Exclusive: Flyleaf Reveal ‘New Horizons’ Album Cover Art

Flyleaf will release their third studio album, New Horizons, October 30 via A&M/Octone. Revolver is proud to present the exclusive reveal of the album cover art, which you can see above.

The cover was designed by Flyleaf’s bassist, Pat Seals, who also created a fold-out poster as part of the packaging.

“Making the art for New Horizons has been a very rewarding experience,” Seals said. “Putting the woodcut imagery together for the cover as well as the supplemental material has been a rare opportunity for me to interpret our music into a group of images that provide a sort of allegory which the listener can impose his or her own meanings upon, as many of us do whenever we view certain images.

“There are many eyes strewn throughout the rest of the album design, all intended to represent reborn vital consciousness and the renewed awareness of God’s presence in each new horizon in our lives, should we choose to see it.”

Below, check out the New Horizons track listing and a video teaser for the new album.

New Horizons Track Listing:

01. Fire Fire
02. New Horizons
03. Call You Out
04. Cage On The Ground
05. Great Love
06. Bury Your Heart
07. Freedom
08. Saving Grace
09. Stand
10. Green Heart
11. Broken Wings

Keep up with Flyleaf at their official website and on Facebook.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000288521317 Anthony Scott Pancurak

    Please please please have a bonus album with additional songs like you did your last CD Memento Mori

  • http://twitter.com/Santa_656 Carlos Santander

    yes Anthony lack edicion deluxe :D!!

  • http://twitter.com/Santa_656 Carlos Santander

    Deluxe Version

  • What the??

    Why is the evil eye on a Christian bands album cover???????????

    • Moses

      Yeah. I was wondering that too. Kinda weird, isn’t it?

      • servantofGod

        It is the all seeing eye of lucifer

  • lari

    why this eye????????????? Flyleaf???? someone tell me?

  • http://www.facebook.com/bunmiolunissi.igugu Bunmi Olunissi Igugu

    Is the Illuminati inflitrating christian bands? This is scary! Why this symbol again?

  • Katherine

    what is the all seeing eye doing there. this is soooo illuminati. dissapointed

  • Zoo

    I think this album is for all of us to wake up from being controlled by the illuminati/NWO/Globalist (evil). Love this album. I also think it’s about Ascension, finding out who we really are (being free), accepting GOD not evil, etc…

  • Christy

    I think that flyleaf is not becoming apart of illuminati mind controll I think they are trying to warn everyone and shed light on what the illuminati are doing. The songs on the album make me think she’s trying to tell us to wake up. The song that most represents what the illuminati do is “cage on the ground” it talks of how an artist show potential and so the illuminati takes them and puts them In a cage. She’s telling us that being famous and having lots of fans and awards costs your freedom.

  • AbstractedWave

    I really doubt that that eye has anything to do with the Illuminati… Just because there is an eye on something doesn’t mean that it’s Illuminati related. I mean, the bible talks about eyes: “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light,” (Matthew 6:22 ESV)

  • Yo mama

    Since Lacey is leaving, I think this is a warning maybe that the band is taking a turn for the worst? Maybe Kristen is not a Christian? I have too much faith in God and in Lacey to believe this is illuminati work. Not too sure about the rest of the band members. I don’t think they’re like that either, though. It’s not illuminati, it can’t be.

    I also agree with AbstractedWave and Christy

  • Ali

    It’s sad but I’m not gonna take any chances following this band. I just follow Jesus and just like p.o.d, if it’s questionable then let it go.

  • Flyleaflover892

    aw man not Flyleaf too :( someone tell me they’re not illuminati!!