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Exclusive Premiere: ohGr's New Track, "Crash"

Exclusive Premiere: ohGr's New Track,

In our never-ending quest to provide you with the best music available, we present the Revolver Bootleg Series. Every month we’ll feature new, rare, and often exclusive music.

This installment comes from industrial duo ohGr, who feature Skinny Puppy's vocalist Nivek Ogre. They release unDeveloped (Metropolis), their fourth studio album, on May 10, but they share one song off the album, “Crash,” here. Ogre fills us in below.

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REVOLVER What’s “Crash” about?
OHGR "Crash" gives feeling to the continued disconnect between sustainability and that unflinching need to define oneself through possessions, whether devoured, inhabited in, or continually coveted. How many angels, dancing on a pin's head, popping various economic bubbles while pricking the skin of Michael Jackson, will be needed to allow the prince sleep? This star struggles with insomnia lost the plot. He was living on his own headlined fumes, now bankrupt, in a self-made world now barely livable. A masthead tied to an economic ghost ship created when many of life's larger mechanisms began withdrawing, wasting away.

"Crash" is about the very idea of death panels. this abstract form of the inhumane mind bending of people, asserting socialized medicine somehow meant death panels. This horrendous portrait of doctors maliciously holding back treatments from any poor uneducated fool that allows for regulation of one of the most dirty of hippocratic industries. The blue healer in wolf's clothing? Wouldn't it be a truer statement that not having socialized medicine for the poor is the purest, most poignant, definition of death panels?

Michael Jackson, who I am sure had seen more corruption of wealth than most, seemed the body politic for a slipping point to which symbolized the beginning of the "Crash." Who then holds the gun?

Which part did you come up with first?
The idea for the song did not spring from any mechanized nod to verse, bridge, chorus. The motivator in any piece of music comes from the roots of "What do you have to say?" and "How are you going to say it?" Everything else, more or less, falls into place.

ohGr tend to write from the point of supporting the vocal. This does not have to be the starting point however and, as in this case, "Crash" seemed to evolve in a linear mode based on the concept inspired by the emergency call and the healthcare debate at the time. And of course the "blanket!"

Was this an easy song to write?
The whole album was fairly easy to write. There are, as with the first three songs on the album, those rare moments of creativity seemingly flowing with an ease that gives one pause to the gratuitous moment. A tapping into the rich conscious source that exists just outside the 4G broadband driven cellular low wave world we exist in. It's in those moments that, for me, there is a connection to the very act of trapping, as if in amber through recording, a moment in time. It's very special.

What sort of feedback have you gotten on this song so far?
As I write this it's still over two weeks to release so it's a bit premature to ask for the ejaculation ratings. I like it. ohGr likes it. We no longer possess it. unDeveloped is in the eye of the beholder to feed the back on. Enjoy the trip down.

Photo: Dan Santoni

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