Exclusive: Skinny Puppy Premieres New Song “Village”

Canadian industrial-music pioneers Skinny Puppy have influenced the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Ministry and earned fans among the members of bands including Deftones and System of a Down. They’re releasing their 11th album, hanDover (SPV/Synthetic Symphony), on October 25. In anticipation of the record, the band is debuting a new song, “Village,” right here. Let us know what you think in the comments. Follow Skinny Puppy at: facebook.com/officialskinnypuppy.


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  • AgentSelf

    This sounds like the Skinny Puppy I’ve known.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wakeupjon Jon Hughes


  • Fatal.ist

    fucking amazing

  • kershyll vanne

    nice. finally back to their finest skills

  • I c U

    OhGr is better

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacob.skriver Jacob Skriver

    heavy stuff!

  • Jooss21

    Very nice. Like in the oll’days….

  • Enchante

    Very Good! Reminds me of the soundtrack for a dark movie!

  • Guiltdoll

    They always manage to come up with music to send chills down my spine. Can’t wait for the new album and hopefully another tour!

  • Johnsoneric2009

    Bad ass!!

  • Meunada

    Can’t wait to listen for vyrisus it looks insane.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=644891132 Dave Blake

    I can’t wait to hear this live!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=547795604 Gypsy Murdock

    Hurry up October 25th!!!

  • MzSkinnyPuppy

    New album kicks ass! I already got a leak and heard the whole thing! I got the album pre ordered 😉 Can’t wait til it officially comes out!

  • MzSkinnyPuppy

    New album kicks ass! I already got a leak and heard the whole thing! I got the album pre ordered 😉 Can’t wait til it officially comes out!

  • Kim

    I like!

  • Ron

    Gimme more

  • I gave you that black eye

    Im feeling it. Its a taste or old and new. Banging.

  • Braped Bitch

    This whole album makes up for the last two.

  • Abyssalis

    Dude. Yes.

  • Pooppp

    Holy shit yes.

  • DJaMHz


  • http://www.facebook.com/petecorvus Pete Corvus


  • King_Sabbath105

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Barolle

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAke UP!    trop kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! huhuhu!! miam!!!!

  • Oliver Clozoff

    This song fucking sucks! Pure garbage!

  • Sandthrowinggoats


  • Azneck1

    Brilliant!  Can’t wait for the 25th!

  • Noyoudontgetmyemail

    I think I liked this song better when it was called Tanz Mit Liaibach. 

    • Guest

      Uhh these songs have little in common aside from both having a ‘marching’ style drum beat which is not uncommon at all in the genre.  Aside from that, Laibach’s song (while kinda cool) is basically a loop of the same sound throughout.  Key has infinitely more talent adding breaks and subtle effects and offbeats that perhaps an undisciplined ear would fail to notice.

  • Marx

    Now listening to Too Dark Park.

  • Aabron

    Garbage compared to what?  This is what’s referred to as ‘brutal’.  As much as I love the “new skinny puppy” dark trance sound, this goes back to their more industrial roots, which I really like.  When ‘Glass Houses’, ‘Grave Wisdom’, “Smothered Hope’, ‘Blood’ or similar Skinny make their way to my playlist, I have a good day.

  • Brian

    hmmm… reminds me of 1990’s industrial..which….. i am not sure what to think.. people will hate me for this but it seems kinda like a step backwards and not in a good way really but still this is just one song…. it is still unique from older skinny puppy or the process since that was released in the 1990s and it is more of what i think of when i hear this….. but i dunno..  from the short previews of songs that i have heard of the new album.. i think i might actually like the new ohgr album better this time around.. which i wasn’t too found of at first.. but after hearing this new skinny puppy song i realize i love the new ohgr in comparison.. this is just a bit too generic industrial sounding for me.. eep!.. and i love skinny puppy!

  • Epuccini

    This song is so great. It really sounds like a modern follow up of Too Dark Park. Great mix and production. It doesnt sound like “old” skinny puppy. They always have been ahead of their time. I Love it.

  • aaron

    killer  ,,,,,,,  snuff said.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1344053741 Duchess Wendi McDermott

    Thank the gods, this is more like it!

  • JT

    Love it!

  • Anonymous

    KOOL Song!!!

  • evil D

    deffinatly the shit….. old or new sound its all good. better than korns step back with ross robinson and not being anything like

  • Fledermavs

    If Remission were the female, and Too Dark Park were the male, HanDover is their child. And what a beautiful child it is. This entire cd hearkens back to the Skinny Puppy sound that made them who they are today. Sure, there will be haters, and those who cannot help themselves by comparing it to the new ohGr cd. Listen carefully, this song, and all of the others on HanDover are honest Puppy. I listen intently, and look for strong points in every cd, and this one is loaded. Thank you Puppy for a true electro masterpiece that will be played over and over again!

  • Auracle20

    I love the subtle genius of SP and cevin’s production and sonic expertise.  I often find myself in awe at cevin keys mastery of music technology  and music production. You may say its sound like what ever or whom ever but i promise you that SP is always the most complete ,well done version of any group in any genre touched by their music.  I remember listening to last rights on 17 hits of acid in 91.  I could  see the strings , static textures of layers and layers of depth and suspense.  even if there music misses the mark( which i dont think, in fact i find SP to be the most impersonated group in pertaining genres) its sonic perfection.

    • savi_nl

      Couldn’t say it better…..this is all so true incl. the acid 😉

  • Rjpatterson43


  • Mephisto06

    I’ll refrain from jumping into the old Puppy vs.new Puppy vs. Ohgr discussion and simply say that musically, this song is really good.  And the lyrics make it even better.