for real no matter the singer.

  • Jon

    The new song is a little too mainstream for my liking. Kristen does have a good voice but she can’t replace Lacey! The songs that made me a Flyleaf fan just don’t sound right with Kristen singing them. Lacey put her heart and soul into Flyleaf and you could always tell that every time she sang.

    • Ethan-Joshua Greig

      Being someone who listens to both mainstream and underground music, saying that Flyleaf is being too mainstream sounds like a major oxymoron to me.

  • Sarah

    Don’t think the two vocals match well. The music doesn’t sound Flyleaf material to me. I fell Lacey made Flyleaf. Just saying.

  • Heber G.


  • Mary

    I have to admit hearing Kristen sing the songs I had become so accustomed to hearing Lacey sing, is a bit hard, but she has talent, there’s no denying it. I just feel she lacks quite a bit of the emotion Lacey poured into these songs, I’m proud of Flyleaf, and will probably continue listening but it’s hard to accept Lacey won’t be singing anymore.

    • chuchofett

      yup .. she lacks that emotion, that feeling lacey had .. but yes she does have a great voice .. but I’m not sure I like the feel it gives to the band .. imo it changed a lot .. but then again .. if she where a Lacey “clone” then everyone would be complaining too, there’s no actual way of making everyone happy .. I personally don’t like it as much as bfore but I wish them the best …
      ps: as soon as I heard her Fire, fire, version .. I had to go to youtube and watch it with lacey 😛

      • Alec Belle

        She did great in “Something Better” because it was written WITH her. The other songs really lack emotion and sincerity.

  • moose

    she’s caught in a catch 22. if she pulls off sounding like lacey, that is exactly the complaint people will have–that she’s a lacey knockoff. however, on the other hand, being that she’s her person and has her own voice, of course she will not sound or have the same passions as lacey. either way, it is literally a lose/lose for her until they produce a great sound/song in its own right. so, while I ignore the old stuff with her, I listen to the first song and it sounds ok, but rather bubble gum popish in regards to what the bulk of their other stuff sounds like. but that may be ok. it still isn’t a bad song.

    • Guest

      yup .. she lacks that emotion, that feeling lacey had .. but yes she does have a great voice .. but I’m not sure I like the feel it gives to the band .. imo it changed a lot .. but then again .. if she where a Lacey “clone” then everyone would be complaining too, there’s no actual way of making everyone happy .. I personally don’t like it as much as bfore but I wish them the best …
      ps: as soon as I heard her Fire, fire, version .. I had to go to youtube and watch it with lacey 😛

      • chuchofett

        this was supposed to be a reply for Mary .. :/
        but it won’t let me delete anymore ..

  • mcrblackp


    • chuchofett

      totally agree with you :(

      • Heber G.

        well no duh, thats not obvious at all -_-
        i still love em!

        • Alec Belle

          I seriously just think new music is better for them now.

  • Steven Lee Knapp

    Kristen, your voice is HUGE! Awesome! You’re a great addition to the band, I hope to see you guys live one day :) Oh and don’t listen to the haters, they are still listening to 8 tracks because they are nostalgic.

  • Josh C

    They need to change the name of the band, this isn’t Flyleaf :s Listening to Sorrow by the new chick makes me cringe.

  • Cheeto

    I love this new Paramore song! Oh wait…

    • Alec Belle

      I agree….it really makes me sad.

    • Eduarda Serpa P.

      Paramore is my favorite band, and I still like Flyleaf even though. The two bands sounds great, so shiuut.

  • Alec Belle

    I personally think they should just stick to writing new music…her trying to pull a Lacey just isn’t working but I loved “Something Better”.
    I miss Lacey, but I wish Kristen the best of luck.

  • Eduarda Serpa P.

    Broken Wings has been beautiful with Kristen’s voice, I thought. Just saying…

  • edfardos

    I really want to like this, but I don’t. It’s good, but not Flyleaf. Maybe if the band changed names, it’d be good on it’s own, but to say it’s Flyleaf, that’s a let down. I’m really interested in anything new they do, but to cover Lacy’s songs sounds just like that, a cover band.

  • ashjdkf

    “Sorrow” fits her voice so perfectly! Love this version! But the other songs…. Meh. Still prefer Lacey, but Kristen is ok. :)