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Exclusive Premiere: Dead Letter Circus’ Remix of Their Song “The Drum″

Exclusive Premiere: Dead Letter Circus’ Remix of Their Song “The Drum″

Already huge in their homeland, Australia, with stadium tours alongside Muse and Linkin Park under their belts, prog-inflected alt rockers Dead Letter Circus are finally putting out their acclaimed full-length debut, This Is the Warning, in the U.S. on July 26, via Sumerian Records. In anticipation of the release, the band has given us this exclusive remix of their song, "The Drum," by Grammy-winning producer-mixer Lee Groves. Crank the track below, and read what vocalist Kim Benzie has to say about it.

[audio:|Titles=”The Drum (Remix)”|Artists=Dead Letter Circus]

REVOLVER What’s the song "The Drum" about?
KIM BENZIE "The Drum" is about a point I reached in my life where everything seemed gray, where all I could think was, Surely there is more to life than this. Where are the profound moments? When will I be in awe ? This was going on right when the song came about. As the song wrote itself over a couple of days, it dragged me through the melancholy to a brighter place. I remember leaving our studio and looking out over the lights of our city at night thinking, This city is alive, and that life isn't about circles. There are always fresh starts and new beginnings. So I guess the song is a story about longing for the beat of your drum to grow loud in your chest, turning a corner in life, and feeling it banging loud and strong as if for the first time again.

How did you hook up with Lee Groves? How did he end up remixing the track?

We have been massive fans of his work. He produced Bertie Blackman's Secrets and Lies, which is such an incredible sounding album. He came up and said, "Hi," at a festival, and we were all pretty much thinking simultaneously, Holy shit...that was Lee Groves. I think we maybe begged him or bribed him or something. Maybe blackmail?

What do you think of the remix? Did it make you reconsider the original?
We love the remix. Love the original format equally. Based on the success of the merging of styles, don’t be surprised if Lee’s work features on the next album.

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