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Exclusive Premiere: Staind Debut "Not Again"

Exclusive Premiere: Staind Debut

Hard rockers Staind release their self-titled album on September 13, via Flip/Atlantic. Here is your first chance to hear their new single, "Not Again," in the lyric video below. Below that, guitarist Mike Mushok fills us in on the song and the band's heavy direction on the new album. Let us know what you think of the song in the comments.

REVOLVER What’s this song about?
You’d have to ask Aaron about that one. I do know that he does write about things he’s felt or experienced. However, he usually really doesn’t like to discuss the actual meaning of the song because he likes to let the listener make up their own interpretation. This way everyone can get what they want from the song rather than being told what it’s about.

Which part of it did you come up with first?
I actually came up with the clean intro/verse part first and wrote the heavy riff around that. This was a song that I brought down and pretty much had written when we started jamming. Not much changed from when I worked through the song with Johnny K in Chicago before the sessions. It was one of the earlier things I wrote for the record that just stuck with me.

Was this an easy song to write or record?
There really wasn’t anything too difficult about writing or recording this song. The solo was improvised from the demos, and I had to go back and relearn it. The riff is all down picked, which makes it sound heavier, I think. I kind of did that with all the riffs on the record. That hasn’t been on a Staind record in awhile. There’s really nothing too complicated about it.

However, the record was very difficult to make. There were a lot of things going on that led to this—us losing our drummer Jon [Wysocki] during the sessions, Aaron releasing his solo record while we were recording, the deadline that the label put on us to turn in a record—that, in conjunction with a ton of other personal stuff, really made for a very difficult process. I have to apologize to my family for having to put up with me during that time. In hindsight, though, I’m really happy with the end results.

What sort of feedback have you gotten on this song so far?
Feedback seems to be good! We played the song at Rock on the Range, and it went over well. A live show is really a hard place to hear a song for the first time. I have played it for a lot of people I know, and they seem like they really enjoy not only this song but the whole vibe of the record. It seems like everyone so far is really glad that we kind of returned back to where we started. Me, too!!

This album as a whole seems heavier than what Staind has done in the past. Is that something you set out to do this time?
It was. It’s funny, the last record Aaron said was going to be our heaviest record to date, but I just wasn’t writing songs like that. It worked out because he did like what I was writing, and instead of our heaviest record, it became our most experimental. This time around we felt it was really time to return to our roots. I’m really glad we did because I’m really proud of the way it turned out. I really can’t wait for people to hear it and for us to be able to play these songs live. It should definitely add something to the set. Should be fun!

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