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Exclusive: Maylene and the Sons of Disaster Debut New Song "In Dead We Dream"

Exclusive: Maylene and the Sons of Disaster Debut New Song

Hard rockers Maylene and the Sons of Disaster will release their long awaited new album IV, which was produced by Brian Virtue (Jane's Addiction, Deftones, Audioslave), on September 27 via Ferret Music. In anticipation of the record, they're proud of unleash new song "In Dead We Dream." So crank up the volume on your speakers, hit play, and be one of the first to bang your head to the track! Then read what vocalist Dallas Taylor has to say about the song, and let us know what you think in the comments.

REVOLVER What’s “In Dead We Dream” about?
The song is about having a conflict with someone, and then they tell everybody their side of the story, bending the truth to feel like the victim and get all the sympathy when all along the tables are turned. But the other person involved doesn’t care about trying to convince a bunch of people that this is the case, because they know in the long run people will see that person for their true colors anyways. It is also about wishing certain circumstances would be different and hoping you can turn a situation around, but knowing it is pretty much impossible to do so.

Which part of it did you come up with first?
The music came first. We wrote the song in the studio. It was pretty much last minute that the lyrics came about. We literally wrote most of the lyrics as I was going into the vocal booth to track the songs. The inspiration for the music just came about jamming in the studio, and the lyrics came from a lot of personal stuff that I have experienced in my life and in the past two years.

Was this an easy song to write?
It was a very easy song to write musically. As far as the lyrics and vocals, they were a little harder. We had written the song vocally but didn’t feel it was fitting the music and so we rewrote it as we were going in to track it. Now I think the song makes the most sense and just feels right all around.

What sort of feedback have you gotten on this song so far?
We have been playing this song on our current tour and it has been going over amazing. People love it, and it seems to be making people very excited for the new record. It feels really good to play our new songs and get compliments on them every night. We are really excited about this record.

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