Exclusive Photos: Korn with Founding Guitarist Head

At the Carolina Rebellion festival this past Saturday, founding Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, who split with the group in 2005, rejoined his former band onstage to play the opening song off their 1994 self-titled debut, “Blind.” Now Korn have released photos of the group and the guitarist hanging out together backstage.

Photos by Sebastien Paquet

Welch left the band due to problems with drugs and alcohol, as well as a desire to turn his life over to religion. He currently leads his own group, Love & Death.

“It was so amazing Saturday night playin’ with Korn,” Welch said. “Reconciling with family is always good. So much love on stage and from Korn fans. Many tears shed. God is love.” You can check out fan-filmed footage of the performance below.


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  • Michael138860

    I think they should slowly test those waters and get him back when the time is right…. they made some amazing music and I’d love to hear more of that

  • tony

    Perfect 5! Head will be back…

  • miiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    if there is head, why is the other guy in the back playing too? 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000325224258 Joe King

    Bring him back 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000345236297 Pat Trick Joy

    Crazy as shit!!!

  • Mrvamp

    Those are great news!!!!!!! they all make excellent music!!!!! Head again with Korn, would be totally great!!!

  • death unknown

    we want head and david back

    • BigDIckNasty

      head yes. fuck david. he lost his passion and wants to be a fucking model. ray luzier is way better and is a damn right beast of the drums.

      • fuckukorn4ever

        fuck you, David wrote all that amazing stuff! the last album that he was in was the last good music KoЯn made!

  • http://twitter.com/crashtest133 livinitup

    This is fuckin great!!! One pic after the other,and now we have KORN 2013 right there…can’t wait for Korn and Head’s Love&Death to finish their promotional commitments to their albums,so hopefully they can re-unite FOR GOOD and give us a reunion tour and a new album in 2014,when KORN turns 20!!! Bring it on!

  • thomtrox

    Funny how he comes back after the success of Korn’s recent release.  I think this should be a thing they do for a short time, but I hope he doesn’t stay.  His actions left a bad impression on me. Also, I am a big fan of Korn’s new direction and I feel this will impede upon that path.  Korn came onto the scene and blew up because they were different than anything else on the scene.  Now after they found that fire again, that drive to do something new, they may just be on the verge of taking a step back.  Let Head have god. Let Korn have inspiration and relevance again.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1831663325 Lorele Featherstone

      Clearly you didn’t hear the song they played together. That sounded like the live Korn we all know and love from when Head was in the band. He brought depth to the sound that you can clearly here on the videos. They have reconciled their differences and are friends again. There is no promise of Head coming back, just the start of a rebuilt friendship and brotherly love that was there before.

      I, for one, am very happy at this reunion. The feeling on stage was obvious; happiness and love. I’m ready for a Head come back more than ever. The sound they need now is the skill and amazing sounds that only Head can bring.

    • Sugar_Skull

       Korn’s not doing anything new. They are riding on the coattails of a trend that will fade out. I kind of dig the new album. but I don’t think that korn should keep doing dubstep I think that this should be a one off experimental album and they should do something completely different on the next one.

  • Elu


  • mel812

    I’m in my mid forties, half black, half puertorican now living in TN. I think it’s sooo fucking funny how the hillbilies here look at me when I’m in my car playing Korn loud and singing. I don’t give a crap, I have seen Korn in FLA several times, I love them and I will always play a musical tribute to them at home and in my car at least once a week. LOVE YA GUYS, YOUR THE FUCKING BOMB!!

    • Amauryjuniors

      Congratulations Mel812, I live near from TN, It’s difficult see the band. I’d like a show in Brazil.

  • Gerryboy62

    as if he never left the band–time heals all wounds, he may be back in the band soon!! AWESOME!!!

  • FaNisS

    Good old KoЯn staff… (:

  • http://twitter.com/letmeblowurmind LJ Manuel

    :) awesome

  • Sugar_Skull

    Is it Just me or does Jon look like a pedophile in these photos?

  • Pey_darwin

    I was there…It was fuckin amazing.totally teared up

  • pérez

    Esto es triste man, me dieron ganas de escuchar ‘need to’, ‘helmet in the bush’, ‘clown’…

  • Edsorn

    We miss u head…

  • Fizo

    Welcome back Head we are very happy to see you with KoRn againg !

  • J J Sanz25

    Fucking cool vatos.

  • Naiman3

    back to old school..!! welcome head..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=555590005 Wa Aayne

    jesus must not be paying that well…..

    • Dan lee

      He pay’s more then you know.

      • Philip Coleman 13

        Oh yes brother, Jesus answered my prayers by Head doing a show with KORN again, I cried with happiness and thanked god for being faithful to his word. God Bless KORN!

    • Me

      Oh yes. He pays so well for doing so little

      • Amauryjuniors

        How much they pay per night?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Derek-Willard/100002661637222 Derek Willard


    • Amauryjuniors

      Did you like from new album?

  • Sean Miller

    if i was there i woulda cried of happiness

  • Jtpaxe

    why in the carolina rebellion, I saw them in april at the fillmore in detroit, that wood have been awsome to see him there

  • Kornmariano_5

    nice baby, is KoRn…………….the best in the world

  • MYnickname

    Although im happy bout it but i fill there is sth wrong with this story

  • Random_rant

    got the path to totallity epic album love the dubstep.

  • Iri

    To day I’ve got the VIP ticket for the  Korn show in August, that’ll be in Moscow! Johnathan, we love you!

  • Manuela

    aaawwww wwoooowww!!!!

  • rqbird

    Hopefully the direction of influence is Welch on the rest of the band. He knows something they lack.

  • Fleu

    It’s impossible him to come back. Without drastic changes at least. Korn is completely different from what they were 7 years ago and Head merely doesn’t fit. 

  • Bianchosey

    I luv ur pix u guys r awesome me n my husband luv u all!u guys rocked when u started n still do:-) keep kicking a$$

  • Napalmobliteration

    This is beyond awesome. Fuck Ray Luzier.

  • LubachDean

    bring back the “Head” the footage above, inspiring! whats next for korn can’t wait…is Luzier getting nervous  

  • LubachDean

    bring back the “Head” the footage above, inspiring! whats next for korn can’t wait…is Luzier getting nervous  

  • Christina

    I want JD to wear his kilts and stuff, he looked more like the JD I love.

  • Captain

    Old school korn I hope they don’t go soft like some of the bands out there