Exclusive: Korn Reveal New Album Cover and Track List

Korn will release The Paradigm Shift, their 11th studio album and first new record with guitarist Brian “Head” Welch in a decade, in stores and via digital retailers on October 1 on Prospect Park. Now the band has teamed up with Revolver to reveal the cover art, created by artist Roboto, and track listing for the album. Check it all out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Track listing:

13. TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT (deluxe)


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  • Jake Ryan Booth

    😀 It’s amazing

  • funeralbitchx

    Artwork looks slightly Tool-ish.

  • meh

    looks like a tool album..

  • ¡David Oakes! 

    Lateralus was my first thought…

  • Herpaderpadoo

    Need Track sample NAO!!!!!

  • Megaloid

    WHAT WE DO and VICTIMIZED are gonna be singles, I’m calling it right now.

    • Mazehaze

      Victimized may be a single at some point, but I’m betting on Love and Meth. This song has the groove like Here To Stay did.

  • Mad Dude


    • Knux

      They recorded 15 tracks that had vocals, they never they were going to include all tracks onto the album. The other 2 we may get later on down the road.

  • Pipe Rodríguez

    Korn on Titans

  • Joesph

    Please no dubstep on this one!! Path of Totality sucked dick.

    • Christopher McClelland

      You suck dick for saying it sucked dick… A true Korn fan would love everything they put out, like I do… you lack the ability to evolve with the styles of music…

      • Krloz Reynozo

        Then you´re a fan of the name not of the music my friend,seriously POT was shit with no creativity like 6 or 7 filler trackz ,thats shit man,but i hope they still have some for us

    • Mazehaze

      There’s dubstep on TPS, so get ready for it. It’s not the MAIN element as this is a guitar-lovers album. If you liked Untouchables and Issues, you should really dig this album.

      • Jon

        Almost drooled reading your comment. I can’t wait to hear it. Personally, I didn’t mind Path of Totality. I thought the heavier elements of dubstep allowed Korn to stretch back to the growls and screams. So, it helped in some ways. I loved Untouchables and Issues. I hope you’re right…

  • Andrew T. Nutt

    Love the title, not so crazy about the cover. As an avid fan of yours, I
    suggest you stick with what defines you guys. The recurring theme of
    underprivileged, abused and downtrodden children works, and it
    compliments your musical style and subject-matter.

  • John Allen

    I’m so fucking stoked for head to be back this album is gonna kill. I hope love and meth
    Isn’t a poke at love and death. That wouldn’t be cool. Love and death put out a killer album as well.

  • PeCet

    I just hope it will be the original korn font in the final version; this variant is a bit ugly…

  • Camus Freidel

    Doesn’t it remind you a little of Tool’s Lateralus artwork?

    • dNb

      ^^ it’s like a combination of the lateralus and the 10.000 days artwork

    • tom greene

      actually more like pink floyd’s division bell

  • Amanda

    Sweet!! I’m so excited :)

  • Chris Hernandez


  • Christopher McClelland

    I have every cd Korn has ever put out, can’t wait for this one!!!

  • http://waluigi.com/ Waluigi

    Can’t wait!!!

  • FickDich22


  • Jonathan Richmond


  • Jake Ryan Booth

    There’s only 11 on the standard and the deluxe shows 13 :/ What happened to the 15 tracks. It was so hyped up. Oh well, doesn’t matter I guess, at least we’re getting some new fresh stuff

  • Hhisland Andme

    Release the single!!! : P

  • Chelsey Osborne

    Come onnnnn October 1st!

  • Because_Korn_Make_GREAT_songs!

    Yeah, it may only have 11 tracks, but they might be longer songs? and Korn being who got me into metal and rock in the first place, they have a special place in my heart! This album looks so wicked! CANT WAIT

    • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.picard.35 Matthew Picard

      Quality over Quantity. There will be plenty of songs to be released on b-sides and singles.

  • Lyndon Johnson

    Sometimes the title of the song can give a hint to how good it will be. Judging on these titles, I bet “Spike in my Veins” is the shit!

  • KornIsBadAss

    I absolutely love this new cover. People who are already bitching like little stupid Justin Beblers need to shut the fuck up. Stop always trying to play critic. Show some appreciation that they were nice enough to let us see it. At least we have something while we wait. Korn is baddass=)

    • YourUsernameIsClingy

      You sure do talk about Justin Bieber a lot dude, do you have a secret to tell us?

      • Ykcir Rekrap

        was gonna say the samething

  • Weallbleed7

    Spike In My Veins is just a recycled JDevil song. Too bad this album is still going to have a lot of electronic influence. I don’t want another debut but can we at least stay true to who they are which is metal not dubstep. Well I’ll check the album out anyway cuz KoRn made 9 kick ass albums just not as excited for it even with Head back they’re proceeding with the electronics in their music.

    • KornIsBadAss

      Obviously you are not a fan at all if you can not respect what they do. You don’t want them to change because you are afraid of change in your personal life. You are very transparent like pantyhose dude. Go listen to Justin Bieber then!

      • Weallbleed7

        Real mature man you dont even know me but go ahead talk shit I am a true KoRn fan and entitled to my own opinion. And you are just a little shit talking pussy.

        • KornIsBadAss

          Shut your gay ass up and go back to listening to your justin beiber and Cher records. No you are not entitled to your own opinion, whoever told you that lie? You state opinions and I state facts. As soon as you think you got the answer, I change the fuckin question. So go crawl back into your moms womb and unbirth yourself.

          • Weallbleed7

            Actually I listen to KoRn just like you and yes I am entitled to my own opinion and theres nothing you can do about that. Your so fucking closed minded you don’t have to like everything a band puts out just cuz your a fan. Your nothing but a pussy shit talking obsessed little fanboy.

      • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.picard.35 Matthew Picard

        You can’t say he’s not a true KoRn fan just because he doesn’t like their newer/tech focused albums. I don’t like Linkin Park’s last 3 albums but those first two mean I’m an LP fan for life!

        • Weallbleed7

          Thanks man I agree I haven’t liked anything LP has put out recently either but I’m still a die hard LP fan.

        • KornIsBadAss

          To late I already said it. And yes I can say that. You are not a fan if you are not loyal. If he does not like their new stuff then the proper word for him is use to be fan. Get it right, then come back and talk with the grown folks. Ok? Bye bye=P

          • Guest

            *used learn how to spell dip shit.

    • bill

      You heard the album? Its a guitar dominated album. Electronics will play the role they always played in korn songs. It will be there to add depth and mood to songs but will NOT be dominating the sound like it did on tpot.

      • Weallbleed7

        No I haven’t man but thanks for the comment I loved untouchables and that had a little bit of electronics in it.

    • Andrew

      I’m thinking it will be less electronic then Limp Bizkit. They won’t have dubstep, but LB is solid Nu Metal and even with DJ Lethal it blends in perfectly. I’m sure Korn can pull this off.

  • Angelica Hooper

    I love Korn no matter what !!! So what if its got dubstep , who ever said bands cant explore with different beats or rythems thats what they are supposed to do thats why they are called musicians!! Just like all of us each one has their own likes and dislikes if they cant express that in their music then they wouldnt be doing what they love!! So rock on KORN!!! Faithful Fan since the beginning!!!!

    • Frank Herner


    • Em_Effer

      They only used dubstep in their last album, meaning it wasnt part of their original feel. If they want to embrace it and explore and venture out beyond the original sound, thats fine. They should just do it under a different band name and leave KoRn to represent their main sound.

      • DeaconDay

        So the Beatles should have had like, 15 different bands names. Stone Temple Pilots would be about 5 bands. Incubus would be a different band every albumn. Linkin Park would be a BUNCH of shitty bands. Queens of the Stone Age would be about 5 (with all the world influences). Do I need to keep going? I could do this for a long time…

      • Weallbleed7

        Totally agree don’t ruin KoRn’s reputation they are metal if you want to do anything else do as a separate side project.

        • KornIsBadAss

          It’s their band and they can do what the hell the want. Whatever sound you want, go get your own band and do it yourself. Don’t hate them because you are afraid of change.

  • bill

    Also,usually i tunes gets its own bonus track,plus the japan edition usually does as well. If they do theres the 15 songs. People will find anything to complain about. If your a korn fan and your not happy,you probably never will. Just 2 years ago head was not in the band, and we got a dubstep album. Now looks where we are. Heads back and we are getting a guitar dominated album.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.picard.35 Matthew Picard

    What I would give for another Got the Life or Here to Stay.

  • ignoranceisyournewbestfriend

    Bring on October 1st!!!!

  • Alberto Carbuccia

    love the track names, the album cover & the album name. I love KORN!!!!!

  • edgar

    I hope we can get another follow the leader or issues album again would be f…. sweet now.we head back in korn and more scream in the lyrics I dont know its my opinion

  • Basili Koutroubas III

    Korn albums usally always start off with the lead singe as the first song so i think love and meth will be the first single. if your a true korn fan you should be pumped…

    • jesse

      yeah buddy, earache in my eyes babi

  • Josh Rowe

    Don’t like the cover, nor the fact there are only 11 songs on it… (13 if you get the special).. KoRn stated 15… but oh well, here’s to hoping the actual MUSIC on the album is good… I am hoping it isn’t TPOT v2.0.

    • Anthony Grassa

      they stated that this wont be anything close to TPOT

      • Josh Rowe

        That’s what I thought as well until I read the Metal Hammer interview with Jonathan Davis.. and Jon made it clear that dubstep IS on the new album.. which is why I am hoping it won’t be TPOT v2.0.

        • Hamoon GI

          i heard NEVER NEVER and i should say that track have a little bit dubstep but with guitar electric not dubstep devices

  • Keven Hammonds-McArthur

    I’m a musician and a fan. So as a true fan I would love to see my favorite band grow into different things sonically. Crazy enough as a musician i’d want to do the same. People who trash a band for sound what they want to sound are no better than the ones who are listening from the outside of the metal/rock/alternative world and saying negative things about (OUR) music culture. I would tell those people whether it’s their original sound/legacy, whatever to just enjoy music while we still have it bad or good. I mean come on if you were a true fan of Korn you’d know that they built their career off being different and as a fan I am and as a musician that all I require from them. KoRn Forever man!!!

    • pickle!

      That’s what I’ve been trying to say! Being a musician myself, has shown me a new level of respect for bands/artists. I look at bands/artists that I enjoy as family, and I would support them in any decision they make.

    • Rex De’ath-Vale

      I understand why they did it, but it doesn’t mean i have to enjoy it

      • jesse

        than jump off a bridge somewhere,, lol jk 😉

    • Matthew P Hahn Wood

      KoRn has always been a band not give a f’ck what the mainstream is doing. They have and will always be their own genre!

  • Jason

    LOVE the new album cover, absolutely awesome. I want a poster of it for my wall, little bit of an art deco feel to it haha, amazing!

  • Max MX Belinsky

    bring back old style KORN logo. not this font



  • bdubbya

    I see Bacon in their skulls…

  • Josh Flaherty

    Bring it lets see what’s on this side of the leaders of untouchables with issues. And life seems so peachy until you take a look in the mirror. And we find the path of totality . That we remember who we are korn fans. Cant wait to get it in my ear drums.

    • REG_2010

      that was pretty clever!

  • Private Idaho

    I can’t wait….Love and Meth, Victimized and Paranoid and Aroused..title tracks I have a feeling are going to be my fav’s..Bring It..I will be waiting for the tour..I have seen them 6 times so far….I am a long time fan…and happy Head is back..


    the album art, and playlist seems to be what I knew theyd end up doing once sorta back together… love it love them and NEVER stopped listening even when a lot did… Damn I love you GUYS…..

  • Armin

    I’m getting a Fear And The Nervous System-vibe from the artwork. Another thing that I noticed is the title for the second track. I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that it’s called Love & Meth (since Head’s band is called Love & Death).

  • Marcel988

    Can’t wait for the release!!!!!!

  • ivan

    He escuchado que tiene mas Dubstep. Espero que no cansen mucho con eso

  • Matthew P Hahn Wood

    Don’t want to amp this up, but this is going to be the sickest Korn album to date. In numerology the number 11 is beyond powerful, and I can just sense this is going to be a face-melting thrill ride! It is going to be different, but by the song titles this is going to be ill. Especially considering JD said (I’m paraphrasing from Rolling Stone), I just wrote, I don’t know where this shit came from. Now to me that sounds promising :)

  • Old Man

    Glad Head’s back! Totally stoked for this album! These guys always respect us, their fans, they are professionals through and through. Thanks and come on October!

  • Little Basketcase

    This sounds arousing. Jonathan, what you doing to me!? No…wait….what do you want to do to me? *drools* :3

  • Korn Fan

    Korn….I’m a fan from day one. They always used electronic sounds even on there first album. Jonathan Davis is a huge NIN fan. Do I like the new album cover? No, but it will grow on me with time. Do I like how they stated there would be more tracks on this album and turned out that there isn’t? No, but I believe the music will speak for itself like it always has. What do I think of Korn? A band that has a purpose and will forever continue with new material that will blow the minds of millions. Period.

  • micah

    anybody know of a place where i can pick this new album up at like guitar center or something?

  • john

    the album art suits tool , korn got to stay korn! bring something else more kornish!

    • domaug

      don’t judge by the album art. wait until August 12 (when the first single is set to be released) and judge on the sound.

  • Spud

    Am I suppose to drink from that goblet? am I mirrored? Is there relief in those eyes? Is the goblet even for me? Have the vibrations of separation found a bond in bone? What caused this change?… can I come with …. will I be ready … is their still time…

  • Perilous

    Awesome. I hope it’s good this time. Their newer stuff has sucked a dead toad’s ballsack.

  • Metalhead145

    When the hell are you guys coming to Bakersfield?! For god-sake its your own home town!

  • Corey Carroll

    Korn! Omg I’m addicted to your music!!! The Path to Totality and Jonathan’s Killbot stuff is amazing!!! Whatever you put out I will buy!!! From one musician to another, you guys are doing stuff that NO ONE else is doing and so many of us love and appreciate it!!!! Brian, I saw u at my church in corona last year and I’m glad you are back in Korn! I love and support you!

  • Poland

    Bardzo słaba okładka. Prostota bije po oczach. W ogóle nie pasuje do Korna i nie wiadomo co przedstawia. Jak dla mnie te z motywem dzieci były dużo lepsze… były znakiem charakterystycznym i rozpoznawalnym najlepszego zesołu. Widząc najnowszą mam mieszane uczucia, co do tego, co będzie “w środku”… ale i tak kupię pierwszego dnia.

  • jake sutherland

    I think the art is cool though i have no idea what it means. One thing i do know is that every korn album seems to get better and better for me. I loved path of totality so it will be hard to top that but i have faith they will. I’m glad this new album has electronics and dub step sounds again though! I think they can and will mix the guitars with the electronics better this time but it seems jd writes much better songs that have an industrial vibe to them.

  • Deniz

    I am a 15 year old boy and like your music very much.I think the new album will be terrific as the other ones.I hope to listen some wilder songs as “thoughtless ” and “blind”.I am sure that the new album will be the best one. :)

  • Mattol

    Very similar cover art to The Division Bell by Pink Floyed, just a little more modern. I cannot wait for the album though!

  • Andrew

    Nice, I’ll defiantly buy this CD!

  • M. Vodka Lover

    I’ve been a Korn fan since day 1. That was 20 years ago and they still tear it up! Music evolves. Being a past musician I understand that. They haven’t put a cd out that I didn’t like. Jonathan’s voice is astounding. I could listen to him sing anything, literally. I’m always stoked to get new music from them. So ready for this new cd! Welcome back Head! Missed you brother!

  • amanda

    I missed these guys. They’re back and doing what they do best! WINNING! Too often are our sound-waves clogged with unappreciative, meaningless, horrible pop noises that they sell as “music” to get a dollar. So glad there’s still people who know what it’s all about.

  • gonomodevil

    My body is ready!

  • Metal Kitty

    I know the album will be great, but the cover art looks a little too much like a Tool album cover. I have always really liked your albums that had different characters on them that were very stylized and cartoonish; especially with the albums that had children on them, they conveyed a sense of innocence and darkness at the same time. It encapsulated the band extremely well and seemed just as unique as Korn.

  • Hamoon GI

    KoRn..We Want Nue Metal… pls

  • Richard Rocha

    Please, come back to metal now with Head again. This new song is garbage.

  • Josh Rowe

    Heard Never Never the other day… song is garbage…. Looks like TPOT v2.0.. should have known better.. Jon always has to shove his dubstep JDevil bullshit into KoRn. I had my hopes up for this album until I heard Never Never… with one fell swoop my hopes for this album were crushed… *sighs* The KoRn that I love and adore is dead and gone. Ahh well.. everything that has a beginning has an end.

  • Hamoon GI

    Never Never is not good at all… compare it with songs like Right Now or Freak On A Leash or Alone I Break or somebody Someone !! Never Never really is garbage…where is Real KoRn??! …

  • jake

    I think the rest of the cd has a lot of guitar grooves and more rocking from what i have heard…love and meth is suppose to be a new here to stay. Dont judge from the never never radio single. I ordered the deluxe version of paradigm shift today! Cant wait!!!!

  • Jasan Stepp

    That album cover looks like something a local band in Baltimore would come up with. Really… “The faces make a goblet guys! Trust me it’ll be awesome.” -Munky