Exclusive: Scar the Martyr—Featuring Joey Jordison of Slipknot—Premiere New Song, “Blood Host”

From left: Jed Simon, Kris Norris, Henry Derek, Kyle Konkiel, and Joey Jordison; photo by Justin Borucki


Scar the Martyr have teamed up with Revolver to premiere their new single, “Blood Host.” Their self-titled debut is set to arrive October 1 via Roadrunner Records.

Led by drummer and Slipknot member Joey Jordison, the band was rounded out in the studio by lead vocalist Henry Derek, keyboardist Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails), and guitarists Jed Simon (Strapping Young Lad) and Kris Norris (Darkest Hour). The live incarnation of the group features Derek, Simon, Norris, keyboardist Joey Blush, and bassist Kyle Konkiel.

Jordison says of the track, “It’s very coincidental that ‘Blood Host’ is our first track and video because it was the first song I wrote for this project when it was nothing but a mere idea at best. Songs, of course, followed, and molded into an overall feel, concept, and now a full-length album. ‘Blood Host’ has it all: hypnotic riffs, soaring choruses, pummeling breakdowns, and the lyrics are infectious in every sense. We are very proud of the track and it pretty much lets you know where we are coming from, musically, and what we are all about live. Scar the Martyr, up close and personal.”

Scar the Marytr are set join Danzig on their upcoming 25th Anniversary Tour, which will also include performances by ex-Misfitis guitarist Doyle and female-fronted pagan-metal outfit Huntress.

For more, check out the band’s website and Facebook page.


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  • Franco Villamil

    Mick Mini!

  • Michael McMahon

    The beginning sound’s a lot like Scissor’s by Slipknot

  • Audrey E

    Good song. that’s powerful and that doesn’t look like to his other projects. I like a lot.

  • Luiz Eduardo Schaedler

    very good this musica, good project the joey that the band fassa much success”” Brazil” fans”

  • Eldo Rios

    muito massa m/ scar the martyr

  • Eldo Rios

    Scar the Martyr you have much success I am a
    fan of Brazil, hopefully you touch here in Brazil.

    • Te cabe

      Pele debuto con un pibe!

  • morgan

    purely amazing…makes me want more!

  • metal douche

    i dont think there’s enough leather and black t shirts in that photo.

    • MarcMattaliano

      And long hair…and facial hair, don’t forget those. Metal staples, if you will, 😉

      • David Carver

        you jealous fag!

  • Jason

    Scar The Spineshank!!!!

  • SirDrumsalot

    Kinda boring, bland, sounds like everything else. I expected more coming from Jed. But then again thats to be expected when you team up with Joey. Slipknot is a sinking ship, Murderdolls is terrible at best. Thats too bad.

    • 40cal

      Slipknot will be around for decades to come. They are no sinking ship buddy. Theyve been written off in the past by people just like you. They have inspired a whole generation of artists some of which you probably listen to. Slipknot is a freight train with all engines burning and will be for years to come.

      • Joanna

        Preach!! :)

      • David Carver

        thank you very much 40 cal.that stupid pussy fag sir sucks a lot! who do you listen to sir suks a lot? rem,nirvana,pearl queers.dont run your dicksucker about the baddest band in the fucking world. SLIPKNOT! AND AS FAR AS JOEY GOES,JOEY IS THE BADDEST DRUMMER IN THE UNIVERSE HANDS DOWN!

    • metalmechanic

      But…but, I like the Murderdlolls.

      Motherfucker fuck you, a song your mother can be truly proud you wrote.

    • David Carver

      fuck u bitchboy! who is your favorite band rush? or culture club…you fucking pussy!

      • MetalCommunity

        Ay, just because he doesn’t like slipknot/this song doesn’t mean shit. He could be into much heavier bands, dont be so ignorant. Slipknot is hardly the heaviest thing ever concieved, get off your high horse man. Metal fans have to understand not all subgenres of metal are for everyone, no point in needlessly shatting all over our fellow metalheads when society and everyone else does it for us already. Also, Rush spearheaded a great deal of the progressive metal movement and is probably one of the inspirations of some of biggest metal bands today. This is coming from a music fan, not only a slipknot and rush fan. Instead of putting down what you don’t agree with, promote what you love.

    • Craig Jones

      If you’re not a fan, get you funky ass off this page you bitch queer. Go back to whatever you pussies listen to these days. SHOULD BE “SirSUCKS-Alot

    • Chris

      Oh….sorry where is your new hit single? You play the drums like Joey for 7 minutes (or longer if you look up Slipknot stuff) and see how boring it is. You should just be thankful for talented musicians and as a Slipknot fan and an Iowa resident…….long live Slipknot!

  • Steve

    WOW…Looks like Joey out on some weight! Sounds good though!

  • Joanna

    This is awesome! But do you expect anything less from Joey Jordison? Can’t wait for the album!

  • @bayuaris_yh


  • Tim English

    This fucking blows. If you want to hear some actual good music, check out Skeletonwitch, Vale of Pnath, or Acid Bath.

    • Mister Blister

      way to look uphold the ignorant metalhead stereotype

  • Josh Newman

    very good! as expected the instruments have a very “slipknot” thanks to joey but the vocals the clean ones atleast kind of ward me away somewhat reminding me of il nino , all together i like it and am waiting for more to come!



  • David Black

    I like this but I miss murderdolls :(

  • Oceah LeBask

    Not bad, could turn up the vocals and guitar could be too. Also, People what does how the band looks have to do with anything?? That’s like saying you cant be a prostitute because you’re ugly…

  • Raquel Palmer

    In the beginning the druning does remind me.a lot of slipknot :)

    • Chrysthian Chrisley

      Exactly what i thought

  • Gilraen777

    Gonna buy the whole thing, there has to be at least a couple of tracks as good as this one…I LOVE THIS SONG! (And Joey could be perfectly round and he’d STILL be hot!)

  • Orangescott73

    This Song is Rockingm/

  • Orangescott73

    This Song is Rockingm/

  • Orangescott73

    This Song is Rockingm/

  • Jeff

    F#$% yes you guys rock hope to see you come melt faces in Denver Colo ill be front row pit center

  • Jeff

    F#$% yes you guys rock hope to see you come melt faces in Denver Colo ill be front row pit center

  • RoadKillSouffle

    Expected heavier, more bombastic. Hopefully the rest of it is.

  • MaggotQueen

    Pretty fucking good!

  • Jonah Manbearcat

    i guess it’s typical roadrunner garbage. i think a few years ago the label decided they wouldn’t be signing any new bands, only making new bands out of members from already existing ones. with joey jordison or course.

  • Giskard80

    Queen of the Damned Soundtrack, the one with Disturbed..this seems like part 2 :)

  • Greg Bledsoe

    Joey is SOOOOOOOOO much more talented than this weak ass mother fucking BULLSHIT supposed “METAL”. No wonder I am turning to other bands like Cattle Decapitation, Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Cytotoxin, Machine Head, etc…. I mean where the fuck are my idols like Vinnie Paul, Mike Portnoy etc going???? This is WEAK ASS CRAP!!! I will not have a thing to do with it. I am METAL TO MY DEEPEST PART OF MY SOUL!!! There ain’t no REAL METAL in this….. :(

    • Walley

      Check out Sykosis. Bad ass band just signed

  • Giskard80

    I like this , sort of thinking it proves a point..Slipknot is not Corey Taylor. While I think Corey is a great singer, Its nice to hear a variation once in a while. And bringing in Jed..the icing on the metalcake IMHO ../,

  • Giskard80

    Wow, everything that’s wrong with metal summed up in one post..what a douche. Genre bashing is so 80’s, Id love to see your band drop something this good man just sayin.

  • Giskard80

    The name drop of the most extreme bands you can google makes it obvious that your’e happy in your rut. Please, stay there

  • Brandy

    Fuck all the haters, this shit is good! All the people that want to bitch, should go on and fuck themselves. I can’t wait to hear more

  • dreamaway

    Straight from the start you can tell joeys on the drums his snare n tom rudiments are soo easy to hear and pick with his kick drum triples every now n then you could put him behind anyband and pick his playing every other drummer would know what I mean and sounds like 8string guitars makes it sound deep love to hear something different sounds fukn sweet to me definitely,will be buying..nice one

  • mfuck

    la wea buena!!!!!! toda la musica que te da energia de esta manera me atrapa. :)

  • louie

    this is too generic for me, i guess another disposable band nothing worth coming back to!

    • Rokstr12

      your a queer!

      • cyrollan

        that’s just you’re opinion

        • someasshole

          You guys both used the wrong “your”. You gotta switch them up haha

          • cyrollan

            Now their is the voice of reason!

  • Josue

    sounds like FEAR FACTORY, but with a dissapointing singer

    • DestroyErase

      Sounds literally nothing like Fear Factory lol.

      • bigdickharry

        Haha I agree. Nothing at all.

        • REG_2010


  • Harley Jones

    Hate on me if you will, It did sound kinda generic. I stopped it around 4 min in because it just wasnt holding me.

  • REG_2010

    fuck that was awesome!! m/ looking forward to the album!!

  • Tatiane Ferreira

    Joey certainly a great drummer, but the sound is very common, very commercial and easy to sell, nothing different. This song’s melody, the voice sounds a lot like Psychosocial – slipknot of course lighter and less speed … I always expect something far more Joey … I’m waiting.

  • Jack

    Eh, I like it but it’s not enough to get me to buy the album ahead of time or anything like that. Unlike some of the others I really like the singing and the drums. It’s the weak generic guitar that makes this song really lose my interest, the singing and drums are actually really versatile and strong.

  • jerk

    Contents under pressure… Psychosocial, Psychosocial!

  • InsertBlueCheckHere

    Fuck this. Kiss and make up with W13 and make another Murderdolls album!

  • Skandar

    Wow, that was horrendous. BUT!!! I can say that if it was 1996, the young nu metal kid in me might of very well liked this. It does nothing for me now. Oh well.

  • VikingNr666Denmark

    1st song is a ‘safe shot’.It doesn’t make your balls dance on the table,but at same time not a F*ck up..I would give this track 3/6 on a GOOD day. A bit boring & considering,the band is filled with Guys with experience,from other known bands! Hey,a BIIG thanxx to all YOU metalheadz for NOT writing the most FAQ. on ‘The Tube’ = Who’s best – Lars Ulrich or Joey J. Its like comparing Hendrix & Satriani. To VERY different types of guitarists, same with the drumming. My opinion is irrelevant. If this 1st song is a standard track,then there MUST be better songs..I wont judge the album by 1 track. But cant remember 1 cool riff & Joey could easily play more aggressive, without speeding up.He often just add some extra snaredrumhits or his typical ‘rolling’ double bassdrums.The sound in general is way too friendly. Its like the producer have put the buttons on 5 + cruisecontrol.I hate the screamguitar but like Bass & the tuned down guitar, but it annoys me that Joey keep the drums too simple, it’s easy to hear, he wanna distance a bit from his style,from “Slippers’
    But..This is OK metal. I’m dissapointed, cause I expected more from these guys, but the typical haters, that cries,as soon as riffs isnt shredding,the way they want, or as 1 wrote :Sounds like Fear Factory. Not the worst band to be compared with! But u must have lost either your ears or your judgement. Or the fact ‘Strapping One Lad’ once had Byron on bass, in Fear Factory, but he is not on this album. No bonuspoints for bad judgement.Sorry.. 666 Horns from Vikingland DANMARK m/ Kill & Kill Again..

  • Rokstr12

    everyone stop fucking complaining about music id like to hear you do any better

  • Lilium66

    I like it. Certainly Joey is not longer an 18, 19 teenager that can write about Dracula, Monsters, and shit. Now close to his 40 his lyrics seems more mature, different, the sound is great, a big improvement compare with his recent past. P.S : Please, I understand that Slipknot fans have been waiting for a very long time a new albúm, but there is no point to compare STM w/ Slipknot, or even think that if STM fails Slipknot will come out w/ something sooner. Need to remember Slipknot is not just Joey there are another 8 members that need to be in the same page, and as far as his recent musical past¿Are u still a kid or just trippin ?

  • Schropshire Slasher

    good stuff. Cant believe the haters. this is cool. something different . Just cos Joeys a flat strap metal drummer doesnt mean he has to play that way all the time. Its good to hear the quality in his playing an be able to actually groove a bit and with lyrics that arnt to hard to understand 1 st couple of listens. not too much of one thing. LIKE. [after being a slipknot fan an hearing stone sour 4 th 1st time i was like these haters. Now i prefer them equally if not more to slipknot, with no disrespect what so ever]. Somethin different is good. Well done Scar The Martyr. look forward to hearing more.

  • Lilith Ramirez

    I obviously love it! Can’t wait to hear more songs from you guys! Great drumming btw 😉

  • kmdyf

    Sounds good to me.I actually laugh at some of the comments people leave. Probably most of the negative comments come from people who have not a clue about how to write or play music. Every song ever made can be compared to some other song or some other band. Why is there even the need to compare? If you don’t like it don’t buy it.
    Just a side note it sounds nothing like Fear factory.The riff and groove you think sounds like Fear factory is more like Meshugga

    • UnknownIdentity

      That’s right, but it’s also not hard for a band to do some music if you all work good together, the problem is that they just play something wich is already there, there is fear factory in it, it’s like they sampled it, same has meshuggah, really poor shit!

      I think you just like the general metal stuff, but that’s gay to me, I rather choose to listen to the “original” stuff.

      • kmdyf

        Please explain your definition of original and general metal stuff.

  • BohemianHMD

    Not bad per se, but I thoroughly agree with the comments saying this sounds generic, because that’s exactly what it is. Been there, heard that, blah blah blah… I want something NEW and IMAGINATIVE! Give me more Tool or Fair To Midland any day. I love metal, and realize the aforementioned bands aren’t “metal,” but they are exceptionally creative musicians, and that speaks more to me than any specific genre label. This is not imaginative. Just another metal-esque song that will be forgotten about within a decade. Guarantee it.

  • UnknownIdentity

    Sound like a cheap version of meshuggah, realy random vocals, 1 out of 10.000, bad stuff right here!

  • Francisco Palafox

    I absolutely love it! Very original

  • Alyssa Niblock-Stuart

    I like it a lot… It’s very good!

  • MetalMan

    Very good song…can’t wait to check out Jed Simon’s new band in Philadelphia, think it’s called AMERICAN BLOOD CULT with the guys from VICIOUS CIRCLE and MALEVOLENT CREATION in it…that’ll be AWESOME!!!

  • Diego Valente Rossin

    This is pretty good. Will definitely check them out once the record comes out. Reminds me of Coal Chamber and Meshuggah.

  • егор

    заебись играют

  • hendra gunawan

    That’s nice metaller sound for us and we keep listen the loud sound here.