Exclusive: KMFDM Premiere New Album, KUNST

Industrial-metal legends KMFDM will release their new album, KUNST, on February 26–you can preorder it in a variety of special bundles at KMFDM.BigCartel.com. In anticipation, the band is streaming the record right here right now. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

KMFDM main man Sascha Konietzko has this to say about the album: “Inspiration is everywhere. Unless one lives in a sequestered environment, the bombardment of inspiration is inescapable. KUNST, like every other KMFDM album to this point, is in a way both a mirror of what inspired us during the process of writing and composing it, as well as a snapshot of where the band was in it’s own timeline. Even though the direct translation of the german word ‘Kunst’ is ‘art’, ‘Kunst’ has a broader meaning for Germans, and Europeans in general, than ‘art’ has for native English speakers. Especially since the early 20th century, art has been politically instrumentalized, for example in propaganda of ultra-right and hard-left movements. Many ‘degenerate’ artists have been sent to concentration camps to be systematically murdered under the Nazi-terror regime, sent to labor, starve, and die in the Siberian GULAG under Stalin, as well as, most recently, imprisoned in Putin’s Russia. Art, and KUNST,  are closely tied to aspects of danger, of upheaval and underground rumblings.”


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  • exiter


  • Nevin

    Hello, didn’t expect that. Can’t watch for March!

  • dave


  • J5

    Kmfdm never disappoints. Great band. Gotta see them again this spring.

  • Spyre

    I wouldn’t call this album horrible, but it seems like KMFDM has totally lost their spark. I think they should either move on to something different or retire because this is just getting sad. They had a good run, and it should be left as that.

    Their 2011 show was still awesome though so I guess they’re not completely dead.

    • Xtort

      Better than other shit I’ve heard. But yes, something is missing compared to their old stuff. I guess that’s the beauty of musical development, its not meant to be the same. Any fan misses En Esch, Gunter, and Skold. But I’m glad they’ve kept writing music. Keeps the hate alive.

      • http://tricil.net John Jacobus

        I remember when Skold was the new guy!

      • http://www.facebook.com/ziggymoonunit Ziggy Moonunit

        I have to agree. I love KMFDM and wish I could see them live again (they come nowhere near where I live now) but something is missing. There is no spark here, something that would be good to have on in the background but doesn’t get your adrenaline going. It’s almost boring, which dissapoints me.

    • Berto

      Two of the members (Jules and Andy) formed another band called The Spittin’ Cobras: you should check them out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ilya.tinovskiy Ilya Tinovskiy

    Super album

  • http://twitter.com/Steelerz99 Wy

    Going to be a classic!

  • Blade

    This and WTF?! Have been huge steps in the right direction…wasn’t a fan of hau ruck, tohvabahou era. Blitz was a baby step right but this one is excellent


    Pseudocide, Quake, Next Big Thing, and Pussy Riotare enough to sell the album! With all 10 tracks this becomes the type of album that ranks with NIHIL,XTORT, and Symbols.

  • http://www.facebook.com/davuvnik David Cano

    Estoy impresionado, me encanta la evolución de KMFDM, ellos siempre nos mostrarán con guante blanco como hacer de la musica un medio para vivir sin comprometer tus ideales.


  • Noir_Rose

    This is interesting…as the album goes on, it gets better…I like it better anyway. I still can’t wait to see them in the Spring. Though my favorite albums that I love is XTORT, Blitz, Hau Ruck, WTF?!, Symbols, WWIII, I really can’t get enough of that sound! Still awesome that they are still kickin’ it though.

  • Face

    Nothing will ever beat Nihil or Xtort…

    Overall, it sounds like a good album. And the sound quality is better than WWIII(ouch!).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Gass/100001039740161 Christopher Gass

    another killer album. cant wait till march 23!

  • snake

    Fucking awsome. Thos other guys are just haters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brianhyde70 Brian Hyde

    can’t wait to see kmfdm in atlanta!

  • n1ck0las

    Gave this a listen at work and immediately preordered. If folks expect the same KMFDM album over and over, it’s not going to happen. Part of their charm is the open door policy for members. This keeps the songs fresh and energetic.

    This album (to me) sounds better than the last few releases. The KMFDM spirit is still strong, how many bands out there have this kind of consistency?

    • sethsez

      “If folks expect the same KMFDM album over and over, it’s not going to happen.”

      But isn’t that what we’ve been getting since Hau Ruck? I remember when the band messed around with funk and dub, got FM Einheit in to bang on trash, rotated through a bunch of different and interesting divas, etc. Since Hau Ruck they’ve just been rearranging the same two or three sounds over and over with no real variation. I agree their open door policy was what made them so great (Sascha’s like chicken broth… bland alone, but an amazing base to build all kinds of great stuff on), but lately it’s barely made an impact.

      Symbols sounded nothing like Angst. This sounds a hell of a lot like Tohuvabohu. They’re the same number of albums apart. Progression has more or less stopped, and that’s a real shame for a band that used to find all kinds of interesting ways to bend their core sound.

      • n1ck0las

        You make great points here. I’ve read some of the guys have side projects, which I hope lead to permanent projects that will open doors to new KMFDM members.

        I suspect that some of the changes in sound, aside from lineup changes, had to do with new equipment purchases and studio staff. I don’t recall his name but an engineer had worked on quite a few of their albums, when he no longer appeared in album credits, the sound also changed. Quite a few variables.

        Let’s hope the best is yet to come!

        • sethsez

          I honestly think it’s just a case of input mostly being limited to Sascha and Lucia, while in the past we also got contributions from En Esch, Guenter Schulz, and to a lesser degree Raymond Watts and Tim Skold. Sascha brought the chugging guitars and electronics, but En Esch brought the funk and general weirdness while Schulz brought the guitar heroics (there’s certainly nobody in KMFDM now who can write a riff as well as he did). Meanwhile, Ray brought the sleaze and odd Foetus influences while Skold brought a bit of mall-goth cheesiness that worked in small doses.

          I think the issue is that, by themselves, Sascha and Lucia don’t have many ideas, and the other members are essentially hired hands. Changing the supporting members isn’t going to change that either… right now it’s clear who has a say and who is there to shut up and play. KMFDM used to be a collective of sorts, where everyone had unique viewpoints and equal input. They need to get some of that back, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Ray’s too far gone, there’s too much bad blood between Sascha and the Slick Idiot crew, Lucia’s married to Sascha so there’s no chance of a shake-up there… the only real possibility is Skold coming back for an album, which I’d really like to see happen. Anyone else would just be a guest or hired hand (Sascha’s not letting anyone new tell him what to do with his baby at this point), but Skold has a chance of being a real, legitimate collaborator and might pull Sascha out of this funk.

          More than likely, however, we’re going to keep getting albums like this for the foreseeable future. Dude’s making undemanding music with his wife to a formula he nailed down almost a decade ago which is successful enough to pay the bills, and for a guy in his early fifties that’s a pretty sweet gig. I certainly wouldn’t want to give it up or rock the boat too much at that point either.

          • Phoenix

            To quote Sascha himself: “if it works so good why fuck with it”. I guess it bugs me because Jules and Andy are both exceptional musicians in their own rights but they’re continually written off due to what seems like a limited input into songwriting.

            I do like stuff from Hau Ruck and Tohuvabohu they don’t ‘feel’ like KMFDM albums, Kunst feels more like the KMFDM sound and that’s probably due to the guest songs. I haven’t lost hope, in the future I hope William Wilson could maybe fill the void that Watts left (although in a less creepy way). I guess its a case of Sascha has become comfortable and there’s probably a bit mote truth in the song ‘Bitches’ than I’d like.

          • sethsez

            I don’t really have a problem with Andy, but it feels like Jules just happened to gain prominence in KMFDM and Pig at the exact time they both got boring and predictable. I don’t know if he’s playing the best he can and it’s just not very good, if he could do better and he’s just phoning it in, or if he’s rolling over for Ray and Sascha when he should probably stick up for what he knows is best a bit more, but regardless I’ve yet to hear something from him that really impressed me.

            At this point I realize that I probably sound like a fountain of negativity. The thing is, I was a HUGE fan back in the day up until around WWIII (which is a story I’ve heard from a lot of places, for some reason that’s the last album a lot of people got off the train with). Bought every album, every single, everything I could get my hands on in vinyl, videos, bootlegs, signed or otherwise rare or unique merch, side projects (Schweinstein was a lot of fun, probably my overall favorite album with Jules on it), etc. This all goes for Pig as well. So seeing where both acts are now is pretty disappointing to me. I feel like I’ve gotten more than enough from both of them to last a lifetime, but just like any band that’s vibrant in their youth and then coasts through middle age it’s still unfortunate to see.

            I don’t think Sascha’s lost it (his solo album from a couple years ago was pretty interesting), but I do feel like KMFDM as a project has become too limited and isn’t likely to surprise anyone anymore.

          • LB

            Exactly what he said. As a fan who also left after WWIII, it’s just unfortunate to see where both of those bands are now at. Personally, I find the music KMFDM has putting out since 2004 or so unlistenable. But even if you do like how it sounds, the decline of KMFDM’s sound and style is undeniable. The last four albums have sounded exactly the same, have no memorable songs. KMFDM are no longer innovative in any sense of the word, most of their songs repeat tropes from their heyday and rely on the same two or three formulas. Also aesthetically, the decline is evident. KMFDM albums, press releases, concerts, etc. used to be marked by a unique, quriky aesthetic and weird, tongue-in-cheek humor. KMFDM now is painfully overstated, tired and impossible to take seriously. Sascha has alienated himself from almost all of the other important members of the original band.

            It’s so disappointing because KMFDM in the in the 80s and early 90s really was a unique and excellent band. They have a lot of really memorable singles and five or six great albums. Slick Idiot is at least something different and creative, but Esch and Günter sound rough and aimless without Sascha’s production to bring everything together. And Raymond is just a shadow of himself.

            Such a bummer!

          • n1ck0las

            After having given the album a number of listens in my car now, my initial excitement got the better of me. ‘The Lucia songs’ are by far the weakest on the album, and it does echo the last few releases. There are some fantastic little bits that flow through some of the songs, but they fade away too quickly.

  • NKL

    Nice guys, but they kind of stuck. It’s the same thing over and over again. They have a number of cliches which they reuse for every album. I stopped buying their albums at Blitz.

  • Larry37

    KMFDM is just not the same without En Esch & Gunter… I was a huge fan of this band from the first time I saw them in 1990 open for Ministry, and saw them on every tour up through 1997. I just can’t get into this new version of KMFDM that’s been kicking around since 2002 or so… and this album is no different. It’s just not the same without those two guys. I always give a new KMFDM record a ‘chance’, but really have not been impressed with anything they have done since ‘XTORT’….

    My big problem is they never play the old stuff on the tour. Sure, they might bring out ‘Drug Against War’ & ‘Godlike’, but never any of the songs from UAIOE, Naive, Money, Nihil… or singles like ‘Virus’, ‘Split’… I’ve skipped almost every new KMFDM tour because when I see the setlist I’m disappointed. I really hope they bring back some stuff like ‘More& Faster’, ‘Thumb Thumb’, ‘Go to Hell’, … you know the fun KMFDM songs…even ‘Sucks’… but they aren’t getting my money for ticket if they don’t delve into those records!

    • Andy

      Sascha doesn’t like to play songs that ‘belong’ more to previous members than to him or other current bandmates. I feel the same way about hearing some of the (very) oldies, but that’s what I’ve heard him say in interviews. With a back catalog as huge as KMFDM’s, there’s bound to be tons of material that alot of us want to hear and will never get to. And FYI, I’ve seen them on every tour since 2004 and personally heard them play Go to Hell, Son of a Gun, Light, Brute, Terror, More and Faster, Sex on the Flag (from Money album), Liebeslied (original version from Naive), and many other old deep cuts within those years. Also, Flesh (from Nihil) is a regular at every show I’ve seen. You should shell out the money and just see what they play – it’s luck of the draw and always a great crowd!

  • Ketakid84

    the 1st track sounds like a watered down remix/mash-up of old song elements. Within the 1st min I hear 3 dif KMFDM songs, An I’m probably the least familar with there library ,person posting on here. Its not terrible, but sorta sad & bland. Like give up guys. No disrespect, but I’m embarressed for both of us. you’re becoming the hatebreed of industrial or whatever genre there lumped in. That band that has long sense lost its relevance, so much that the shred of that small place/value still left as fan; slowly diminutious, because that sad scene they’ve become. like some habitual fuck-up childhood friend, you just cant be there for anymore.
    the ultimate tragedy in a bands demise to me.

    they def Got some solid/epic songs within the library, but personally from what I’ve heard; I cant claim much after 97/98. I dunno, everything I heard following just had this generic/ formulaic sound. Maybe I didnt give enough time, just curious some1 else’s thoughts.

    • Xtorting

      If you enjoy their old stuff, then yes this style of music is not similar. But I would say that I enjoy some of their recent albums, Hau Ruck, Tohuvabohu, Attak, some of Blitz, and most of WTF?! But yes, something is missing. I think it’s their humor itself, they used to have songs that made fun of random shit and sounds that were really out there. Now, this music seems more Punk/Techno oriented than goofy-random music.

      Possibly due to years of writing music, they found a formula that worked for them. Similar to every band ever, their music becomes like cookie cutters with bits and pieces molded together instead of thinking outside the box, like in Naive/Nihil. But it seems like you (and many others) just don’t like Lucia, since she started being a full member after 98. Maybe taking away Skold/Gunter and adding her style changed their music, leading to a more “generic” sound (hate to say that).

      I enjoy Lucia as a singer/writer. But her influence on the entire band has become a bit overwhelming. You could tell which songs she wrote, and which part she thought about. It’s almost like the McCarthy/Lennon split, where you could tell who wrote which song. Instead of working together, (like in Hau Ruck and Attak) she’s becoming a bit independent: Strut, Rebels in Kontrol, Ave Maria, etc.

      Personally, this music is still different than other shit out there. And that’s why I’ll continue supporting KMFDM. Cause their shit keeps developing into something that not many bands can come close to. Maybe I’m just addicted to KMFDM, but their music (new and old) will always be my favorite.

      I think the best aspect to look forward to is more solo projects by Sasha, his Prolet Kult album was really out there. And if progressed in the right way, it could be the return of that odd-sounding music.

  • Revetahw

    I think this is a mix up of the Pre ADIOS KMFDM with the beat machines and heavy industrial sounds, along with the Post ADIOS KMFDM with actual guitars and drums. I believe this is more of a transition album to what most remember as KMFDM. I myself think both styles deserve equal respect and KMFDM still is and always be my number 1 band simply because for them they refuse to bow to what is “in” and keep making music that they want to make. KMFDM SUCKS!!!!!

  • michael bensing

    Rather generic sounding. Sorry guys, but this is severely lacking.

  • feearie

    I’m glad that some things in the world are not changing… Best wishes for all of the KMFDM and KMFDM fans!!!

  • Ben

    I like the linear feel of the album…like I am listening to a soundscape rather than an album composed of just different songs. I liked WTF? in how you totally revamped your style and now this soundscape is a great follow-up=)

  • http://www.facebook.com/poishish Stephane Dignard

    Look’s like they got stuck in the past… they could have bring the best of the past and come up with something fresh…… it’s exactly like listening a old of tape of KMFDM… sorry
    in fact they did what Depeche mode did with the last album… LOL 😉

  • AzV83

    The beats in this are fantastic, but the lyrical quality is going down the drain. It seems like every album now we get treated to reminiscences about KMFDM’s past or shouted slogans without any meaning or connection. I miss the depth of all their mid-90s albums.

  • James Denner

    i totally Love the Gunter era but KMFDM are still churning out great tracks. I loathed Skold at first but Save Me is prob my fave song. Hau Ruck was a great album. This album after one hear is solid

  • Josh

    Been a fan since Nihil, and while I can say I don’t get excited for their new albums as I used to, I am never disappointed!

  • http://twitter.com/loshadtm Vitaly Vinogradov

    New classic. Stands in the line with 90th heavy metal works.