Exclusive: Front Line Assembly Premiere New Album, Echogenetic

Photo by Troy Sabotka

Long-running industrialists Front Line Assembly will release their new album, Echogenetic, on July 9. In anticipation, the group is streaming the record in its entirety right here right now. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Pancho Sloey

    Brilliant Album not a bad track on it FLA return on top form Roll on Glasgow in August

  • God

    Holy Crap this is huge

    • billy

      God has spoken, people. You heard it right here.

  • a.l.95

    Great album. I like this new “dubstep styled” industrial. Exhale is best song, love that clean/deep way of singing.


    one day, people will realise,

    manson turned into a crossdresser,

    reznor lost his edge,

    skinny puppy moved to Germany,

    and wumpscut died.


    ps yea I liked exhale too but its all good

    • random internet user

      Everything about your comment is pretty much retarded.

      -Manson has always cross-dressed and does it MUCH less now.

      -Both MM and NIN aren’t even industrial, if anything they were industrial rock bands in the 1990’s influenced by industrial music. Bringing them up is completely irrelevant to FLA.

      -Skinny Puppy didn’t move to Germany…wtf? They just released a new album on Metropolis called Weapon. It’s pretty decent if you like Remission/Bites.

      -Wumpscut isn’t dead, though I only like some of his older albums.

      -Leeb isn’t some industrial god, but I do agree that the new album is great and better than the bands listed above and their latest albums.


        -Manson didn’t always cross-dress wtf are you talking about
        -yeah yeah yeah blaah blaaaah blaaaaah NIN is Industrial because a) NIN is industrial-rock and b) the album ‘fixed’. Manson is well, Manson is Manson. Industrial-metal. Obviously I use the term INDUSTRIAL GOD loosely, so don’t get all anal retentive about the definition of terms!
        -Skinny Puppy moved to Germany man. They only speak German now, they don’t even sing in English anymore. Also, I heard they were supposed to show up at this festival.
        -it’s dead, man. shut up.

    • Timmy Whimmy

      I really hope you’re expressing Satire. Trollface.jpg

  • KK

    Killing Grounds, Deadened, Exhale, EXO, Ghosts, Prototype… all knocked my socks off….

    This is the best front Line has done in the last two decades…. WOW

  • ryan

    This competes with Civilization as my favorite FLA album. Slower, melodic is definitely the way to go!

    • Filmor

      Well it is quite good but not THAT good… Civilization is way above everything as for me. I even danced to Vanished with my Sis on her wedding^^.

  • Tantrum

    Slow and fast are the ways to go. They can do both fantastically.

  • James Barnett

    too slow and boring, if u want to hear good industrial listen to Ministry, Prong, Roschacts Test, KMFDM and Hanzel Und Gretyl

    • Guest

      Such a foolish thing to say. (And, as an aside, everything KMFDM has made post-Hau Ruck is garbage).

    • Sn0wCrash

      Fool of a took. First, learn to spell, second, Prong is NOT even comparable. Go back to you teen club?

    • Goblin Bones

      I find it fascinating that Skinny Puppy, was not mentioned… O.O

  • Mikey

    Related articles to this one:
    • Slipknot Drummer Joey Jordison Unveils New Project, Scar the Martyr

    Relation fail.

    • Guest

      Scar the Martyr is produced by Rhys Fulber (FLA Alumni, Tactical, Caustic, Millenium, etc, etc) and features Jed Simon on guitar (Guitarist for Hardwired, Millennium, Implode)

      • Matthew King

        Fountain of knowledge you are. After pointing that out….. I may just have to check that out as well. Thanks for the info.

  • Nicklas Värn

    Im not fond of dubstep , but mr leeb handles it quite well.
    Been listening to FLA since ages, this is by far the best album since caustic grip/TNI

  • Nobody of Consequence

    I like Killing Grounds and Exhale, but the rest is going to have to grow on me. I have trouble taking dubstep seriously since Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber started using it.

  • Carl Wistedt

    Finally on Spotify :) This album grows and grows on me. I like the dubstep undertone like. Like in airmech.

  • Mackan Fredriksson