Exclusive: Kalmah Premiere New Album, Seventh Swamphony

Finnish melodic death-metal outfit Kalmah will release their new album, Seventh Swamphony, on June 17. In anticipation, the band is premiering the record right here right now. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Guest


  • Lord

    I think its ok :)

  • Tyrell Corp.

    “Garbage” – what an exemplary review. How could one not be impressed by your one word evaluation that articulately substantiates the reasons you did not enjoy listening to Kalmah’s latest release. Fantastic. Seriously, pull your head from out of your ass and develop a sense of maturity. How many times have you listened to the album? Why is it “garbage”?

    As for my own thoughts… I think it is a solid effort. I was a little disappointed on my initial listening as I admittedly held ridiculous expectations in respect to what it should represent. After 5 plus listening’s, the symbolic nature of the sound, themes and effects are starting to fuse together to form an epic sense of energy, theater and unapologetic showmanship. Yet, at times they seem to stunt their own creativity and freedom through choosing to write safe, conservative tracks, and this disrupts the overall flow of the record. Instead of unleashing a cascading rapture of unstoppable dynamism and dramatic grandeur on a consistent basis, we end up with an album that is sharp, alluring and “pretty” – with an added dash of epic. I so badly wanted it to be piercing, entrancing and eccentrically magnificent. It seems to be as though Kalmah are still searching for their ultimate sound. They came very close to finding it here, and one can tell they had a great deal of fun having a go. It’s a slight improvement on 12 Gauge with interesting additions to their sound.

    7.8/10 – pick of the songs: Seventh Swamphony, Hollo, Wolves on the Throne, Windlake Tale.

    • Akshay

      this is gud stiff .. cant say brilliant but overall gud effort put in to makea gud album .. Initially didnt like much after listening to couple of times i liked it

      • Tyrell Corp.

        Yeah, I can that see we have fairly similar opinions on the record. It does take a few listening’s to really appreciate the vibe and atmosphere, and how all the songs tie together to form a collective theme. There are certainly some majestic moments in Seventh Swamphony, its just a shame I couldn’t say that for all of it.

        I just get a little pissed when people leave comments such as “Garbage” after listening to an album once. You have to give the music a chance to digest. Even if someone doesn’t like it, wouldn’t it benefit everyone if they explained why?

  • Dan

    I love it! 10/10. This is the reason why i love kalmah, they stick to their roots while they still add in some change to their “outer shell” in each album. i dont get it when people complain when a band sounds too much “like their older selves”. Isn’t that the reason why we pick our favourites? Cause of their root style? I much rather have a band produce similar sounding albums (as long as that sound appeals to me) rather than completely change everything every time to experiment, that personally throws me off. But to each their own.

    • Tyrell Corp.

      Hi,Dan. As a long term Kalmah fan myself, I completely agree with your sentiments regarding their process of producing music. They stay strong to their roots whilst subtly evolving their sound in a very creative, expressive manner. I would say that there are several layers to the musical progression debate, however. You have bands that decide to sell out for mainstream appeal (In Flames, Soliwork), bands that change their sound dramatically due to creative reasoning (Amorphis, The Mars Volta), bands that are very consistent with their foundational sound but whom look to evolve through each record (Kalmah, VAST, Death) and bands that keep the same, generic tone, without expanding, throughout (COB, Norther, Rhapsody of Fire, Dragonforce, Running Wild, Thrash metal – all of which I love) – p.s. I’m very much aware that these are vague examples, I’m just trying to make a point. I very much prefer the Kalmah way. It always surprises me when I hear people say “they sound the same in every album”. This is complete bullshit. These people have not listened to Kalmah thoroughly enough – they have a different theme and atmosphere for every album (all equally intriguing). The Seventh Swamphony has that core Kalmah sound, with those quick, explosive dual-harmonized guitar riffs and dramatic, atmospheric keyboards – this setup should never change. They have added some new elements, such as trance-like keyboard riffs, epic-sounding folk melodies (in the vain of Turisas) and new time signatures, which are all brilliant. The issue I have is that they do not enforce these new musical additions consistently enough. Tracks like “The Trapper” and “Black Martens Trace” are very safe and conservative, and in my opinion quite bland, given the nature of ‘Hollo’, ‘Seventh Swamphony’ and ‘Wolves on a Throne’. So my issue is not that they sound too much like their old-selves (which I agree is a good thing), but that they don’t embrace this new atmosphere that they have created enough and keep up the scintillating momentum set by the first 6 tracks of the album – this takes away from the overall theatrical feel (which is why it is slightly disappointing, in my opinion) and why it feels great, instead of incredible. Still, it is a great record and I am loving it more and more every day, – 8/10 (it deserves an 8, on further reflection).

  • HappyFan

    Awesome album!!! 10/10.