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Exclusive: Like Moths to Flames Premiere New Song "GNF"

Exclusive: Like Moths to Flames Premiere New Song

Deathcore group Like Moths to Flames are releasing their latest album, When We Don't Exist (Rise), on November 8. But you can hear the song "GNF" from the album right here. Guitarist Zach Huston fills us in on the song below. Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

REVOLVER What's this song about?
ZACH HUSTON The context of the song is pretty broad. It's basically just about not caring and not letting pointless things in life get to you.

What part of the song did you write first?
Guitars came first. We basically just wanted to write a heavier and more aggressive song than our usual sound. It is definitely the heaviest, and darkest song we've written as a band yet.

Was it easy to write?
This song actually came along relatively fast and went very smoothly. It was the second song we had written for the new record. We were very excited to write alittle more dark and heavy for this one.

How has the feedback been for the song so far?
So far the feedback on this particular track has been great. We had played it on the last tour we did before heading to the studio and the response was great. It is definitely our heavy hitter so we hope kids will dig it!

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