Exclusive: In This Moment Premiere New Video “Adrenalize”

Check out the new music video for the song “Adrenalize,” off In This Moment’s latest album, Blood. The band, who are currently touring with Stone Sour and Hell or Highwater on the Road to the Golden Gods tour, say this about the video: “We are thrilled to finally unleash the ‘Adrenalize’ video on the masses. We created something that surpasses our highly successful video for ‘Blood’ and now that we have your attention we are going to make you feel filthy, captivated, and at the same time disturbingly aroused. Love or hate us, we guarantee you will keep coming back for more.”

For more info, visit inthismomentofficial.com, www.facebook.com/officialinthismoment or twitter.com/officialitm.


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  • alex

    shes just so yummy

  • Ana Paula

    Esperei tanto tempo *.* mas preferiria que o prĂłximo clipe fosse de whore, mas mesmo assim, ta lindo o clipe *.* Maria Ă© muito quente

  • Mizz_Curves

    Great new video! She has an amazing voice!

  • bandarkla


  • http://www.facebook.com/miszlette91 Keri Horton

    Most Amazing video ever. I love this so much. Its edgy, sexy, and everything put into to one awesome video. You guys rock! By far my fav band!

  • Sam

    Most epic music video. Ever! *_*

  • nspectherfuzz

    I would love to stick the tip of my tongue in her butt hole wiggle it around, run it across her taint and straight into her vagina.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dubson1 P.j. Dubson

    compared to their earlier work, this album is garbage and sounds like everything else out now. It’s sad because these guys used to be amazing, now It’s all about Maria. I know sex sells but it’s a shame a great band like this has resorted to being like everyone else

    • Fritodog

      I so agree with you. She looks like she’s trying to be the heavy metal, big tits version of Lady Gag me. Anybody who sees this as anything but pop, follow like lemmings crap is an idiot. Maria you sell out whore.

      • Killjoy

        I thought the same thing as the video started. I watched a couple of minutes and that was all I could stomach. It is Lady Gaga with heavy-ish guitars and drums behind her. Their first 2 albums were good, but this is complete trash.

    • red

      Shes hot but; im with you, this band has really changed stylistically

  • jpdeuce73

    If you knew how much hard work, pain and tears went into this album then you would understand what’s behind it. Who does this sound like since they supposedly sound like everything else out there? What does “Blood” sound like? What does “Comanche” sound like? These guys are still amazing and just because a band grows and changes their sound instead of having every album sound exactly the same doesn’t mean they are a sell out. I’ve followed the band from 2007 and Maria has always been sexy and front and center. The song is sexy, so why not have the video be sexy? Just because she explores that side of herself doesn’t mean she is selling out. If it’s all about Maria, then why did Chris Howorth and Kevin Churko pour their heart into making this album??

    • http://www.facebook.com/natalie.ezdalga NaTalie EZdalga

      Couldn’t agree more! I hate these so called metal elitists (total losers), who have done nothing in their lives and they only judge other artists. BANDS CHANGE, PEOPLE! EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD CHANGES! get the fuck over it! don’t like new sound?? Don’t fucking listen to it!!!

    • Fritodog

      I still think they are trying too hard to bring attention to themselves by way of Maria’s sexiness. We all see our favorite bands try to change things up and some times it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I still believe in “If it aint broke don’t fix it”but to stay on top there are too many bands that are willing to do whatever it takes to stay in the game. Which sometimes means SELLING OUT. Maria does not have to sex it up this much to prove she has talent. No one else sounds like her so why not leave it at that. As a female I have to say you don’t have to show all your cash and prizes for people to like you and take you seriously. If this band was The Lords of Acid that would be totally acceptable because that band was all about sex from the get go. In This Moment wasn’t, they where about a kick ass band with an incredible and yes sexy female singer who can growl with the likes of Phil Anselmo. I don’t want sex, glam and fashion in my heavy metal music there’s enough of that to go around in the watered down world of main stream music. I want what’s real and raw because that’s something I can relate to.This band isn’t relevant to me anymore and that’s a shame.

  • http://twitter.com/gravityshifter Swagger Jackers

    Catchy tune.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anjie.furian Anjie Furian

    I like the song… the video is creepy :)

  • stevie

    this is dogshit. i’ve been an ITM fan for over 5 years now and maria’s tits have always been a main focus for them but the music always came first. lyrics like i’m craving sex? jesus christ. they might have well just made a porno. sadly each ITM album has gotten increasingly worse. Their first album was killer, a modern classic IMO. what happened to that band, with it’s haunting lyrics and crunchy guitars? i can’t even believe how dumb this band has become. just do hustler already maria and shut up.

    • http://www.facebook.com/natalie.ezdalga NaTalie EZdalga

      actually, it’s ” I crave excess” not sex.

  • Rickyjoe

    Its pretty much a new band with her so its goin to sound diferent but then again all the in this moment cd had a slightly diferent sound to them

  • http://twitter.com/spookylove818 kasey

    Okay, if anyone would CLEARLY listen to the lyrics……. its about music sex and just being “pumped up ” no pun intended but who cares, “sell out” my god people seriously with how fucked up the music industry is tell me this, if you worked your ASS off to get to even be featured in Revolver let alone have a video shoot and put out more then 1 album (i.e ITM’s four albums) you wouldn’t be happy to have the chance to “up your musical game”. Music is always going to have “elitists” whether it is rock metal rap or fucking classical symphonies. I’d like to see how far the “fans” would get if they were put up against their musical idols…

  • T-Oad

    seems like britney spears sleeps with marilyn manson…