Exclusive: Iced Earth Debut New Song “Dystopia”

Iced Earth are releasing their new album, Dystopia (Century Media), on October 18. But you can hear the title track right here below. “I’m proud to debut ‘Dystopia’ on RevolverMag.com,” says Iced Earth founder Jon Schaffer. “I hope Revolver readers like it as much as we do.” Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Photo by Justin Borucki


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  • http://www.facebook.com/MechaRoach Matt Roach

     Dude…this fucking rocks.

  • Brnsnk2


  • Maximus

    Not bad, but the vocals suck

    • Rick Thibodeau

      It’s not time to eat yet Troll!!

    • Witchhuntdiaries

      What? Are you Kidding me? Stu is the shiznit. I don’t know anyone else that would be able to fill Barlows shoes. I have always admired Stu for his great ability or changing vocal techniques from one style to another. If you listened to Into Eternity last couple of albums, you would see had great of a talent he has.

  • Ross Broughm

    Honestly Stu  your voice is amazing :) and you guys always seem to give a guy a good *****

  • http://www.facebook.com/n0t.my.account Daryl Mitchell

    This is pretty much great.

  • Rab

    HOLY CUNT!!!

    This is fucking fantastic

  • http://www.facebook.com/icedearthaholic Justin Melanson

    This…is….NUTS! I am getting this album, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it! I love how Stu can switch between Owens’ high-pitched screams, and Barlow’s beefy roars without much effort. I can’t wait for this, this is gonna be awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/chaosmetal666 Andreas Apostolopoulos


  • Grantek3

    I hope this isnt the stronest song on the album. Sometimes I need a few play throughs to get into an album or song, this may be one of those. It certainly didnt grab me from the get go. Sounds like Iced Earth but also sounds like a lot of other things Ive heard before jammed in there also. Vocals have some Tim Owens to them, should of just kept him if thats what they were going for. Was excited for this album but I have to say this song doesnt make me feel quite as excited as I was.

    • Harry_gianopoulos

      totally agree with you! you said the exact same thing i was thinking

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hayden-Dhu/683308245 Hayden Dhu

    this fucking rocks shit

  • Siebert

    Awesome! Great Song – Looking forward to the show in Bochum! 😀

  • Balcale

    this song let me jizz in my pants…

  • Etonyx

    The song fucking rocks!! Badass, I like it, awesome vocals. :)

  • Scottyb1013

    Holy Shit!!! Stu! Fucking amazing vocals!!! IE is back with a vengeance! Got this one pre-ordered.

  • Jake

    As far as Iced Earth singers go I preferred Owens, however Barlow also kicked ass. Though I am of the opinion Stu as a singer doesn’t reach either singers greatness he is a great balance and will be able to preform both their songs with skill. I am looking forward to the new album and think the first track sounds awesome.

  • Scott40272

    Nice blend of vocals between Barlow and Ripper…..surprising! BADASS!!

  • dr.proffesor. awesome

    …. Bad ass motha fucking song, great kudos are to be given right now for this bad assitude.

  • Jorge Quezada

    FUKIN’ AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michel Melhem

    If the rest of the album has such a great feeling, i can honestly say that its gonna be one of their best ! I was kinf of sceptical with the new singer, being a huge Barlow fan, but damn this guys is just PERFECT to replace him. Perfect balance between low and agressive vocals, and haldordesque high pitch vocals. Congrats !

  • http://www.facebook.com/EternalTom Tom Araya

    It’s fucking great Stu’s falsetto sounds just lke the Halford)

  • Im Amewsing

    What can i say. It is brilliant. Geez i cannot wait to hear the rest of the cd. Well done Jon , you have chosen another good vocalist. Lets not forget the musician ship here either. I have always enjoyed the rhythm that you get in a Jon Schaffer composition and this lives up to all that i expect from the mighty Iced Earth. 5out of 5 from me.

  • Chris243769

    My first album was Alive in Athens, barlow was the shit. Owens was badass and the new guy Stu sounds fucking awsome!. I cant wait for the 18th. I hope you guys are still rocking when your use’in walkers, cause you guys FUCKING KICK ASS!!

  • Metalmaster3000

    Iced Earth are back baby!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dekiwarnament Дејан Станојевић

    Wow, wow! Slow down! Am I listening to this sound? 😐

    This is MADNESS!!!! This is something that I’ve never heard before! Wow! I like it and I can’t wait for the new album!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=660056201 Chadwick Boyd

    This song is freaking AWESOME!! I love it. Stu voice kicks ass!!! I so can not wait for this album to come out i already pre ordered it the Deluxe version too!!! I so can’t wait!!!!!!

  • blackie2380

    can’t stop listening.fucking amazing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rrrezende Rafael Rodrigues Rezende

    That was way better than I expected m/

  • Rnrjeremy

    the perfect blend of Barlow and Ripper, plus his own flare….fucking amazing!!!!! I was so worried after Barlow’s recent departure, but I can see I do not need to worry at all. WOW. please PLEASE hold on to this guy!!!!!!

  • Kramme666

    Hammer! Gänsehaut!

  • http://www.facebook.com/LuCondottiero Mario Fast T


  • Randomnumber7

    Wow! I’m speechless! Stu is unbelievable! Better than I ever imagined, he sounds like someone’s put the best if Matt and Ripper together to create a super singer! Seriously psyched for the album m/

    • paul kelcz

      i agree hes got the high range that tim had with the lows that mad had and the same feeling and emotion jon has finally found a good replacement 

  • Gareth Nash


  • ape

    terrible singer

    • Hunter1978

      What song are you listening to man???? Are you sure you are listening to Dystopia???

    • Snatchybooch

      I thought terrible meant being off key and off time. Hmmm opinions really are like assholes.

    • LOBO

      ??? Switch back from Justin Beiber dude!! This New Iced Earth is fucking AMAZING!!!!! CLEAN OUT YOUR EARS!!

    • korruption

      Then kindly navigate away from this page and let us Iced Earth fans enjoy this new era.

  • Rossthebosslovesmetal

    Fucking fantastic. back to the roots!

  • Wicker Man

    I am STUNNED!!!  Stu sounds awesome and the music has real ferocity!  Something that’s been missing from IE for a while now!  IE is back bitches!! 

  • Alenminasyan

    iced eath is just best

  • Nadienissen

    sounds great, can hardly wait untill the album comes out!!! Completely ready for it and will go to see the band in november

  • Icedearth666

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best band on the planet is fucking back with another masterpiece

  • dude

    This is great! But know one will be able to fill Barlows shoes and thats it..

  • geust


  • Alxkln

    real good work!! sounds like “something wicked…1” with many parts of the very best, two first albums. i hope the rest of the songs to be like this one and heavier if it could be. Greek fans, love very much the power and the sound of the first three albums, and always waitting a “come back”. allthought seems to be a very good work

  • Highlander

    Dissapointing vocalist please bring back Mr Barlow

    • Snatchybooch

      This can’t be a serious comment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rodrigo-Craveiro-Aguiar/100002020166367 Rodrigo Craveiro Aguiar

    We must agree… Barlow is the best… but Stu brings ICED EARTH back to its roots… and he’s changed a little his style to be the ICED EARTH frontman… good luck dude.

  • Hunter1978

    FAAAAAAAAAAAAAR better than Barlow. INCREDIBLE SONG!!!! I am an Iced Earth fan since Burnt Offerings 1995. I’ve seen them live three times (all with Barlow) and I will see them again in Athens next November. Barlow was a great singer but some times he was singing like a crying pussy. Stu is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Bravo Mr. Schaffer. The Wicked albums (last two albums) were not memorable. OK albums but not memorable enough.
    Dystopia will burn my house. Already pre-ordered the box deluxe edition and of course the “fucking” vinyl which will destroy my house!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Johns

    Yeah man. Very good. Thank god were out of the ripper era. Not to say he’s a bad vocalist…he’s just bad for Iced Earth in my opinion. This guy is a pretty sick vocalist. I just wish the guitars could have night of the stormrider intensity again :/.

  • IcedFan

    I’ve always loved Iced Earth, ever since I listened to Dark Saga, and they’ve never disappointed me. Jon’s writing is always great and Stu’s vocals are very impressive, he’s a great singer.
    Matt Barlow is my favourite singer and my idol and I’ll miss him a lot but I’m glad they didn’t look for a clone and instead found a good singer with his own style,
    Looking forward to listening to the whole album 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1191297370 Germain Morin

    W O W ! I didn’t expect something as powerful and interesting as this!!! Flawless work. I really hope the album sounds as good as this in overall. Awesome composition work, great performance; Stu is simply mind-blowing. Keep it up guys, this is the kind of Iced Earth I’ve been expecting since Horror Show (best IE album in my opinion).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rafael-Rodrigues/100000944156228 Rafael Rodrigues

    Iced Earth has always had great singers, Matt Barlow Ripper Owens, and will not be direferent with Stu Block

  • Morgoth Zovko

    wow this was actually pretty good…a more thrashier vocals were always something i wished to hear with schaffers riffs and this blended perfectly…way better than i thought it to be 😀

  • LOBO

    Music is amazing!!! Definitetly marked with the “ICED EARTH” Stamp. Voice is amazing also BUT the high notes(not screech) from all past singers is what’s missing. Amazing job Jon!!! I guess we just have to get used to Stu Block. Powerful song! Love it overall. 

  • guest

    Stu sounds like a very young “Matt Barlow” at times!! 

  • eternal stormrider76

    the true iced earth fans know.. this is fucking awesome and pure iced earth!

  • JT


  • Tool_360kl

    Hell yea cant wait

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Deaddavid-David/100002941506791 Deaddavid David

    you never let me down

  • Szuker1

    awesome composition, great singer, personally i think he’s better than Tim in Iced Earth

  • http://twitter.com/philipduarte Phil


  • Rickk

    I still prefer Ripper Owens… but bloody hell does Stu blow me the fuck away. That man can sing! Already had the album pre-ordered but this just shows me that was the right choice. This album is going to kick ass. Welcome to the family Stu. You’re a welcome addition. 

  • LOBO


  • Sabbathman

    Iced Earth is back with a vengeance!!! DYSTOPIA!!!

  • StrAz0R

    Let them bitching around about Matt, personally i think that Date’s inferno is much better with Stu cause  he adds a theatrical approach to the song that makes it truly a masterpiece! I’ve heard so far Anthem,Dante’s inferno and Dystopia from the new album and I gotta say that Anthem and Dante blew my mind on the other hand Dystopia was more like medium to my ears…. long story short you guys rule and I cannot wait to see you live November 18th in Athens! HORNS UP FROM ATHENS!

  • Msgreenfeather73

    omg this is soooooo goooood!!!  Can’t wait for the release of the entire album…….

  • J Joshuah

    Sooooo damn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Etherealdrow

    CANT….. STOP….. LISTENING……. TOO….. BAD….. ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dasterdly dan

    its ok i guess

  • Gehrig4

    wow!!    wow!!!!   what more can i say, Stu sounds amazing!!!!!  as does Jon and co. as usual!

  • Igor Jeftic

    Well, the song is very good…but it lacks those powerful screams like we used to…

  • N2blbassist

    this will be one of the best albums of this year 

  • Travismassey01


  • Jameskoiman

    You have all your power back and Stu”s voice is one of the best I have ever heard and believe Me I am very partial to Barlow He is one of My favorite voices but Stu fills his shoes and then some.Knock-em dead guy’s or should I say knock us dead !!!

  • TheFallenAlchemist

    Fuck yes… Finally, a real Iced Earth album. I’ll play this one as religiously as I used to play the old ones in my teenage years. Incredible. I’m going to go listen to this one again!

  • Freak2376

    Sounds like classic Iced Earth to me. I still miss Barlow but the new singer doesn’t sound bad at all. Can’t wait for the album!!

  • Zamanich

    stu sounds fucking awesome 

  • madeofsteel82

    This is better than MEGADETH. HAHAHAHA. 

  • madeofsteel82

    We must find our waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy FUCK YEAH!

  • Sharif Kilani

    since 1995 , iced earth been my fav band , and they will always be ,.. and this ,. this is amazing

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sina-Fathi/1681412345 Sina Fathi

    Welcome back Iced Earth to your root! this one is masterpiece ,I love Matt,but now I have to add one love more! Dio,Matt and stum/   
    I 100% sure that this album will get the all positive comments! 

  • Miki, Trinidad & Tobago

    Iced Fuuucckking Earth……back with ah-fuckin-vengeance…….loooovvve itttt!!!!!

  • DarkEyes5455

    Stu’s vocals kick ass

  • mr.dickinson357


  • Anvilized

    I’m smiling……My leg is bouncing….my head is banging…..Hell Yeah, Iced Earth has my

  • Ageofkings

    Stu’s vocals are so much similar to those of Barlow. For a sec i thought he was back ! Epic Stu.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.lougee Michael Lougee

    Legendary, as always. ICED EARTH FTW

  • Leandro Cardim

    What a range!

  • http://twitter.com/MichaelCroft619 Michael Croft

    album of the year!!!!

  • guest

    WE’LL FIND OUR WAY!!! hell yeah!!!

  • Sbutle28

    Great work, sounds like Stu has invigorated the IE sound. Just what the band needed.

  • guest

    i’m so happy…

  • Danilocavalcant

    Iced Earth is FUCKING back! o/

  • Randall


  • Schaffer


  • Emiliyan_velizarov

    no comment . this is not real ,….amazing ,.but this is iced earth !

  • Ishum

    Thank the Gods for Stu Block!!! Iced Earth have raised the flag of True Heavy Metal once more and I wish them all the success with Dystopia which they rightly deserve. ALL HAIL ICED EARTH!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lucas-Bennett/100000997005565 Lucas Bennett

    …WOW…that was amazing guys…LONG LIVE ICED EARTH!!!!!

  • Malayko

    nice song, it brings back the old Iced Earth, hell yeah

  • Tone


  • Trommkerltoge

    STU BLOCK was a great choice!!! AWESOME

  • Astonvilakias


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/ChrisandAbbie-Colors/100002960591212 ChrisandAbbie Colors

    Never before, have i heard such agression, passion and explosive all at once from these guys. Good shit, Iced Earth, keep it coming.

  • Mike

    This song is ridiculously good!! It sounds like classic Iced Earth. The new singer’s voice compliments the music very well, as did previous vocalists. I look forward to hearing more of the album, it should be monstrous! Great job! 

  • Silviollacerda


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jair-Pereira/1772932857 Jair Pereira

    Fudido  demais !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HAja  pescoço !!!!!!  Vai em lingua portuguesa mesmo !!!!!!!rsrsrrsrrssrs

  • Mikael

    Please come to sweden! This was totally awesome!!

  • Skii

    pre ordered 😀

  • Bonekrusher666

    iced is alive!! please come to chile and all southamerica

  • Dal

    Excellent song, Stu is a great addition to the band.  The melody and Lyrics have an old school Iced Earth vibe.  This album will do well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1609238898 Dan Della Vella

    The moment I heard Stu’s voice, I knew this will be Album of the year. First day buyer! He is the perfect voice of IE. A combo of Matt and Tim. Loved Stu in Into Eternity but he kills it in IE. Down with the New World Order!

  • Belmansbart

    It’s simply divine! Another work of art by the solid hands of Jon Schaffer!

  • Icedearth666

    Amazing song Stu sounds very good and the music is perfect like always Jon Schaffer is the man 😛

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vidmar-Fernandes/100000065962689 Vidmar Fernandes

    Sick Chorus! m/

  • Mr. Awesome


  • Andre

    I totally miss Matthew Barlow…

  • leosrs

    Stu is good, but Matt will always be the voice of Iced Earth. The new song is awesome. Can you imagine Matt singing this?

  • korruption

    They couldn’t have found a more perfect singer than Stu fucking Block!  And Matt, well wishes and thanks for your music.  He should rejoin Pyramaze.

  • Theberleyman

    I am speechless… OMG… so awesome

  • Miihkali-77

    Fucking amazing. Best possible replacement for Barlow.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pedrobneto Pedro Baumgartner

    I just got kicked in the ear

  • http://www.facebook.com/pedrobneto Pedro Baumgartner

    I just got kicked in the ear

  • Randall

    An album-kick in the ass of every politician-bankster-new world order representative… Your days are numbered! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/clark.burr Clark Burr

    The melody line is great mite be the best part of the song and what most song writers forget to do but it sounds like the production stand point they tried to do a cross between  Barlow and Owens 

  • Hammiebamser

    This is Tim and Matt in one person!!! Perfect..?! ..I this it is!

  • Jonesy

    2 days, I’ve listened to this song about 5 times now, listening to it for a 6th time, it DOES NOT get boring one bit…. they sound in top form and this Stu fella they got to replace Matt is a good guy with a wide vocal range, quite impressive, I hope he stays because IE needs a vocalist that will stay and focus on the band, and I do miss Matt but I hope he goes back to Pyramaze because Matt slaughtered shit with that band and gave them the vocal energy that they needed, Stu delivers that same energy that Matt gave to IE and I therefore welcome his metal melodies with horns up high and proud!

    • korruption

      That was beautiful. *sniffle*

  • http://www.facebook.com/honkeyz Zack Harrington

    Stu adds that low-end growling element that neither Matt Barlow, nor Ripper Owens, ever brought to Iced Earth. I’m excited for this one!

  • Enri234cz


  • Manticore


  • Manticore


  • Rgrambo

    The sound track for a Liberty Revolution. Ron paul and Iced Earth 2012!

  • Rgrambo

    The sound track for a Liberty Revolution. Ron paul and Iced Earth 2012!

  • Rgrambo

    The sound track for a Liberty Revolution. Ron paul and Iced Earth 2012!

    • OctoberRaven

      Ron Paul would make Dystopia happen…

  • Rgrambo

    The sound track for a Liberty Revolution. Ron paul and Iced Earth 2012!

  • Desoxi

    Boring intro! Repeat over and over for one whole minute, I almost fell asleep. And these “Robert Halford wannabe” vocals didn’t amused me.

  • Sir_shalashaska

    from 1:37 to 1:56 vocals reminds me Exodus’ hammer and life :)

  • Dominus

    i dont know, sounds like sons of liberty, not iced earth

    • USER

      ??? hahaha…never

  • http://www.facebook.com/rudymetallo Rudy Metallo Gonella Diaza

    Nice song… but Barlow is irreplacable…

    • OctoberRaven

      Honestly? I liked Ripper better than Barlow. Not saying Barlow wasn’t awesome, but irreplaceable? Nah. This is an evolution for IE, and I’m loving it.

  • Jon from Houston

    Love it!! Been waiting for this album for months! Ive been listened to Iced Earth for about 11 years now and I have to say Stu has got to be one of my favorite vocalists!! Definately going to go see these guys live, gonna snag we the vip tickets so I can shake John Schaffers hand!

  • Roncrowwder14

    Yall are the absolute!

  • watcher75

    look at what you’ve done

  • Renegadesjewels

    Good Song But BRENT u totally ROCK IT((((M/))))

  • Hunter1978

    Enter the nightmare, this future does implore,

    Hijack your city state, a prison nothing more.

    Rounded up like cattle, you’re forced in to the trains,

    Nothing that you’ve ever known will bring you so much pain.

    If you try to resist me you’ll find me inhumane,

    But if you just submit you’ll live your life a slave.

    Your love, your servitude will medicate your pain,

    With our technology, we’ll always keep you safe.

    Microchipped by darts, their thoughts are not their own,

    All that’s left of human kind is now in their control.

    Planned out through centuries, patient and contrived,

    Pray on man’s naivety, gullible and blind.

    If you try to resist me you’ll find me inhumane,

    But if you just submit you’ll live your life a slave.

    Your love, your servitude will medicate your pain,

    With our technology, we’ll always keep you safe.


    The nightmare unfolds before my eyes

    I will resist ‘til the end of time

    A spirit born free has to break these chains

    We’re lost, we must find our way.

    We must find our way.

    We’ll find our way.

    They say that you’re a danger to everything that’s pure,

    There are too many of you, they’re offering the cure.

    Swift extermination if you refuse the game,

    Arrested development, your vaccinated fate.

    If you try to resist me you’ll find me inhumane,

    But if you just submit you’ll live your life a slave.

    Your love, your servitude will medicate your pain,

    With our technology, we’ll always keep you safe.

    [Chorus] x2

    The nightmare unfolds before my eyes,

    I will resist ‘til the end of time.

    A spirit born free has to break these chains,

    We’re lost, we must find our way.

    We must find our way,

    We’ll find our way.

  • Hunter1978


  • http://twitter.com/douglasrs19 Douglas Siqueira

    Come Back Barlow!!!! 

  • Nik

    Great. If this song announces the theme of the whole album I see that IE has shifted a bit towards Sons of Liberty with this album. But since I loved SoL nothing bad about that. Good work. Vocals are fitting, I was very afraid that this guy just won’t fit in. Sorry, but Barlow is not easy to replace. Once again, GREAT work, looking forward to the whole album.

  • Adrianomachado_bass

    Stu é muito bom…Iced Earth é foda m/
    Adriano Machado from Brasil.

  • Adrianomachado_bass

    Stu é muito bom…Iced Earth é foda m/
    Adriano Machado from Brasil.

  • Adrianomachado_bass

    Stu é muito bom…Iced Earth é foda m/
    Adriano Machado from Brasil.

  • Fathomcomics

    Best Iced Earth have sounded since Horror Show. I like the last 3 albums but this is EPIC.

  • Rodrigoromeiro2009

    Not fast enough, and to be honest i can´t see any news, is just like past times with Tim Owens, please don´t compare this to Horror Show, is far away from this album.

  • Luizsantini

    It’s evident that this song talks about the Illuminati and all the secret societies that plan to enslave mankind in not a long time. Jon talked about this theme in Sons Of Liberty album, and appears to continue in Dystopia. Very good, we need lyrics like this.

    • Rossthebosslovesmetal

      This sone is Actually one of the 2 songs continuing the Something Wicked story, but I see why you would think otherwise 

  • http://twitter.com/Saandroo Sandro Sgobi

    It´s tough hear Iced Earth without Barlow…. the song itself is great and I couldn´t imagine something different. The show must go on and I wish all good luck to the guys in this new era. I´m gonna get the new album for sure. Hails from Brasil !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Glauco-Freitas/100000896756759 Glauco Freitas

    great to see that Iced Earth found someone close to Barlow’s vocals to keep up

    • rosey

      i could agree with you more!  ripper couldnt sing the old stuff because his low tones are not really low like matts, dark saga for example, plus ripper was a crappy front man                                                                      

  • muad’dib

    This song absolutely slays. I’m impressed beyond words. Really looking forward to hearing the rest of the album!

  • theknott

    Not bad. Sounds a little too much Sons of Liberty for my tastes. Was hoping some heavier riffing ie Horror Show. Dante’s Inferno got me really excited but then again thats the same song and not on this album. Still looking forward though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000266103909 Sylvio Brandestinne

    Too much effects on the voice!  And sounds strange! The high notes sounds weird. Let’s see the whole album…

    • Symphony_whiplash

      to me it sounds like he is trying to hard to have the Euro falsetto high notes, but does not have that type of range. Coming up short and sound liking an idiot in the process

  • Neonknite

    Love it!

  • Sam Sam

    Only REAL Metal heads will appreciate this. The complainers are the newbies to Metal that started liking the Genre with Slipknot and Corn garbage. The ones that used to call Dio dungeons and dragons music when he was alive, but when he passed, called him a God.

    I Can’t wait for this new album. If the 3 songs I heard are an indicator. This album will slay. I really hope Stu spews some more venom throughout this album as he did in this chorus!


    • http://twitter.com/electrojohnson electrojohnson

      So if you don’t like it, you’re not a real fan of metal? What kind of idiotic shit is that?

      • Symphony_whiplash

        the same people who make the claims that, “If its metal, its good, and if I like it, it must be good metal.” the reason WHY we have bands and fans of Corn and slipknot.

        • Symphony_whiplash

          *added, Iced Earth is my favorite band, but this song isn’t exactly wooing or impressive by any means and does nothing to get me excited about this release. Just more derivative music Shaffer has been spewing for a while now, and this song comes NO WHERE near the likes of Horror Show.

  • Gúpi Munhoz

    It rocks… Welcome back to the gOLDen times Mr. Schaffer!

  • Badapple_69

    Kinda sounds like a cross between Judas Priest – Painkiller & Metal Church – Blessing in Disguise.

  • Mohamadkelani_88

    guyz i need the lyrics

  • Sopyaug

    I am so relieved and happy that I like it … love it … 

  • http://twitter.com/electrojohnson electrojohnson


  • Justin

    Based upon this song, I”m going to say that this album will more than likely be their best since Horror Show.  All the people complaining about the lack of a real guitar solo…shut up.  Iced Earth’s focus has never been lead guitar.

  • locust

    GREAT SONG!!! At last they’re back!!!!! Welcome aboard Stu!!!! See you all guys in Greece!!!!!!

  • Claudia

    WOW!! m/
    20 days ’til Bochum…can’t wait!!

  • Kissfan715


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesus-Ruiperez/1275722277 Jesus Ruiperez

    I love it!!!!!!! Great :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesus-Ruiperez/1275722277 Jesus Ruiperez

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  • Thedarkelf_bg

    Iced Earth lost they sharpness after Horror Show … for me this is not Iced Earth anymore. Years and years i’m waiting … but they are so far from what they have done before …. and now when Matt is not with them again … i’m sure there is no hope ….. :(

    • Jelle

      Eh ?
      This sounds like Iced Earth all the way, I’m not sure what you could possibly mean…

  • Stanharding

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    Í´m very excited with the new formation of  iced earth, Matt Barlow is a great singer, and the voice of iced earth, but Stu Block is one of the best vocals in the world currently.

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  • Pure Evil

    THIS is not iced earth… i agree with *Thedarkelf_bg. after horror show the iced earth lost the music… i am sorry bad jon i think that you have lost the respect from many. make music from your heart not for the company.

  • Polakias

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  • Ricardo from Brazil

    This guy, Stu Block, is f*&$#ng awesome! He’s like a hellish mix of Matt Barlow and Tim Owens on their best!
    I admit that I didn’t have expected much from this album, but now things are quite different…
    Cheers from Brazil, Iced Earth!
    We expect you here soon!

  • Zorolowski

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     Great Song, Great Band!!!!! See you in Brazil!!!!!!

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  • Nothingsmusic

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    I bet they keep something special for us!!!     CYPRUS BOOM

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    It’s fantastic!

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  • Edwin Q

    A TRUE METALLICA -GARAGE SESSIONS OR GARAGE DAYS REVISITED MOMENT- A -Last Caress/ The Wait- Metallica like Moment Brought to you by ICED EARTH – (Look towards the 5th Lyric line in the Chorus of this song. And if you still don’t recognize it you haven’t really heard James hetfield singing before at all and can’t picture it).Hey Schaffer I’ll take your word of petition and I am going to comment. I owe you that for the great moments of pure electrifying shocks and currents of metal bliss I’ve experienced listening to IE.I am not used to posting anywhere but today I’ll make an exceptionI am not a music expert (notes, scales and all that), but Listening and Enjoying Iced Earth (And Metal especially European) Sure I am an Expert.I have been a long time Iced Earth fan and I Loved Matt Barlow’s personality and style he imprinted in every song. I loved his screams and growls which I consider suited the lyrics and the music extremely well and feared that any one of them would  falter or be totally unmemorable with the new vocals, yet I am happily surprised that neither Stu’s Screams or Growls disappointed me. I hope just as it was before that his voice (especially in the first Scream of this song for example) will sound even deeper, more powerful and Meaner live as I think happened in the past with Barlow (To me Iced Earth’s sound and atmosphere has been extremely more enjoyable and epic live especially in Athens).Regarding the music I still experience the shift from an old Iced Earth era (with it’s distinctive sound) to the current era (With another even more distinctive sound). To me the music has that distinctive new set up of the instruments (or new instruments whatsoever) that gives that new sound (The new sound that to me is not as dense as the old one but that is more tightly pulled to put it in some way and that is even more unique, I say new sound even though now it is not so new since it first started to come in the Horror Show and fully came in the Glorious Burden, but new compared to the trademark classic yet unique dense sound which IE carried up till the Something Wicked Album ).So.. it has that distinctive new sound which I still enjoy but not only that but the songwriting also, the mood and the ambience (more Soundtrack like, Battallionic and heroic).
    One of the bands that marked my music taste in life was early metallica [Especially Ride the Lightning (The Best) and Master of Puppets(The Next)] and from what I have known this band influenced Schaffer too. Where I am heading with this is one of the biggest surprises I have experienced in a long time, and it was that after so many IE albums where I only noticed the musical influence; today did I not only notice a Metallica influence but a TRUE METALLICA MOMENT LISTENING TO THIS SONG when Stu sang that 5th line in the Chorus, I absolutely thought I was listening James Hetfield Singing that line when Stu sings “We must find our way” (especially in the Waaaaaye-i-ei-e-i-ei wich perfectly resembles Hetfield’s clean voice of his early days and eeeei moments even though with a more quality sound aprox. 30 years later) and not only on the first chorus but in the second one too, and sincerely not talking trash which I never even consider, Stu Block did really make me even think I was listening to a very close singing to that of Barlow in the other parts of the song (Much more in the Screams of the pre-chorus just like on Disciples of the Lie, pure Evil or The Path that I Choose and also in other cleaner voice parts like the chorus). Even though Stu also brings his own original sound in the other lyric parts so as an Iced Earth Fan I approve his performance in this song. I also think the lyrics blend very well with the music and nothing seems forced to fit within the song, this song seems perfect for the crowd to sing along live. What I like the most about the song is that it is somewhat like a comeback to an earlier IE sound (Like the beginning which resembles High Water Mark’s Battallionic drums after the guns even though they are not as dramatic in here. Also the riffs after Stu’s 1st scream that resemble the pace when Diary starts to get heavy or the sound of some riffs in Stand Alone or Brainwashed, there’s also a part that resembles Horror Show’s Wolf “The nightmare unfolds before my eyes” ) but for me this song has first the added value of being denser as the older sound and secondly of seamlessly coming out with parts that seem featuring other bands playing (Feel like listening to Testament’s Chuck Billy at the end of every lyric line in the lyric block before each Pre-chorus, or listening to Halford in the Pre-Chorus, or the Hetfield moment in the Chorus and even some resemblance of the guitar (starting at 0:45) at the beginning of For Whom the Bell Tolls)  while still being Iced Earth.  Schaffer I am Glad that you have pulled maturely an every time more solid and admirable act and that you can even manage to pick up the flag where a great band like Metallica left off before being infected by the trashy american forgettable shameful ‘wannabe metal’, ‘wannabe rock’, maybe I am pop, MTV scene.Cant’t let the opportunity escape before asking for some added elements to enhance the IE musical universe like using a female singer to do some vocals or adding some parts with other instruments like cellos, violins, bagpipes (hey I think people from Bling guardian can help you with that last one) or something like that. I think it would provide for a nice experiment). Another nice thing would be a Metallica cover from the Ride The Lightning or Master of Puppets, or any other song you may like from them.Salutations to you all the way from Bogotá, Colombia (South America). From E.S.Q.RMay the LORD our God bless you all who are part of Iced Earth

  • the riffmaster

    Sick..so looking forward to the album..Jon has been a huge influence on my playing and my band’s sounds..now you just need to take Aftertayst on tour with you!

  • nsayne


  • DaCoolGuy

    Why is everyone commenting “solo?” i can totally hear the solo, it cant be epic and long solos in every song!

  • Az-dream

    I’m a new fan of Iced Earth about ten months. Wish I’d heard years ago. New singer is awesome, fills the shoes nice. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the new album.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dennis-Nichols/100001428161012 Dennis Nichols

    kick’s ass but iced earth has alway’s done that! give credit to jon schaffer he alway’s finds good vocalist to fit his music. keep it up jon u guy’s kick ass and i’m one big fan of iced earth have been for 10 yrs once i heard one album and another i weas hooked..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-G-Benningfield/100001382206186 Michael G Benningfield

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m sorry, No Barlow, no Ripper Owens, no like….  Stu has great vocals at times in this song but for the most part I just don’t like it…. but I will give the rest of the album a listen to see whether or not it’ just this song. But nonetheless, I will always love Iced Earth!


    Just like every sound you guys record . IT FUCKING ROCKS .

  • Chotica80

    I liked iced earth senced i first heard Them (Dark saga) i Think Stu has taken over very great after barlow:-) and ut really sounds liked iced earth Alain! Im happy keep up the Good Job Schaffer:-)

  • Chotica80

    I liked iced earth senced i first heard Them (Dark saga) i Think Stu has taken over very great after barlow:-) and ut really sounds liked iced earth Alain! Im happy keep up the Good Job Schaffer:-)