Exclusive Premiere: Iwrestledabearonce Debut “Deodorant Can’t Fix Ugly”

Synth-heavy metalcore group Iwrestledabearonce are releasing their highly anticipated second album, Ruining It for Everybody (Century Media), on July 26. Below, check out the world premiere of the song “Deodorant Can’t Fix Ugly” off the record. Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Steven Bradley fills us in on the song below. Let us know what you think of it in the comments!

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REVOLVER What’s “Deodorant Can’t Fix Ugly” about?
The lyrics are all about organized religion and questioning things as opposed to following them blindly. Musically, it’s all about covering a shit-ton of genres and then finished up with amazing gospel choir guest vocals!

Which part of it did you come up with first?
Truth be told, one of the riffs from that song is something I wrote at John [Ganey, guitar]’s house literally a decade ago! Maybe even longer, because I’m 26 and I’m pretty sure I wrote that hanging out there before I could even drive! It’s the riff underneath the vocals, “Why should we believe in something we can’t see.” I totally forgot about it and somehow remembered it one night, and we decided to throw it in there because somehow it was never used before. The rest of the song came together while we were finishing up writing for the new album, and it just has a few ideas that we’ve never used before in songs and wanted to make sure got put on this record.

Was this an easy song to write?
Definitely an easy one… It poured out of us really, really quickly one night. I have no clue why, but sometimes we get lucky and it works like that!

What sort of feedback have you gotten on this song so far?
Well as of right now, only our friends and management/label have heard the song… and obviously they’re all liars and have told us they love it. Honestly though, the choir part at the end is one of my favorite parts on the new album and is something way different, even for us, and I really hope people think it’s as great as we do.

What’s the worst smell that’s ever passed your nose?
The simple fact that you have to ask means that you have never stepped foot in our van. I’m pretty sure someone ripped up the upholstery, put down a layer of dog shit, and reupholstered it. Pretty impressive, really!

Iwrestledabearonce Tour Dates

Date City Venue

The All Stars Tour:

7/22                 McAllen, TX                 Las Palmas Racepark
7/23                 San Antonio, TX          Backstage Live
7/24                 Dallas, TX                    The Palladium
7/26                 Louisville, KY              Expo Five
7/27                 Cleveland, OH             Agora Ballroom
7/28                 Chicago, IL                  Congress Theatre
7/29                 Detroit, MI                    Royal Oak Theatre
7/30                 Milwaukee, WI             The Rave
7/31                 St. Paul, MN                 Station 4 Outdoors (Lowertown Music Festival)
8/2                   Toronto, ON                 Sound Academy
8/3                   Montreal, QC               Olympia
8/4                   Reading, PA                Eagle Theatre at The Sov Center
8/5                   Poughkeepsie, NY       Civic Center
8/6                   Fitchburg, MA              Marriott Trade Center
8/7                   Sayreville, NJ              Starland Ballroom
8/9                   Baltimore, MD              Sonar
8/10                 Richmond, VA             The National
8/11                 Charlotte, NC               The Fillmore
8/12                 Myrtle Beach, SC        House Of Blues
8/13                 Orlando, FL                 Plaza Live
8/14                 Pensacola, FL             Seville Quarter Party Plaza
8/17                 Tucson, AZ                 The Rialto Theatre
8/18                 Scottsdale, AZ                        Venue of Scottsdale
8/19                 San Diego, CA Soma
8/20                 Anaheim, CA               The Grove
8/21                 Las Vegas, NV           Rock The Block
8/23                 San Francisco, CA      Regency Ballroom
8/26                 Seattle, WA                 Showbox SoDo
8/27                 Portland, OR                Roseland Theatre

Solo Dates:

9/16                 Anchorage, AK           Club Millennium
9/17                 Anchorage, AK           Chilkoot Charlie’s


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  • Christoph4kelton

    I think you guys are half assing it compared to earlier efforts, but I still totally want to do you, I like the” tension” feel of it, and the choir is awesome, butt still, I used to imagine teeth and claws now all I see is tea cups and sun dresses, just saying” though” word

    • psh

      makes no sense you dumb fuck

    • psh

      makes no sense you dumb fuck

    • Erebus890


  • Daysoftorment

    Iwabo are awesome

  • Kilokill901

    good song i really hope this albums compares to the EP they released a couple yrs ago before its all happening, almost none of the songs on its all happening were good they re-did taste like kevin bacon and it just wasnt as good as the original, the songs just had a different feel to them

  • dad

    this is probably the shittiest thing i’ve heard since the last iwabo release.

    • Mauledbyabearonce

      Your name suits your critique!

  • Kireflame

    stop bitching people. I don’t see you making music

  • Dickn Dads Ear Hole

    Steve Jobbrs called and said hey bitches flash dont werk on iphonz oucchh.

  • Mauledbyabearonce

    Fuckin love it! Can’t wait to get the new album!!!

  • Pojohead

    this album is turning out to be extremely not-as-good as the self-titled EP or It’s all Happening.

  • Anonymous