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Exclusive: Iron Reagan--Featuring Members of Municipal Waste and Suppression--Premiere New Album, Worse than Dead

Exclusive: Iron Reagan--Featuring Members of Municipal Waste and Suppression--Premiere New Album, <em>Worse than Dead</em>

Today, Revolver is proud to premiere the debut LP, Worse than Dead, from Richmond, Virginia's Iron Reagan. Featuring Tony Foresta (vocals) and Phil "LandPhil" Hall (guitar) of Municipal Waste and Paul Burnette (bass) and Ryan Parish of Supression (drums), both also formerly of Darkest Hour, the band will release the album on March 19 via A389 Records and Magic Bullet Records. Check it out below, as well as a track-by-track discussion of standout songs by Foresta, and let us know what you think in the comments.

"Drop the Gun"
TONY FORESTA I’m not one that’s big on attending protests and such but there was some serious bullshit going down last year with Virginia Legislature trying to pass two really insane bills that pretty much denied women in Virginia their reproductive rights. It was pretty crazy. The protest I was at was on the states capitol and had 31 women arrested and carried off to jail during a peaceful protest. One of those police officers that was hog tying and carrying some of these women away was also herself a women. I was pretty shocked that someone could do something like that. Did she even know that these women were standing up for her? So yeah, that's what that song is about.

"I Predict the Death of Harold Camping"
It seems like the end of the world is supposed to happen every three months or so nowadays. Harold Camping was one of the Christian nut jobs that used his false predictions to cash in on peoples fears. He also predicted that the world was going to end the day after my birthday. That would have been one hell of a hangover for me had it been true.

"Cycle of Violence"
This song's conceptual premise stemmed from the insanity happening in Syria. It's about the way in which our human society thrives on the day-in-and-day-out administration of violence upon ourselves and others. It's a shame that such measures have to be taken by either one person or by a nation of people to defend their human rights or deem their choice of religious practice the utmost truth. For us, it's fucking scarier that those motives are the driving force behind majority of violent acts because it depressingly puts all of the free thinking world at risk of falling victim to senseless acts of brutality, i.e. 9-11, Syria, etc.

"Eyes Piss Tears"
This song is kind of a fun one about a horrifying experience that happened to Phil and I while we on tour. To make a long story short, we both were woken up to “You guys gotta get the fuck out of here, the cops are coming!” only to realize we were sleeping in the middle of a bizarre crime scene involving an elderly women, her granddaughter, an extremely inebriated crust punk, and a lot of pee pee.

"We Know You're Hiding"
This song was a blast to write musically. We wanted to put into it as many homages to our roots and influences as we could, so, that's why we have a breakdown, fast-paced stops, and a rhythmic vocal pattern! Lyrically, it's about internet trolls and how they spend all of their time fighting their battles behind a keyboard rather than giving positive reinforcement to those bands or people in which they respect.

Phil wrote the lyrics to this song. I really like the angle he went with this one. Basically the lyrics are taken from the point of view of a disgruntled video-game henchman. Remember those low level guys from Double Dragon that would get whipped up and beaten every game? Didn't you ever wonder why someone would submit their lives to do such a thing on a regular basis? What was their story? This song’s is portraying the point of view of a person like that. It’s also a metaphor from where we are today as people in our every day society as a whole.

This is simple. Women have the right to choose who, what, when, where, why, and how when it comes to their body and mind. Invasive practices on a woman's reproductive organ is not only inhumane and barbaric, but it's also downright senseless and grotesque. Live your life, have your beliefs, and adapt your ideological practices into your life the best way you see fit, but in return, harness the human emotion of compassion and let others live and thrive the same way. No old man in a business suit has any right to force any woman on this planet into motherhood. It's not just Women's Rights at that point, it's Human Rights.

"Two Examples"
"How easily misconstrued gun advocacy, gun control, and gun regulation seems to be in this country. It's a not a matter of trampling your Second Amendment rights, it's honestly just an easy issue of amending it. To sum it up: Necessity. Think about it. I'm not a God-fearing man but what is the one deadly sin out of the seven that absolutely frowns upon stuffing your face with relentless amounts of food? Gluttony. There's something to be learned from that. You don't need an arsenal to keep you safe. Hell, you don't need semi-automatic weapons and clips that hold thousands of rounds. All you need is the knowledge, the know-how, the respect, and the training needed to fire a simple handgun/rifle safely and effectively. This song doesn't condemn the rights of gun-holders nor does it condemn the possession of firearms in this country. It's sole purpose is to make you, the gun consumer, aware that when you conveniently place an order on the internet for weapons that can cause serious damage and destruction with little to no regulation or difficulty, the odds of some nut bag placing that same exact order in any--or your--small-town-America is alarming. Bottom line, those loose stipulations need to be radically challenged and amended. Gun reform can't wait any longer.

"Snake Chopper"
We like this song a lot because it features guest vocals from our friend Thomas Linburg--At The Gates, Disfear, Skitsystem. This is also your Mom’s favorite song on the album.

"Walking Out"
Am sure the majority of the people reading this have worked at least one shitty job in their life. I can’t even keep track of the amount of awful jobs I’ve worked over the years. I’ve worked jobs from dishwashing at a hippie bar, mowing lawn to even working as a shoe salesman at Sears. I’ve pretty much done whatever it takes at wherever I could to get by. Working at such places sets you up for a lot of abuse from a lot of people way more ignorant than you. This song is about the satisfaction you get from realizing you would rather go broke for another month then take any more of their shit. Walking out and leaving them stranded with your workload is a great feeling sometimes.

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