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Exclusive Premiere: Battlecross Debut Their Album "Pursuit of Honor"

Exclusive Premiere: Battlecross Debut Their Album

Thrash-metal crew Battlecross are releasing their debut album, Pursuit of Honor (Metal Blade), on August 2. But here is your chance to hear the entire album a week before then. The group fills us in on the album (which is available for preorders on Amazon and iTunes) below, but don't forget to tell us what you think of it in the comments.

Unfortunately, the time we had to stream the album is up. But you can still buy it at the links above!

REVOLVER This is your debut album. What are you proudest of about it?
BATTLECROSS Everything about it! Honestly, we just wrote what we felt and wanted to hear. Proud of how we worked together to make this record the best it could be. Five minds pushing and breaking the boundaries, there can be some tension, naturally. Yet there’s no mistaking the chemistry between us. We’re proud that we’ve taken this huge first step with Metal Blade, and there’s plenty more to follow!

Your vocalist, Kyle Gunther, joined your group last year. What did he contribute to the songs you already had?
Kyle was the missing link, the cherry on top, the icing on the cake. From his low growls to his dying-seagull screams, he has added and continues to add power, aggression, consistency, and confidence to what we assumed were already polished songs. Kyle pulls the crowd close with his zeal and stage presence, and we push them back with our intensity, like the ebb and flow in the Sea of Metal. The addition of Kyle to our lineup made the BX puzzle complete.

Your band uses a lot of war imagery. Have any of you ever served in the Armed Forces?
None of us have ever served in the Armed Forces, however we are proud of our troops and stand by our country. The war imagery is intertwined into the band’s image because, by coincidence, a “battle cross” is a modern version of a fallen soldier memorial. That fact mixed our message of perseverance, power, and persistence holds a lot of water when you can relate it to the armed forces. We stand by our commitment to our band, just like loyal soldiers do to their country.

What are the origins of the Gumby mascot on the shirt (pictured left, click to enlarge)?
“Gumby” is actually Kyle’s nickname. He’s tall, lanky, and quite flexible—surely, the ladies love it! In high school, the guys on the basketball team gave him the name, reminding them of “Gumby,” the Claymation character, and it has stuck ever since. Really, that’s about it.. No epic story, no tragic tale, just our singer’s nickname. Actually, the closest thing we have to a mascot would be Zombie Gumby—Kyle’s face, zombified—the face that graces the front of our best-selling shirt! We asked our Producer and Recording Engineer Josh Shroeder to sketch us up a shirt design and voila, Zombie Gumby was unborn.

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