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Exclusive Premiere: Capsule's New Song "Small Caps"

Exclusive Premiere: Capsule's New Song

In our never-ending quest to provide you with the best music available, we present the Revolver Bootleg Series. Every month we'll feature new, rare, and often exclusive music. This installment comes from the Florida post-hardcore trio Capsule. Their album, No Ghost (Rorschach), comes out on April 12, but they share one track off the album, "Small Caps," here. The band features Eric Hernandez, formerly of Kylesa, and is on tour now. The multiinstrumentalist fills us in below.

Small Caps

REVOLVER What's "Small Caps" about?
HERNANDEZ This song was originally called "All Caps." Then we realized that [hip-hop artist] MF Doom had that same title for a song, hence "Small Caps" became kind of a homage to that. Really the songs about stressing a point; sometimes you have to say something 10 different ways before you can get a point across. This track is really just our way of putting up a billboard that says, "We mean it when we say it and we mean it even more when we play it."

Which part of the song did you come up with first?
This song is really a pivotal point for the record; it was one of the first songs written where we really got a sense of where the record would go. The music came first in the form of a few demos. The lyrics were the last thing to go on it. We really wanted the vocals to compliment the music and take the song to another place, which was an inspiration for the rest of the songs on the album.

Was this an easy song to write?
This music was mostly written by Colin [Smith, guitars/drums/vocals] and Ryan [Haft, guitars/bass/vocals], with Colin drumming on the first demos. When we entered the studio, that's when I started to mess with the vocals. We never think of the writing process as easy or hard, we just love doing it. We'd write music forever if we didn't have to have a finished product at some point and hit the road.

What sort of feedback have you gotten on this song so far?

The most feedback we've gotten so far from this song—keeping in mind we've only been playing it live without the album released yet—is mostly, "Holy shit, is that a new song? Sick!"

What did you get out of working with Jon Nuñez of Torche, who coproduced the album?

Jon Nuñez is one of our longtime buds, he engineered our last album. We've always had him around as an extra set of ears. Him and Ryan work and live together most of the time, so he's always around to hear what we've been working on. It's great having someone around who you can trust to be honest and tell you, "This sounds awesome" or "This sounds like shit."

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