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Exclusive Premiere: Goth Rocker Livan's New Song "Undead"

Exclusive Premiere: Goth Rocker Livan's New Song

In our never-ending quest to provide you with the best music available, we present the Revolver Bootleg Series. Every month we'll feature new, rare, and often exclusive music. This installment comes from the London-bred goth-rock outfit, Livan. Their album, Off the Grid (Pumpkin), comes out on April 12, but they share one track off the album, "Undead," here. Livan is currently on tour with former Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy and will tour with Mushroomhead and Hed PE starting in April. The band's frontman, Livan himself, fills us in below.


REVOLVER What’s "Undead" about?
LIVAN Trying to make a living playing music is hard! It is even harder nowadays as the artistic decay has reached an all time peak. People are bombarded daily with a plethora of reality shows that have been ingrained into their soul. Rock and roll in my books died a long time ago and, along with it, many dreamers. Fortunately there are still people out there that come to shows and keep the flame alive. Without trying to be too self indulgent "Undead" is my way of satirizing the modern day television and film industry that turned Bela Lugosi into Twilight and Sydney Schanberg into Jersey Shore.

Which part of it did you come up with first? And what was the inspiration?
"When I'm through with you, there won't be anything left" is the lyric that started this song. Sometimes you daydream about having the podium to speak out and make a difference. It was in one of those moments of boiling frustration that this one came out. I guess it’s a release of anger in a somewhat constructive way...hopefully!

Was this an easy song to record?
Yes it was. We recorded the whole EP live in the room after coming back from tour and we were tight and loud! We literally recorded old school, and I really enjoyed the process. Especially "Undead." It was done in one take. You can imagine that when that happens it just feels great!

What sort of feedback have you gotten on this song so far?
It's early still but it seems to be going down really well with Peter [Murphy]'s crowd. Honestly I am such a huge fan of live recordings, I am hoping to record it again live during one of the shows, as it sounds much better than the record.

You're on tour with Peter Murphy. What has his influence been on your music and what does it mean to you to play with him?
Huge! I loved [Murphy's former band] Bauhaus, everything from In the Flat Field to Go Away White. So it's a great honor to play in front of Peter's audience. I'm actually quite impressed with his new work.

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