Exclusive: New Years Day Premiere New Music Video, “Angel Eyes,” Featuring Chris Motionless of Motionless in White

New Years Day have teamed with Revolver to premiere the new music video for their song “Angel Eyes.” Both the track and the clip feature Chris Motionless of Motionless In White. “Angel Eyes” is taken from New Years Day’s latest album, Victim to Villain, which was released by Century Media Records earlier this year. The record is available for order right here.

“Making this video was such an incredible experience,” vocalist Ash Costello says of “Angel Eyes. ” From the first moment that I wrote the treatment, to getting Chris Cerulli [A.K.A. Chris Motionless] involved, to buying all the props and costumes, working with my best friend Brooke Walters on the set designs, and the actual two days of shooting… It was an amazing journey, filled with some crazy moments, but the fact that it was built between best friends, and the fact that every single person’s heart was in this, made it a memory that I hold dear to me until the end of time. This music video is a masterpiece in my eyes, and I cannot wait for the rest of the world to be in on this, too.”

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • elise motionless

    This is one amazing video! Chris looks fab in his tux 😉

  • Victoria Montenegro

    It’s so fucking awesome!!! >.<

  • caitlyn shaw

    So awesome. I love this video!!

  • DanielleRaeCarter

    I actually really like this, didnt expect the ending of it by the released still of it but love it!

  • Alexis

    I can’t see it. I’m wondering if its because I’m using an iPhone?

    • evanescencefool

      Yeah you need a computer to load it

  • Samantha

    LOVE..the video and the song! Ash and Chris look amazing playing their parts in this music video!

  • sian

    wow ! love this video ^_^ Chris and Ash look soooo good together ….jealous of the scene on the bed tho :p love love love !!!!! <3

  • Angela

    I’m sure I’m not the first to say this but this is a bad version of the Picture Me Broken Torture video.

    • PooButt

      Nah, you’re the first actually. And those videos are absolutely nothing alike. Can’t stand when a kid thinks everyone is copying their favorite band.

  • Taylor LeBlanc

    i loved it so much! made my day without question :)
    ( Now Forever Content!)

  • Cat

    can anyone else not see the video at the bottom of the page? o.o

  • lex

    I don’t think she is that talented.

    • Creep4life

      You’re just sour because Ash is a big success, and bless your heart, you have a. Jealous spirit.

  • Chrissy

    this video is amazing. ash looks so good <3

  • Giiancarlo Liionheart

    whoaa so bloddy and so misteriose its AWESOME!! chris looks awesome collecting heart duuude eppiiicc XD

  • Elizabeth

    This wasn’t unique, and the girl’s voice isn’t for my ear… :/ Not hating on them because they are more famous than me, clearly. This song was very unoriginal; this band is unoriginal.

    • Creep4life

      Why comment on it? No one cares if you dislike it.

  • Lindsey Monsoon

    perfect. Everything about it. It’s brilliant.

  • Gillian

    So good!

  • ☆Danni soul #1111☆

    this video is amazing its hot and sexy. you just want keep coming back for more.

  • Sora

    This video is amazing! I was so excited to see it after knowing how much work you all put into it!! <3

  • Creep

    Sooo Ash told us creeps to comment on this soo i am.. Also this is an amazing music video <3 i love New Years Day and Chris! They work so well together :)

  • SaraXXX

    God this is probaly my favorite video. One of my favorite bands an the lead singer of my favorite. You can’t get better than that!<3

  • oғ мιce & naттιe

    So goddamn sexy !! Love love love it !!

  • Judesse Kiss

    This is by far one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while. The music is great and the pairing of Ash and Chris is HOT! My only complaint is I wanted it to go on longer, let’s have a sequel!!

  • MoeMoeMonster

    Ash I’d drop-dead gorgeous and this video is perfect!

  • Ikari

    Ash is very lovely in this video. The whole theme looks like something out of the Phantom of The Opera and it just works with New Year’s Day. Chris Motionless’ voice also works very well for the song. The horror aspect of the band is very well played. I am so proud to be a creep.

  • kianabones

    The angel eyes music video is amazingly bloody and beautiful! <3

  • CataChrisCFV

    I love this song even more now thanks to this video. It features both of my favorite vocalists.I hope to see NYD live soon. Anyone who hasn’t heard of this band needs too!

  • Kelli Noel

    This song is amazing but the video is even better if that’s possible! Creep for life.

  • Anna Davies

    Such an amazing video NYD did Angel Eyes is an awesome video nyd rocks. you can follow me at Twitter @BlackVeiledAnna

  • Barracuda

    Amazing video NYD is the best! Ash looks stunning!

  • hairambackwards

    I appreciate and love how each individual bandall member always gives their all. Thank you New Years Day for never setting boundaries on your creativity.

  • Nicole Creep

    I LOVE NEW YEARS DAY!!!!!! go ashley!!

  • Taylor

    I love NYD and Angel Eyes! Kick ass video. Ash looks so beautiful!

  • lolzmotionless

    so beautiful go chris love him in this vid

  • Motionless in White princess

    I LOVE this song! Its awesome! He screams like the devil and sings like an angel <3 And I love how all the members from Motionless in White are in it! New Years Day and Motionless in White are AWESOME bands <3
    (Bigger fan of MIW though <3)

  • Connor Metsker

    Not bad, not bad at all.

  • Connor Metsker

    The instrumental reminds me of Deftones.

  • Zoe♥

    This video is amazing, so is the song <3

  • Kimberley Corpse

    I love NYD so much and the video left me in tears and watching it over and over and over. Ash is so freaking beautiful like always and Chris is extremely sexy like always. Just perfection. It’s addictive, amazing and extremely well done. I admire all the work they put in it and you can REALLY see it. I have eternal and unconditional love for the band and I’m a New Years Day Creep for life. <3<3<3

  • mikaelabvb

    this is like Halloween porn<3

  • Ian ILLusive

    This is by far one of THE BEST music videos I’ve seen. It has a story to match the song, that already told the amazing story, so adding the visuals just made it all the better. It was just like a horror movie, but with that classic touch of New Years Day humor. You can really tell all the hard work the band and others put into this music video and it really payed off. I really appreciate the smallest details they added to the video! I hope to see a sequel with that cliff-hanger at the end! New Years Day is my favorite band and never disappoints!

  • Frank Herner

    great vid, great song! never had heard of NYD before this, I’ll have to keep checking them out!

  • Ruby J

    Wow, awesome song and fantastic video! Definitely one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Chris Whitley

    Awesome video! I also really like Picture Me Broken’s “Torture” video and think that it definitely inspired this one and made NYD step it up.

  • Savanna

    I’ve been a fan of nyd for a long time. I love nikki misery <3 and ashley is perf I love this

  • Thalía Wonderless

    omgggggg ;_;<3

  • David Dodd

    Ms. Costello, let me 1st state that before today, I was unaware of your band or its’ music. I clicked on the vid due to Chris Motionless’ involvement, as I really like his band. After watching this video, I must offer my extreme appreciation and congratulations! Both you and Ms. Walters show amazing talent and creativity in creating this “mini-movie”. It reminds me of the old days of MTV, when some creative artists would produce a piece that gave an experience similar to watching a film, rather than a promotional song video. I have added New Years Day to the top of my “to get” list, and will be watching for more from you! Again, congratulations on such a well done video!!!!!

  • Umbu Vins