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Exclusive: Jeffrey Nothing Premieres "Deathbed Masquerade"

Exclusive: Jeffrey Nothing Premieres

Frontman for Ohio alternative metallers Mushroomhead, Jeffrey Nothing is releasing his first solo album, The New Psychodalia (Suburban Noize), on October 11. We're giving you an exclusive early look at what the record holds in store with a stream of one of the tracks from the album, "Deathbed Masquerade." We also checked in with Nothing to get the low down on the song. Tell us what you think of it in the comments.

REVOLVER What's this song about?
JEFFREY NOTHING I'm kind of talking about the unfortunate true costs of war and just the struggle to survive. I mean when does one cross the line and how many lives are enough? In positions of ultimate power is it possible to o to the well too many times? Do you ever give away enough meaningless pawns? I have lost a lot of  people over time, but nothing could prepare me for the grief my daughter has felt from losing her Uncle at a very young age. And yet so many take their own lives. I'll never get used to that.

Which part of it did you come up with first?
I had the first verse first and the rest came over time in pieces... during campaign promises these people who rule seem like your new best friend, with promises of the world or at least world peace. We believe wholeheartedly and cast our vows of undying support. Reality, unfortunately, brands us the fools and schools us with its heavy hand; that these are just men lying as we all can and do, wearing whatever collar we choose. That truth can be downright evil and our heroes can crash and burn like all of the rest of us.

Was this an easy song to write or record?
Not really. It was the second song we worked on and the last one to be finished. Some songs write themselves and some back you into a corner. This one rests somewhere in between. Some parts came with time but I kept going back to the feel of that first verse.  Recording it was easy once I got the tone and delivery right. After that it was a pleasure because Ryan [Farrell, guitar] can match my voice so well and always finds new approaches for me to try.

Why have you decided to record a solo album at this point?
The chance discovery of guitarist Ryan Farrell and just the chance really. [Drummer] Skinny and I always knew we wanted to, but we just never found the perfect situation before now. This has felt like it was meant to be. Ever since I first heard "Burial," this is the most fun I've had recording in a long time, and hopefully it will continue when we start touring behind the album.

How is working on your own music different from doing music with Mushroomhead?
Each band has a different formula. I think it's good to mix up who you're creative with, as different people bring different creative ideas to the table.

What sort of feedback have you gotten on this song so far?
Same as the whole project really. Everyone is very receptive to what we're trying to do here. I feel it's a sort of Sepultura meets Alice in Chains almost. That feels new and very different. The response so far of the fans I've played it for is fantastic and I hope the rest, that are waiting, feel the same. I hope the fans all love this noise, as much as we did making it for you.

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