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Exclusive: Phuture Doom Premiere New Mix, "Limbs of the Network"

Exclusive: Phuture Doom Premiere New Mix,

Black metal-inflected electronic-music outfit Phuture Doom have teamed with Revolver to premiere an epic new mix. In typically enigmatic fashion, the mysterious collective has released the following statement about it:

"Our data shows that this mix comprises the extreme fringes of electronic music, one of Phuture Doom's primary genre classifications. Derived from obsolete P2P networks, these art forms were amassed by and reveal boundaries of the current human psyche. Consumer priming mechanisms for release candidate PD1.2-rc3 must account for all formats and models of human communication and perception, including: Print, Audio,Visual, Tactile... P-HEP Effectiveness hinges upon it."  -The Marketing Bureau

Check out the mix below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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