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Exclusive: KMFDM Premiere New Album, KUNST

Exclusive: KMFDM Premiere New Album, <em>KUNST</em>

Industrial-metal legends KMFDM will release their new album, KUNST, on February 26--you can preorder it in a variety of special bundles at In anticipation, the band is streaming the record right here right now. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

KMFDM main man Sascha Konietzko has this to say about the album: "Inspiration is everywhere. Unless one lives in a sequestered environment, the bombardment of inspiration is inescapable. KUNST, like every other KMFDM album to this point, is in a way both a mirror of what inspired us during the process of writing and composing it, as well as a snapshot of where the band was in it's own timeline. Even though the direct translation of the german word 'Kunst' is 'art', 'Kunst' has a broader meaning for Germans, and Europeans in general, than 'art' has for native English speakers. Especially since the early 20th century, art has been politically instrumentalized, for example in propaganda of ultra-right and hard-left movements. Many 'degenerate' artists have been sent to concentration camps to be systematically murdered under the Nazi-terror regime, sent to labor, starve, and die in the Siberian GULAG under Stalin, as well as, most recently, imprisoned in Putin's Russia. Art, and KUNST,  are closely tied to aspects of danger, of upheaval and underground rumblings."

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