Exclusive: One-Eyed Doll Premiere New Music Video, “Be My Friend”

Photo by Jonny Flash

Just in time for Halloween, goth-punk duo One-Eyed Doll has announced plans to release a remixed, remastered, reMONSTERED version of their 2008 album, Monster. Remixed at the studio of legendary, Grammy-award winning producer Sylvia Massy (Tool, System Of A Down, Johnny Cash), drums for all the songs were re-recorded by the group’s current drummer Junior, who joined the band just after the original release in 2008. The release also features One-Eyed Doll’s first-ever cover song as a bonus track.

To accompany the release, the band has released the music video for the ReMonstered version of fan-favorite “Be My Friend.”  Directed by Patrick Kendall (Megadeth, Incubus, Sevendust), the video also features cameos by Mushroomhead’s Waylon and Jeffrey Nothing.

If fans pre-order the physical CD, they will also receive an instant download of the full album. ReMonstered will be out on Christmas day and can be pre-ordered at http://music.oneeyeddoll.com

One-Eyed Doll will be touring the US with Mushroomhead through December 20, with dates soon to be announced.  Check www.oneeyeddoll.com for updates.



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  • Old Splitfoot

    Wow! I love it!!!

  • Dean McCreadie

    Awesome, HeHe… Kill me, kill me, kill me next…

  • GH Douglass

    Best video ever! Poor Jeffrey Nothing all cooked up :( Waylon as the priest is the funniest thing! This is my favorite song its great to have a video for it! From video’s to live shows Kimberly and Junior are amazing and extremely talented!

  • Tim lane

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was great

  • Ambie

    I have been waiting on Kimberly and Jr to make this video! I LOVE it!!! Great job!! Can’t wait to see yall live again!

  • Raymond N Randi Kaye

    That’s so freaking Awsum!!!!!

  • Jamie

    Between the ReMonstered version of the song and Junior chained up in a blood splattered cage…just fantastic. Loved the end with the brief oops act, then the smile. Just brilliant. Xander and Zoe give it a big thumbs up too. :) Your creativity is just off the charts.
    :) Jamie H.

  • Michael G. Heggemann

    OMGs – This is now my favorite music video ever!!! Please move across the street from me, just please don’t kill me – although I guess there are worse ways a guy could go!

  • Tommy Williams Photography

    I love it… It’s dark, comical, heavy AND fun all at the same time!!

  • Melissa Thrasher

    AWESOME VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite bands!!!! I never heard of them before till I saw them in Wichita Ks, Now I cant get enough!!!!! She is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Al

    I’m new to One Eyed Doll but seen them at Zombiefest with Mushroomhead in Florida and have been hooked on them ever since. You guys are sick and twisted ….just the way I like it.

  • Rachie Marie

    ;3 I’ve been waiting for your video to this song! Happy Halloween! Yeehaa! ^__^

  • Toastypops

    Okay this is definitely the cutest music video ever.

  • Ryan Voorhees

    I love it! my names on the mailbox hehe :))

  • http://www.Thinkerton.org/ OutThnk

    Another great video from you two! Keep up the great work.

  • Brett Reindollar

    I wonder how much blood was used for this production lol. Awesome video!!!!!

  • v

    hope guys keep touring soon after the mushroomhead tour, nice to see a Mr. Nothing cameo

  • Roxanne

    I’m glad that I got to see you guys live! Made a already great night awesome 😀

  • Jes

    Love it, amazing stuff, guys.

  • Kim Hebert

    Awesome video, the costumes and make up were amazingly Kimberly! One of my favorite songs too! Happy Halloween to you and JR!

  • mirando

    This is soooo goood!!!!! Love the nothing and waylon cameos haha! I have seen one eyed doll live 3 times so far and they were incredible everytime! Please come back to springfield virginia, texas SOON <3

    • Jen

      I love it when they play Springfield Virginia, Texas!!

  • Zero

    Dude that was awesome!!!! I love the hair <3

  • Heep_Purple

    Great video! Just as I expected from One-Eyed doll!

  • Mark Garcia

    Love the horror movie references and love One Eyed Doll…..they should be on everyone’s playlist. Awesome! !

  • joel welsh

    Nothing less than I have to come to expect from OED!!! Too funny and dark at the same time! Perfectly their style.
    love, love loved it.

  • Emily!

    Love it! Always loved the song, glad you have a video now too, just in time for Halloween! Thanks! 😀

  • chuck

    How cool is that !!!!!

  • Brian Morrow

    Love this video top to bottom – back to front!!!! Make-up, outfits, attitude……… It’s all in there!!!!!!

  • Codebreak Nightbird

    I was hoping that their new music video was for Be My Friend” and then I saw the title and was like YES! Watched it and was not disappointed. I love this Band so much that I wake up and listen to them every day.

  • Terry Falconhawke

    Awesome video. Never wanted to be prey as much as I do now.

  • Alissa Highsmith

    Love it.

  • Bill Lundstrum

    Kimberly your a great entertainer with a different sound, love the video, you was great in Witchita Ks. Hope to see you there again !

  • Jennifer White

    Y’all so fuckin rock I love this song and its awesome Jeffrey and waylon are in the video

  • ThirteenSquared

    Pretty Awesome

  • Jennifer Orr

    Serial Killers are people too! Love this!

  • shadeaux63

    I love this band, and have never been disappointed with their videos. But this one was just pure awesome. ” We call that ‘brisket’ here in Texas, don’t we?”

  • Living Dead Girl Nicole

    Has always been one of my fave OED songs but this video just made it 10 times better ha ha ha. You guys never fail to amaze me! I will be sure to share it with Sid Haig. I am sure he will love the Spaulding reference! Love the Mushroomhead cameos. Who did your makeup in the scenes of you with the feathered ensembles! They are absolutely stunning!

    Your Creepy Friend

    Living Dead Girl Nicole

  • kfmewes

    I love this video sooooooo much!! I can’t stop watching it! Kimberly is adorable as always and Junior is his usual bad ass self. You two are such a unique talent. I love you guys so much! Wish you would come back up to Spokane so I can see you again. Most fun I have ever had!!

  • Bill Lau

    Delightfully twisted! The song has become my latest earworm – I keep
    coming back to watch the video again, and catch myself humming the tune
    or singing the refrain throughout the day. Yeehaw!

  • Allison Lesch

    BEST independent rock band in the universe and hands-down some of the best people you’ll ever meet. We love you Kimberly and Junior!!

  • pinky

    That’s my girl!! What a mind!! Every time i see your tunes I think what can she do to top this!! And then you do! I wish I lived in Texas, so I could see y’all all the time! Bring your butt back to Pensacola(vinyl) we need a fix!!!!!!it’s been to long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!