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Exclusive: Skeletonwitch Premiere New Song "This Horrifying Force (the Desire to Kill)"

Exclusive: Skeletonwitch Premiere New Song

Ohio-based thrashers Skeletonwitch are releasing their fourth full-length, Forever Abomination (Prosthetic), on October 11. In anticipation of the new album, the band is unleashing the new track "This Horrifying Force (the Desire to Kill)" right here! Read what vocalist Chance Garnette has to say about the song below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

REVOLVER What’s this song about?
CHANCE GARNETTE The song, "This Horrifying Force," is about the actual unseen force that drives a person to despise and therefore  want to viciously end all human life.

Which part of it did you come up with first?
With Skeletonwitch, we hash out all the music first. I show the guys where the lyrics and phrasing will be, and we make sure nobody is stepping on anyone else's dick. Then I turn the vocal rhythms into the actual lyrics. Most of the time, the first words of a song aren't the first words I will write down. Whatever part comes to me first, I'll write down and build around that part backwards and forwards. But with this song, I started at the beginning and wrote from the top. Odd for me, but, shit, as long as my brain is working and I'm being productive...

And what was the inspiration?
In the past, I've written songs about the desire to kill and the act of killing, etc. You know, "Evil dude coming to get you." With this, I wanted to go a layer beneath that and focus on the "thing" that makes a person cross the line, go nuts, and therefore desire nothing but human blood.

Was this an easy song to write or record? Why or why not?
For me, lyrically, no songs are "easy" to write. I go through several drafts, changing, improving, and tweaking the words until I know it's exactly what I wanted to say. My song book is a mess with scratched out sections and notes. So when it comes to recording, I'm ready. I've been over it so many times by then I'm definitely prepared to record. Now come on, voice!

What sort of feedback have you gotten on this song so far? What kind of reaction do you want to get to the song?
Well, at this point the album isn't out, so feedback is limited. But I've played it for people and the reaction seems consistent that this was the perfect song to open Forever Abomination with. Something a little unexpected yet still 100% Skeletonwitch at the same time.

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