Exclusive: Kyng Premiere “Trampled Sun”

Hard rockers Kyng will release their debut, Trampled Sun (REALID), on September 27. You can hear the title cut right now, though, by streaming the song below. Vocalist-guitarist Eddie Veliz fills us in on the song below, also don’t forget to let us know what you think of the track in the comments.

REVOLVER What’s this song about?
EDDIE VELIZ Well, initially the angle was partially politically inspired, at least the sparks of the themes of misleading incentives into choosing who and what you stand for. But ideally the driven theme is inevitable conformity despite individuals striving to do their own thing and express something they think is new and brave in order to break free. It’s saying that, for the most part, it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to free yourself…the paths of change have already been prepackaged for you, and the definitions have already been coined.

Because you’re still trying to be that person that you need to be in order to not be apart, but it all fades just like the love you said that would never change, but does, because you were locked in from the moment you started making “decisions.” That whole bag was derived from a feeling of being young and fresh and promising yourself that you’d never be what you already are.

Which part of it did you come up with first?
The verse riff came first along with the breakdowns and turn around. The whole bit was lifted from vintage tones I was shifting through—I wanted this big ’60s riff that swung with a Hendrix vibe. Then I began floating melodies over it that I knew had to be as simplistically discernable as the riff, and that would fly with a high range power. The whole thing has such an easy heavy foundation that the vocals had to sustain like a banshee. And that was the beginning of that really, and then of course Tony [Castaneda, bass] came up with those ominous opening lines and the breakdown ending that really contains the smash quality of “Trampled Sun.”

Was this an easy song to record?
It was fairly easy to record by the time we did. We were so rehearsed having run it in the set for at least a year prior. I think the most difficult part of writing it was to piece the bridge on it, because of the momentum that rallies the backbeat. It drops out, out of nowhere and the chord progression enters into a light of colors that flows into this Beatles-esque homage almost leading you to a musical serenity and then looks back to get swallowed into this huge relentless chugging riff. It’s a ride and we’re very happy with it.

What sort of feedback have you gotten on this song so far?
We’ve gotten great feedback from fans about it and people hearing it live for the first time really seem to be drawn in by its familiar stature and then blown back by its power. It’s so reminiscent and chock full of those tasteful ’60s power riffs that no matter who you are, if you grew up listening to the classics, you’ll recognize the feel.


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  • Robin Arevalo

    KYNG Kicks some serious ass!

  • http://www.facebook.com/amysunflowerash Amy Denney McGee

    This song is awesome and I am so glad there is finally some new good music getting out there!!!!

  • Sean Bowie


  • Rachel

    Eddie, Tony, and Pepe are all amazing artists. Kyng will go far, I’m sure of it. Love Trampled Sun, and I can’t wait for September 27th!

  • Richie

    Killer track!  Can’t wait to hear more!!!!  Kyng kind of rocks!

  • Jimwilkinson48

    Can’t wait to see you guy’s at the Machine shop in Flint!!!

  • Edlwathen


  • Brian Lewis

    Not too bad, i can get into this! m/

  • Iwannaiguana

    This is awesome!!!

  • xx_emohunter_xx

    Really love these guys in Kyng. Are they influenced by Alice In Chains? They sound like AIC so much.

  • Gunpointevent

    really good song, it kind of reminds me of Black Sabbath

  • some dude

    went to get trampled sun at best buy when it came out, but they didnt have it. DAMN YOU BEST BUY! YOU HAVE FAILED ME YET AGAIN!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BAPY2FWYEDJG2MTXTWZ4ZDYJ7A X X

    Listening to the new album now.  Just got tix for Clutch, COC, and Kyng in Portland Maine in Dec!

  • Justin Moore

    Just saw these guys last might at starland ballroom nj with Clutch! Very good live band, tight, crisp sound, awesome drummer and lots of energy! Had the feel of Black Sabbath mixed with Soundgarden and a bit of Kyuss! They owned it also! Definitely the new addition to any Kyuss, Fu Man Chu, Sabbath, Queens of the stone age, Soundgarden, Clutch, Motörhead Ect….Fan all the way! I’m stoked for this band to be honest!