Exclusive Interview: Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack Talks About His Broken Nose

As reported earlier today, Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack broke his nose last night onstage in Luxembourg, which has caused the group to postpone its current tour dates. He has said, though, that the band will still be on the Buried Alive Tour, kicking off in late November. (For Buried Alive tour dates, click here, and for info on the mega giveaway Revolver is holding for the tour, click here.) Despite his injury, Biersack was kind enough to honor an interview Revolver had scheduled with him today for our issue out in December. Below, you can read his account of what happened to his nose. We’re wishing that he gets well soon.

“I’m bedridden in a hotel bed in London just sitting here collecting dirt on the blankets and ordering room service and being in pain. I can’t really breathe out of my nose, and it looks like I’m wearing a sleep mask made out of bruises.

“I was onstage doing my typical routine to entertain the crowd. I was rolling around and being crazy. Normally, before ‘Legacy’ goes into a breakdown-y guitar solo-y kind of part, I get down on my knees and do a mock prayer. I did that and then rolled backwards and stood up and I didn’t realize I was directly under the four-foot drum riser. I smashed the bone dead center on my skull. From above my eyebrows, right down the bridge of my nose, that’s where I cracked. I was unconscious for a second.

“I knew something terrible had happened immediately. I jumped up, but I was still in shock and I didn’t really feel it yet. I was rubbing my nose to try to figure out what was happening. And I ran into my tour manager at the side of the stage and I asked him if there was something wrong with my nose. And he looked at me like I was crazy and said it was huge and misshapen. That’s when the realization hit me that I was really hurt. I started getting really dizzy and stumbled my way offstage and got to the backstage area. I positioned myself in front of a mirror and saw it was huge and ridiculous. And that’s when the pain set in and it was pretty excruciating. But there wasn’t a lot of bleeding or anything because of where it broke.

“I went to the hospital in Luxembourg and nobody spoke English. They were really adamant about putting me on a stretcher, and I was very much against that. I walked very fast away from them. They took me in an ambulance right in front of where the fans are, and the last thing I want to do is be the guy who breaks his nose and then has to ride on a stretcher to the ambulance with his thumbs up in the air.

“I walked out with my tour manager and I was pretty dizzy, I couldn’t really see, but I was always pretty cognitive. The only thing I have right now because of the concussion is I feel like I’m watching one of those super druggy movies where all the lights have a trail. Everything I see, it’s as if it sort of has Vaseline around the edges and it’s a little nauseating to be honest. It’s hard to use a computer.

“Right now I’m trying to figure out what to do. I would really like to finish the tour. I’ve been advised against it. But I want to try. At the end of the day, if I have to go onstage and be in pain for 40 minutes I’m do my best to give the audience the show that they have already paid for.”


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  • Iloveyou_1521

    he’s such a good sport! hope you get well soon andy! please come to washington(:

  • Damonica

    Andy Biersack has got to be the most selfless man in the world! He is worried about disappointing his fans rather then his own pain yet again! Andy we love you, and you should stay in bed and heal yourself. The army will understand:)    

  • Becky

    Damonica is right, just like when he finished the show with the broken ribs.  He’s an amazing guy, no doubt about it.

  • CountryMusicMustDie

    Damn, this guy is amazing and amazingly danger-prone. First ribs, now a nose? Just rest and heal andy, everyone’s right, the fans will understand if you need to heal.

  • Ida c:

    Andy please don’t rush to get out on concerts please get well instead! We wan’t a healed Andy not a broken :(

  • Valeriacalvillo19

    So is the tour dates with falling in reverse still gonna happen if not just get well soon

    • http://twitter.com/#!/malloreymde Ivoshi

      No, they’re cancelled.

  • PlatinumPegasus

    Every time I turn around it seems like he’s getting hurt AGAIN.

    Really Andy, you are too awesome to be getting hurt that often!!

  • Scor12111965

    Andy needs to stop and rest and recuperate….a concussion, even a mild one is not something to be taken lightly…..while his work ethic is very admirable…he needs to take better care of himself.  The fans will understand.  They want him healthy and whole so he can give them the best of himself…just my opinion

  • Caprice

    andy you need to rest! the BVB army will understand and support you! :) we all love you, and take care of yourself!xxxx

  • Niels241

    Too bad, I was going to see them live today :(

  • http://twitter.com/garbageheart Molly Carpenter

    If you decide not to do the tours then we understand, it must hurt like hell, and concussion is not great at the best of times. I hope you ARE well enough to finish the tour because I’m supposed to be seeing you on Sunday! If you feel up to it, then please go ahead! Lots of love <3

  • Laura Hayley

    plz feel better andy!!! <3 we will surport you no matter what

  • Momoelmo1996

    I’m sorry my sister is still suffering her concusion…..of you decide not to do the tours i think we all might understand

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Samantha-Baker/859520359 Samantha Baker

    Your such a trooper man! <3 even though you got hurt you still wanna give the show the same treatment. We all love you and wish you get well <3

  • Hazel

    Get Better Andy<3 but don't worries if you can't finish the tour us fans won't make you

  • Juchiha123

     Andy my love you need bubble wrap and a lot of it! Get better! Love you all! <3

  • Katrina

    awwwh ! that boy needs to perform in bubble wrap !! hope he gets better <3

  • Livylu2u

    poor andy i hope his nose feels better and his fans me being one of them we allunderstad sweetie we dont expect u to go out and be in pain like that but dont strain your self he needs to relax and recover <3

  • Bvb211

    Feel better Andy ! <3 Itz okk if yu cant do the concert (: Jus feel better…. But can yuu tell us how to get our money bakk ? Thats all i wanna know

  • Triciakennedy9000

    andy i love you and i hope you get better….ill send my kisses to fix your nose and just soyou know…you got me addicted to skippy super chunk:P

  • Rai

    Heh Chance is probably like “HAH!! Pay back for the fire extinguisher thing all those years ago. :’3” No Im just joking. Although that would be funny… Get well soon Andy, lots of love from your favorite army<33

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000385136148 Venus Sixx

    next time u have to be careful!!  >.< 

  • http://www.facebook.com/fabiana.phillips Fabiana Phillips

    Take care your self Andy, we all love you :)

  • Hollie Kavanagh

    Get well soon Andy :'( Hope your nose feels better soon! Hollie xx

  • BVB XD

    I should be seeing you today Andy but if you can’t do the show thats ok. Mabey the support bands could still do a little something though, just so the fans can see something. It won’t be nearly as good though. God bless you BVB <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001599705672 Tori Stafford

    hope u feel better soon andyy i never broke my nose b 4 so u know more of that pain than me ill miss u!!!!!

  • jwe

    How is it that he still looks totally beautiful with a broken nose?  

  • http://www.facebook.com/ASqueezy Austin Nettleton

    Even though I really don’t like BVB, I gotta give this dude some major props. Anyone who smashes their face flat on a stage and still wants to finish a tour deserves some serious kudos.

  • http://www.facebook.com/raiden.chan Joy Gutgsell

    Wow I bet those 13 year old girls and boys feel really bad they kind of all need to see how that feels

  • Patonross

    Does that mean that Saturday’s or today’s gig in sheperds bush is off?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003054205964 Kareen Sykes

    Ouch … Poor Andy!D;

  • Brian Guthmann, writer

    You guys are tough as hell.  Heal up, get some rest, and may all your nurses be young hotties!

  • XxBliss6Xx

    Hes a dumbass…., but hes our dumbass

  • Hattie Wotherspoon

    Get well soon Andy!!!! 

  • :D

    i really hope you feel better, i know having a concussion hurts. just get better. i hope the spinning and dizziness goes away soon. (i’m not sure if it applies in this situation, but when i had one i had to get woken up every 3 hours…) but anyways, GET BETTER SOON ANDY!!!! :)

  • Daynabrannin1973

    get better soon hugs to u

  • Chassiibear

    Hope you get better soon! BVB army is here for you and we love you<3 Stay strong.

  • Afutoma13

    Andy, please do not push yourself. I personally do not want you to injure yourself any further. <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Noe-Velasquez/100001286326902 Noe Velasquez

    so thats him w/out makeup wow…

    • Vicki Spence1

      Really? You’re thinking about THAT when he’s in pain?! Have a heart. </3

      • FromTheAshes93

        I don’t think that’s what he meant by that. But I see where you’re coming from. I thought the same thing when I saw the picture. Then again, I just heard of BVB literally a few days ago. So all of this is pretty new to me. I hope Andy gets better soon. And he looks great no matter what. 

  • Pudge Puppy

    You shouldn’t have to go thought THAT much pain. Well be fine. You just get the rest you need. It’ll be better than you being in pain and risk getting hurt again. Hope you feel better!!! But. . . . You’ll probably wind up doin the tour anyway cuz your a tough ass person :)

  • Leshlyrodriguez

    Andy I’m sure all of us understand. Take your time to get better. <3 Get better soon :)

  • Sgartell

    Sure, it will have hurt, but for fucks sake it’s a broken nose it’s basically all superficial. Way over exaggerated. But get well soon and all that crap. 

    • Michelle

      He has a concussion as well. That’s not superficial.

    • FromTheAshes93

      Dude, if you can’t breathe well, that would make singing pointless. And if you have a concussion?? Why the fuck be that ignorant, dude? I would love to see you have your nose cracked, pushing through dozens of shows, and making it out 100% okay. Soooo…

  • Holly_laura98

    whats next andy? i love you and all but you keep breaking things! GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabethh17

    Get well soon Andy! Love you! <33

  • Varana36

    Noooo Andy :( I hope you get better soon and don’t force yourself to do something because you will get hurt worse but still I love you Andy and hopefully you can recover as fast as possible

  • Jesse

    He looks amazing make up or no make up. besides that point, get better soon mate. (:

  • Ashley72898

    get better soon andy i love u anyway u look

  • Gabrielle9322

    Andy……your amazing. I love you. I still believe in you and you never let me down

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=709593254 Karen Deanna Dobson

    Andy should really take that time off. Never know what other injuries were caused by this one. There comes a time that you need to just step back and do what`s best for you. This would be that time. Unless, of course, You do something like this again. Hope you don`t eh…ahahaha.. Take care of yourself.

  • Jw6888

    He played after he broke his ribs do you really think he just chose not to play besides a broken nose would probably effect his voice

  • Emmyvanity123

    Andy you get hurt some how and I just heard about this ahh I’m so sad but I wish u the best please get better I think it’s better if you take some time off like 1 week and just relax and try and feel better

  • Christa “Starlet” Franklin

    :( I dont like the fact that your a walking hazard…It makes me scared your going to seriously injure yourself…but I hope you get better really soon and don’t strain yourself Mr. I’m-Going-To-Do-Tour-With-Broken-Ribs!!!! I <3 you!! BVB Army forever!!! P.S next time look before you summersault, drum-risers have a tendency to pop out of nowhere!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000201725631 Jessica Ann DeHoyos

    aww poor Andy, reading this i am teary-eyed. if i had been at that concert and saw that I seriously would’ve cried and been really scared for him. Andy means a lot to me, without Andy there would be no Black Veil Brides, and without Black Veil Brides there would likely be no.. well me. I owe a lot to them and Andy. And I really hope he is doing okay, it kills me when he said that he is in a lot of pain, it makes me want to cry. x(

  • Zplant

    so so sorry andy plz rest and get feelong better!!!!!

  • elizabeth williams

    aww poor thing maybe they need to put him in a bubble and and hand cuff him to it then maybe he wont hurt himself but he’ll probrally find a way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Audrie-Bryant/100001589376702 Audrie Bryant

    Andy im sorry for what happened….my blessings are with you and the band….i hope you get better soon andy. i Love you and the band <3

  • http://twitter.com/FawnBVB Gwen Fawn

    Aww Andy, such a trooper :) Love you Andy. So, so much. I hope you get better as soon as possible and I hope all the pain goes away and is replaced by the best time of your life because you deserve it! <3

  • London

    im soo sorry andy.Your amazing i hope you get better..i know you will.
    No one cares about the concert anymore,we just care about you getting better.
    I love you andy!<33

  • Whitelilly239

    Awww feel better!!! You are such an awesome person :) LOVE YOU <3

  • Shannon

    Please don’t rush back on stage! Listen to the doctors! They kno whats best 4 u and how to keep u alive… I Think alot more fans would be upset if you ended up killing yourself doing a concert that you shouldn’t have been doing in the first place than if you miss a few preformances…

  • Seriously, Andy? AGAIN?! XD

    Freakin’ Biersack. Why is he the one who is always getting hurt?! XD I hope he gets better soon though.. (:

  • Nataliabiersack

    Andy, be more careful! The army is here to support you every step of the way, we share in your pain! Don’t feel the urge to go back on stage so soon, focus on recovering. The stage can wait, but your condition can not! Stay safe and take care of yourself… The BVB Army loves you VERY much! We understand you’re in a bad position so don’t worry about it!<3

  • Jasminnnn :D

    poor Andy :'(   feel better soon…. <333

  • Poor baby D; </3

    Awee I cried when I saw the picture of him I feel so bad  get better soon babe <33 BVB army forever <3

  • BVBRockerChick

    This ish sad D;

  • Mathilde Biersack

    Cried when I saw the picture of him, poor baby. Hope you’ll get better soon, honey!

  • http://twitter.com/garbageheart Molly Carpenter

    We understand if you don’t want to do the shows because you must be in alot of pain. If you do decide to carry on, we don’t care if we have to help you sing each and every song, even if you have to sit in a chair for the whole time, even if you have a shortened setlist! If you feel up to it, we would really appreciate it. We love you andy xox

  • Kala turner

    cries awwwww u pooor thingggggggg hope u get better soon :3

  • farrah_rawr

    oohhhh andy plzz get better! and BE CAREFUL! first your ribs now this!why?!

  • help,I’m-a-fish

    Yeh… Be careful. Next you’ll fall off and die or something… and NOBODY wants this.

  • Sammi Purdy <3

    ANDYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D’: STOP FALLING! You have to be more careful or else the next one could be worse and maybe life threatening! Then i will dieee!!!!!!!!!!!! So please Andybear? Be more careful? For the armys sake, none of use could ever continue living without Andy Biersack! Love you andy! <3

  • Bvb Luver

    Awwwwww poor Andy!:'( I’m really sorry 4 your accident! I hope u get better soon we miss you! We all know that u need time to heal! Just take your time and don’t worry about us. We’ll always love you no matter what happens!<3

    Get well soon andy!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • http://www.facebook.com/sami.jazz1 Sami Jazz

    HEy Andy be careful dude dn’t try again you are spcl person of my life s0 plzzzzzzzzz take care ur self and i pray for you to  get well s0on dude n avoid next time dnt jump again and try to safe ur self ok im alwyz wid you Andy my sweet Andy l0ve you and take care ur self :)))

  • Kolophu123


  • Kolophu124

    hes so fucking annoying

  • Divion

    I hope you heal really fast and take it easy while recovering!

  • BVBArmyGirl

    Andy, Love – Gotta be more careful! WE hate seeing you get hurt :'[ FEEL BETTER SOON – WE LOVE YOUUU <3

  • BVBGirl

    Andy! please, stop hurting yourself! Seriously! Be more careful! we don’t want something worse happen to you, Just take your time to be ready, Love you!

  • BVBKindaSucksAndAndyIsGay

    He looks like a girl.

    • XxAllieGucciXx

      Dude WTF? Show Some Fucking Respect You Douche!!

    • brisingrblue

      you a cunt

    • London

      Who says that!?! thats rude. Andy  is amazing if you don’t like it why are you here?

  • xgrimmjowx6

    Don’t beat yourself up over it dude,just take it easy. Be more careful so we don’t have to worry!!

  • Geek_rabbit

    oh no andy get better soon but u r still gorgeous no matter what and hope you get better soon and try and be careful next time i dont want to start crying again…please andy

  • Jas Lewis

    Andy is extremely accident prone. Hope he gets better soon

  • Jule Campbell

    I hope you feel better Andy!!!   I believe in you!   But don’t push yourself to hard…..and who ever is being mean to him when he’s like this your REALLY MEAN!!!

  • BVBFan1993

    Pooor Andy! He need’s to be more careful! Hope he gets better soon…

  • Liltwinsys

    Ahhhhhhhhh you got hurt before coming back to cali and now im unsure if my parents will let me go see you guys in concert :/

  • Liltwinsys

    Hour you feel better though :)

  • Cayley <3's Andy!

    If you can perform at warped your with broken ribs then you can do anything Andy. Just remember all the fans that love you and will support you with whatever you decide to do <3

  • Vampire Angel39

    poor Andy i hope he gets better that looks like it hurts.

  • G_kelly1995@yahoo.com

    Usually I dnt post anything but get better soon

  • Zaroc654-001

    Ooohh,I hope he gets better soon:(Really worried.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002393151030 Zofie Crimson

    This guy is so dedicated to his fans he deserves much more than some broken nose.  Srsly world, stop hurting him…

  • AshleySixx

    Aww…Pore Andy…

  • Samscute

    Oh my gosh! Poor Andy! I fope for you to get well soon! I can’t wait to see you in concert, get some rest… -__-

  • Meyra R

    That must be hurting alot. :/
    Hope you’ll get better soon!
    Your fans are here by our side no matter what we will support you always!
    Thanks for being an incredible person you’re truly an inspiration for me. (= <3

  • Andrea

    This is why I love this band…even an injury as painful as a split bone, right down the nose, wont stop him from giving fans a good show!I really appreciate his dedication but I hope its not too hard on him while he up there!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1320548198 Bella Devonne DenAdel Northman

    por eso los amo tanto*—* dedican todo a BVB army, y lo aprecio mucho (Y) gracias por existir y cambiar mi vidac;

  • Dfgfrghsd

    What a sucky b-day surprise ;3;

  • Ambrozia Macabre

    “Get well soon Andy6” 

  • AndySix<3

    So you gonna go on tour still Andy?? I really hope you do </3

  • TaylorLuvsBVB-get better Andy!

    You’ve always inspired me completely, you’re like an idol to me Andy, I know you can pull through this, if anyone could it’s you!!! Get better!! I’d send you a GWS card…but Idk how that would work… >.>
    GET BETTER!! :D<3

  • Gucci Loya123

    Get well soon Batman (: <3 love u (:

  • Rainbow_Raygun

    love you get well soon :) hope to see you on the 1st xoxo

  • Lexi Moore

    My Heart Broke when I knew about that, You’re such an INSPIRATION.

  • PoisonCyannis

    Get well soon andy, shame thats £150 on just getting there to see you guys down the drain….

  • http://www.facebook.com/cooliocoolgirl Leanne XJonesx

    Get better yeah, that’s just great isn’t it, i would of though you would have known by now not to do stupid stuff oh well, fuking loads of money gone down the fuking drain, but im really sorry to hear Andy please get better so we can come see you again!

  • deki

    I want to say you should go rest some more and stop being crazy for awhile but i know you’re against of it so do what you think is best without giving too much thought about the fans. I mean, i think the fans would prefer for you to be okay than seeing you in pain, not to mention some band aid on your nose. 😀 As you can see, the fans are way too worried about you so it’d be bad if they saw you with bruises and a band aid on. xD
    Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you on stage! 
    oh next time, keep in mind the word “take care of myself”..
    See you soon on you tube! 

  • bvbarmy4ever

    i feel so bad for u andy! i litteraly cried when i saw the pic! i fuckin looove u andy <3

  • Isaac_sanchez123


  • Mackking0

    Andy i hope you get better ive been a fan way to long to not feel sorry for you,get better man,you’ve been getting hurt way to much lately*Get well soon*:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002603097855 Tina Tay-Tay Tintor

    omg get well soon im part of the BVB Army me and the army wish u good luck get well and keep doing wat u do ur my insperation u inspired me to wanna play guitar

    • monica

      its true bvb army loves u and wants you to get better soon 😀

      • BVBLOVR

        gett bettr soon ;D

  • Amb-erm

    omg, get better soon Andy, we are all worrying about you but we are all supporting you, BVBarmy love you 😉 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • HeatherBVB<3

    If you are in that much pain than you shouldn’t be performing. Don’t put yourself in that much pain just for us! Focus on getting that nose healed up.

  • Ilselove14

    omg andy get better soon i feel soo sorry for you the BVB army loves you <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • ilseBVBlove<3<3<3

    omg andy get better soon i feel soo sorry for you the BVB army loves you <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3     

  • Tasinga Wolfram Blackheart

    aww andy you dont have to do anything but get better. we love you and dont want you to be in pain<333333 get well soon andy our prayers are with you

  • JessLovesBvbSoMuch<3

    Andy Please Get Well Soon, Really Was Excited For Your Show In Bristol, Was Travelling From Cardiff To See You! ): Get Well Soon.

  • Boomswaggaboom

    Andy, you’ve done enough for the fans, we appreciate all the inspiration you give us and how you finished the song even after you broke your ribs! you’ve done ENOUGH for us, so all black veil brides fans, lets do something for Andy and give him a well deserved break! we love you so much! <3 get getter! you really should take the break Andy, youve done so much for us already <3

  • Alice Louise

    Oh Jesus Andy. Bless ya! To be blunt you look like a fucking mess. But you are so amazing to be willing to continue the tour! You and the other boys have helped me so much through these last couple of months with your music. Get well soon, Andy, and don’t try to break your leg next time, alright mate :L 

    The rest of you BVB guys make sure his next hospital attempt isn’t as bad as he last ones :L

    <3 Alice Louise

  • http://www.facebook.com/anhtop.89 Anh Top

    take a good rest Andy , wanted to be there n take care of him … look how hard working BVB is! rest well, back soon n rock the world !

  • Andi

    Take it easy. Try your best to do your shows. Hope you feel better because I know your nose hurts terribly. I think you have done enough, breaking your ribs and now your nose. Just get lots of rest and get better! We all love you.

  • http://twitter.com/SashaVanity Sasha Vanity

    D: Hope you get better

  • http://kittykatc666.deviantart.com/ Katrina

    Shows how much fun you have on stage! :) Get plenty of rest and feel better. Don’t worry about the canceled tour dates, I’m sure all of us understand. A broken nose hurts something fierce! You have all of our best wishes and love!

  • Haley

    Oh Andy! Why do you always get hurt? Get better! We love you! 

  • Rowan

    Andy, get off the bloody tour. You’re going to kill your voice doing this, your nose is fucked up, you’re concussed, you still have a bloody sinus infection, we don’t mind about cancelled shows as long as you rest and get better instead of maybe never being able to sing again. People will be disappointed, but not as much as if you can never make beautiful music again.

  • http://twitter.com/SheKnowsVoodoo Louise Clarke :)

    He’s going to ruin it for himself and everyone else. That can really wreck his voice. It could damage it for good.

    • E.m.O K.i.T :3 RAWR (BVB Amy)

      SHUT UP! >:(

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1774530693 Nikki Biersack

    We should wrap him in bubble wrap. 

    I hope he takes better care of his self. We love you a whole bunch Andy and hate to see you hurt.  
    So try not to get hurt again! <3 

  • T.A.Q.

    I don’t mean to be a little snippy but I might be. I have just been introduced to BVB and so far I like the music even though I’m not really into the screamoish parts. But personal opinion, it doesn’t matter if you finish the tour now or later. I really think that if your fans really cared about you, that’d want you to be OK, as in nose fully healed, before you continued your tour. T.A.Q.

  • SceneyEmba

    Andy we can wait for good music. I mean BVB is my fav band of all time and Id rather wait to hear you sing fully healed and fully functual then you ruining your voice for the BVB Army.

  • Katelyn Katastrophe

    He should start a new trend…wearing safety gear on stage! I mean, I love him to pieces but PLEASE stop hurting urself! You are going to ruin urself. PLEASE i’m begging you, do it for the fans.

  • Stewieroxwtd

    I love you. I hope you are ok. :( stop getting hurt. I love your craziness but if it’s getting you hurt you need to calm Down :/

  • E.m.O K.i.T :3 RAWR (BVB Army)

    <3 Andy, you need to rest and relax. I think for this one you should not do the tour. I know alot of people want to see you but, we REALLY want to see you all healty and not in pain. People don't want to see you hurt. They want to see the crazy andy we all know and love. Like i said relax and rest PLEASE. This trying to sing could hurt you more and, could ruin your wonderful voice. I'm one of your buggest fans and, i don't want to see you suffer. LOVE YOU <3333333

  • Danielenriqueestrada

    Get well soon Andy

  • Knantrim1227

    Omg!Get well soon Andy!The BVB Army is so thankful that your trying so hard for us!Take your time.We can wait:)BVB FOREVER!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3

    • mariam

      andy, i hope you get better sooooo sooooooooooooooon ! you are our leader in the whole world, your voice reached all the world even my world the arab world in asia and all the world and i really hope you come back to us ,, your army ,, we are waiting for you,, BVB army leader so horry and some back..

    • mariam

      andy, i hope you get better sooooo sooooooooooooooon ! you are our leader in the whole world, your voice reached all the world even my world the arab world in asia and all the world and i really hope you come back to us ,, your army ,, we are waiting for you,, BVB army leader so horry and some back..

  • Ribbonz_777

    Holy hell Andy! First your ribs, now your nose! You’ll never learn your lesson D: I love you, get better soon!

  • Meghin_33

    You already have done so much for the BVB Army! We stand behind you 100% so you need to take your time. Your army will still be behind you even if it takes a while to get better. We love you Andy! <3

  • The_Perfect_Weapon

    Andy, You’ve done soo much for us. No get your Ass in bed and get better! You need to think about you right now!! <3<3<3<3<3<3  Hope you get all Purdy again…. we really need to wrap you in bubblewrap!! 😀

  • rebel_love_song

    andy just get better thats all the BVB army wants we dont want you to strain yourself we love you andy 

  • Martin RCDL

    First the ribs now the nose your a rockstar and my fav person and my life would be deffrent without you and your music get well soon and then go play thanks for your music lots hope and respect Martin :)

  • Tabbeyfish

    :( get better soon! And how many body have you broken already??? 😛

  • Terraconiglio

    Wow he’s a really dedicated musician

    Oh Andy, you and your stage antics…; ribs then nose what next??


    poor andy :(
    be very careful and dont worry your not the only accident pron person. im always getting hur as well!

  • bvbarmylouverofandy

    awwww i hope he feels better ily andy

  • bvbarmylouverofandy

    awwww i hope he feels better ily andy

  • bvbarmylouverofandy

    awwww i hope he feels better ily andy

  • Unforgettable

    Ahw Andy ): 
    Hope you’ll get better soon ! x

  • none

     Please Andy be careful D:
    First ribs , now nose What next ?
    If you die , there won’t be BVB anymore ..

  • dirtbike2000

    he is braking bones left and right

  • Hopefancy

    I hope you feel better !!!!!! Im a new fan but I do care about you !

  • Illfindausername

    I HAVE AN IDEA: Wrap him in bubble wrap!

  • Cutie_solo


  • Lexy Vanity Monroe Biersack(:

    I <3 yooh Andy plzzz be safe and be careful

  • jeanette arteaga

    andy the bvb army loves u and doesn’t wanna see u get hurt your music is amazing i hope u feel better get well soon love u:)  

  • Ilovestormandoni

    Plz dont hurt ur self again NOBODY wants to see your pretty BVB face all broken up. And noone wants to c u hurting either. Get well soonz! <3

  • Fallenangel1195

    D: thats horrible. I hope he gets better. He kicked a** in 99x’s xmas ball 😀 even though everyone there just wanted to see avenger 7fold :p tell the truth bvb is better /m/ i hope they win song of the year 😀 <3

  • Myrthe44

    OMG first you broke your ribs, now your nose! Plssss dont do it again. Loveuu<3

  • Veronica Guivas

    awww get better plzz i love you

  • Veronica Guivas

    awww get better plzz i love you

  • Saraburton1991

    Wow andy u are a wild child and my idol I have every poster/ lyrics from ur albums wish I could go to ur concert or meet u in person. I’ve never been to a concert in my life.

  • emokiddrawr

    poor andy hope u could do more shows for the people out there, getter better<33

  • sixx<33

    andy please dont  let bvb army down <'3

  • Kirstendinzler

    I think it would be a good idea to continue the tour if u think u can then go Andy :)

  • Xlonelystrangerx

    You give me hope. <3

  • Iloveandysixx!!:)

    Omg Andy !!!! Don’t worry I’ll kiss ur nose so u can feel better. :)

  • Kam

    You go Andy!! It’s amazing that you still want to continue the tour. I admire you for that.


  • Natalie Chirico

    go you



  • BVBaregayashell

    It would be nice if you got your nose broken every day you creepy little loser!

  • James

    Hopefully it heals alright!

  • Mmeoow

    Aww Andy :)

  • Kaylee Lavalley


  • Dot2dot1999

    poor andy
    he is amazing we all love u

  • Deadrose1999

    awwww no poor andy

  • alexialuv

    awww  get better<3

  • Angela

    Andy esti super si dragut,iti ascult muzica as vrea sa te intilnesc 

  • Angela

    te admir,sa te faci bine

  • xxjoey_juvenilexx

    I love u andy

  • #1bridesmaid_kenidi

    Aww! Get better soon Andy! <3 you!!!!

  • Tiffneyangel10

    with a broken nose hes still freaken hot get better andy <3

  • Nadin*JD

    poor guy, get well soon! (I know how is it-I was very broken nose. After the surgery even more shitty than before the surgery)

  • NightFang150

    Nope, still hotter than my boyfriend. Lol, I was told to look at the picture then decide. Andy wins. 😛 Get better Andy! (even though I’m like three months late saying this)

  • Sunjay140

    Only Andy can survive such a thing

  • kerrie

    I need to get in contact with the Black Veil Brides or their with their manager … Im from Australia … Please !!

  • kitty:Power

    Lol raccoon!!!they are so cute though…… 😛

  • DEBH

    i hope you get well this accident probably happened a long time ago but if could be your friend and be close to you i would treat you better than a king and do wahtever you desire i hope you can e mail me at debbiebarahona@yahoo.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/merry.thompson.3 Merry Thompson

    I literally cried while reading this. Stay safe Andy!! Stop getting hurt! :(

  • Mel Louise

    Still hot tho.

  • Alexawatson

    I was there at the concert when it happened. Oh my god I was literally praying for him to be ok. It wasn’t because I wanted him to finish the concert it was because I don’t want to see anyone in pain. Once he stumbled off the stage followed by his band I started to cry and almost everyone else did Aswell even the boys did.the reason I was crying was because he was really hurt and I HATE TO SEE PEOPLE HURT . Of corse the concert was canceled and we all pulled ourselves back together and left. BUT once we walked outside I saw the paramedics try to escort him on to the truck and he pushed them away and stumbled off again

  • BvB_♥

    Oh andy :C ♥